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The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (WTER.V)

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    You have to admit the rapid distribution channel expansion of this company is pretty impressive.

    “We continue to make great strides toward our c-store strategy and see strong demand for our single-serve offerings,” stated Ricky Wright, President and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company. “Our flagship brand, Alkaline88, is now available in seven Core-Mark distribution centers, giving us access to thousands of new c-stores across the United States. With Core-Mark representing approximately 11,000 stores nationwide, we have the opportunity to present our lifestyle brands to some of the largest regional, national, and independently owned c-store chains. We recently added FastTrip, Colbea, Kenk, and CN Brown as new accounts, with each serving at least 40 locations. These company-owned and serviced stores are primarily gas station locations operating under various banners, including Shell, Mobile, CITGO, ARCO, etc. Most of these new accounts will carry our 1-gallon, 1.5-ltr, and 1-ltr single-serve offerings, which are seeing strong interest across all trades. We expect our single-serve offerings, which include eco-friendly aluminum bottles and flavor-infused waters, to drive substantial growth during our current fiscal year as a result of this increased distribution capacity.”
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    The more retailers are signed up the lower the SP goes. Makes no sense.
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    Looks like a good time to add more shares!
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    Just thought I would check in and see if any of the old group was here that watched WTER move from like the .50's to well over 2.00 in just a short period of time. 2021 is probably going to be the year for WTER to improve their margins. They have been hiring upper management to help which takes on added expense as well as the cost for prime shelf space in the stores...they are going to have to get better margins but if they exponentially increase their quantities then they can have slight price increases over a larger volume of sales and increase their profits to breakeven and eventually to profits. This next quarter could trend pretty good as they continue to increase sales. When we were buying back in April, May, June we thought they might be taken over when they reached that 40M annual revenue status.....Anyway it was a great ride and very well could be again when they move toward profitability.....
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    Alkaline has to be careful about raising prices. They are $1 more than their competition. A gallon sales for $3.49. Competition is $2.49. Every once in a while Alkaline is on sale for 2 for $5. Then its off shelves very fast. At retail it sits on the shelf. They need hurry up and sell 10oz bottles. That is the cash cow for water distributors.
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    I would love to see Alkaline88 sold in bulk 12 oz bottle packs. Try to get a few into convenience stores. We need consumer exposure where they can sample a bottle as an impulse buy. That is a hard task as shelving space is always at a premium.
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    I bought a gallon today at Walmart , they also sell at Lidl in my area. (This store is new to our area Jersey ) I have less than 10000 and more than 5000. Average 1.05. Will sell at 3.15. I believe it will get there this q
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    I see a lot of potential with alkaline UNFI has increased the distribution of alkaline.
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    @Kerry. What did you buy the stock at? 2 years ago it was at $1.75 and went up to $4.50 four months later and then took a down turn to $.50 in April. I like the water and I buy it. They need to sell the water in smaller bottles to really compete. That is what Nestle and others do. I see people buy more cases of the smaller water bottles than the gallons. Alkaline is supposed to start selling quart bottles. But I say no. Start selling 10oz to 12 oz bottles and sales will increase. Here in Chicago I see the gallons on sale for 2 for $5 and the shelf is virtually empty. This water goes very fast. It takes time to build a company and market the name. I am going to be patient and give it some time.
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    Recent support at 200 day MA plus green on a red day, maybe she's not closing any lower than $1.33 for awhile. Does management have a forecast for when they plan to turn a profit?
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    @byeBuybye. There is no demand and people don't have patience to wait. They are in a hurry to make a quick dollar so they sell to get out when the stock goes down, due to the institutions shorting it. 6% of the shares are held by institutions. Until they start buying back their shorts, the market makers will not raise the price, unless there is good news. I am holding for the next two years. If they follow through on their plans they could back up to $4 as they were two years ago.
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    alkaline88 get some Free air time. load a tractor trailer with a few pallets. paint Alkeline88 on the side and some Fluff remarks how Great it is.
    park outside a Police Department on the news. call the press and state we support police
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    My wter and vryyf might just quadrouple my investment in few years.They need to make an ad with Keanue R .I can imagine this 2 going Supernova easily with his image
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    Waiting to see a stack of Alkaline88 bottles with a Sign advertising: buy 2 Special
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    @ROTHBARDVONMISES to answer your questions I own 3000 shares at an average price of $1.10. I am going to hold for the long term.
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    This press release is apparently responsible for the surge pre market. Let's hope it turns into a meaningful, lasting rebound in share price. Good luck longs!
    Dot Foods Inc., the largest food redistribution company in the U.S., will now offer the entire line of Alkaline88®, A88 Infused™, and eco-friendly aluminum bottles to its 4,300 customers nationwide
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    Put out some sales figures for August! If big sales increase: we ‘In the Moneys’. If no good sales numbers ‘Time to cut loss’ .
    Too many other winners out there to invest in stagnant Ideas and Potential!
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    Sales report YTD ?
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    Publix in South Carolina end cap filled with Alk 88 Gallons on Saturday. All gone by Sunday.
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    Sequential revenue growth us creating profitable concept. Profits coming soon.