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    Who in here actually is doing well trading stocks? Curious what you guys think about this service. Seems like a great opportunity to me
  • j
    It is always the game of buy and sell
  • V
    Vinny Draper
    a lot of ppl going to be shocked by this one
  • A
    Where’s the easiest platform to buy XDC
  • y
    I just got my hands on 5k coins, let’s see what happens in a year
  • D
    Here we go strong hands. I’m hoping we hit 40c by end of cycle.
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    3X will rule the financial world XRP XLM and XDC.
  • R
    Where I can buy XDC which allows us customers? Please
  • J
    Any thoughts on price target end of year? Short and long term potential? Thx
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    Trading bitcoins is now very straightforward unlike before. Being a premium cryptocurrency earner, I have been able to create a good history with Mr. Davies Hill Trade service, with his daily signals have made over $50000 in 14days. I’d like to recommend him to newbies and current investors. Mr Davies Hill Trade can be reached on teleg^^m @daviestrade
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    hey guys use kucoin to buy xdc and then download the xdc wallet and send it all there. oh and kucoin you have to deposit crypto to make purchases. if you wanna make it easy just send usdt
  • J
    I've tested the Android wallet ( and I cannot see my asset in USD. I can see how much XDC I transfered, but nothing else.

    Then, if I go on the website to confirm my balance (, I found a enormous error. It says that 1 XDC equal 0.0079625 USDT). I just transferred 800 XDC from Bitrue to my wallet to test it, but I don't feel secure to transfer all of it... The conversion is 6,37 USDT. It should be around 36 USDT.

    I thought they were reliable, but I'm afraid it's not top notch. Do you still believe XDC is the next big thing after this? I'm really disappointed and my confidence toward Xinfin is low for now. I was really enthusiastic about XDC and I bought a lot. Prove me wrong.
  • c
    Xdc to the moon
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  • A
    Bought on bitrue. Sent funds from coinbase tether to bitrue account then converted it to XDC. Just in case anyone wants to know how to buy
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    The innovation of this project is amazing and will disrupt the trade finance industry like never before. The ongoing digitization of the ecosystem will help facilitate what they are trying to accomplish with their flagship platform Tradefinex which will assist in decreasing the trade finance gap by offering peer to peer financing to SME's.
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  • R
    how can I buy, from so cal?