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Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (WPRT.TO)

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  • K
    Global Mail flashback 2 July 16th 2003: "Westport teams up with Ford" Cleaner engine maker Westport Innovations Inc. has signed a deal to help Ford Motor Company develop hydrogen engines. Ford will purchase Westport fuel injection hardware, electronic controls, and engineering support, including a set of prototype hydrogen fuel injectors. The value of the deal was not disclosed.
    Westport retains the intellectual property rights for the "hydrogen-specific version" of its patented direct-injection technology for natural gas engines. Michael Gallagher, Westport's Chief Operating Officer, noted that the Vancouver company has worked with Ford in the past to develop light-duty natural gas fuel systems.
  • S
    Tacked in another 20,000 at 1.899. Thanks shorty! Go ahead…push it down….I have more dry powder where that came from…thanks AAPL.
  • S
    House party is rocking over at CLNE…and we know all too well WPRT and CLNE eventually trade in tandem (right or wrong) thanks largely to the index funds. Sooner or later some of the WSB partiers will bar hop over to WPRT. All news is pointing to a misdiagnosis of WPRT post-JV.
  • G
    Can anyone tell me how to unblock someone on the message board? I see nothing to click on the page anywhere to undo it
  • G
    Gary S
    Nice 40 k purchase
  • D
    So, the latest new release (WPRT joins World Hydro Council), while being sorta 'nifty' and all, isn't quite the new release of any significant merit. I would think there's something a little bigger on Tweedy's desk. Maybe it got lost under his Pokémon publications.
    Seeing how Tweedy is in Vancouver, he might be able to update us on how the Canuck's goal tending is going. -I would find it more useful than this last release.
  • H
    I hope DJ is watching what CLNE is doing today ...they are showing us their map road for the next 5 years ...
    Can we see the map road of WPRT for the next 5 years to 1 B $ in sales ...and what would the EBITDA , etc ...?
  • E
    What's up with the new board member being a legal guy, a merger's and acquisition specialist
  • J
    Is this going to hit $1 again? Don't know what is real as to the potential catalysts. Seems like all China, India, others are fibs and they are not real possibilities. What does this company have?
  • D
    Next thing DJ will tell us he joined the YMCA
  • J
    CLNE says CMI 15 liter clean engine a game changer.
  • R
    CLNE's presentation should gives us all greater insight on the future. Cummins new 15L is highlighted as well as they snuck in a 6.7 liter version on the side notes...such a unique displacement dont ya think?...wonder who developed the 6.7 NG engine with cummins?
  • t
    It can NOT be both- Hpdi2 can NOT be the best technology and our Ceo can NOT deliver- investor’s demand due diligence or get rid of Dj-26 November 2021
    LNG and Bio-LNG trucks to cut carbon: ‘European Transport Award for Sustainability 2021’ for gas-powered Volvo trucks

    Volvo Trucks’ natural gas and biogas trucks have received the ‘European Transport Award for Sustainability 2022’ in Munich. ‘Transport’ newspaper has presented the award for the sixth time. Every two years, the awards give recognition to companies and products from the commercial vehicle industry which combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection in a special way – and whose sustainable actions lead to additional growth and prosperity.
    Volvo Trucks won first prize in the ‘trucks with gas drive’ category with the Volvo FH and Volvo FM with LNG and Bio-LNG drive, which were introduced in 2018. “Particularly economical in consumption – that's how Volvo's two LNG trucks beat the competition,” writes the jury in its assessment. Investor’s have waited long enough and are sitting on huge losses from $5.50- we have given you enough time Dj - it is time to move forward or get replaced.
  • J
    Huge mistake didn't sell with huge run up early last year
  • S
    What if the news is Westport involvement with Cummins 15L. I’m thinking the 115000000 knows this and has been buying stock on the way down knowing what an announcement like this would do to the share price. They have money and time the 2 best combos to wait it out.
  • j
    Dec. 24.......Yuchai launches Its ICE fueled with hydrogen. The engine has combined a pool of advanced tech. including high pressured multi port fuel injection tech. Could this be hpdi2h
  • J
    Yahoo is expecting 104 million income for Q4 and 0.04 profit. They have to kidding right?
  • t
    Give it up, the China game changer, a self-serving timely scam that has lasted weeks or months and YEARS and still hanging.
    lock them up!
    Why would any company agree to an amendment to delay the deadline for delivery from 2023 to 2024 when supply was available and all certifications supposedly met?
    Lock them up!
    It just does not pass the fish test from the day they announced the news and spun it as a positive because they increased the number of injectors from 18k to 24k.
    They can increase to 100k, does it matter if it's a scam and never sell one?
  • t
    How can we even expect a positive news from this company when investors have been deceived time after time for"""""""WEEEKS to MONTHS"""""""" to YEARS!!!!!!
    We were not EVEN told that the VC was granted if one analyst was not going to pressure the CEO.
    We were not even told WHO received the VC in China and management tells us that this supposed to be a game changer? A factory upgraded in China to meet the demand and we do not have NOT EVEN ONE ORDER from China after so many years?
    Come on guys, is this organized crime with a disclosure?