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  • f
    Scientists say the recent spate of severe summers is a clear change from previous generations.
    Summer in America is becoming hotter, longer and more dangerous.
    I'm glad Walmart is committed to green energy, doing their bit as good citizens.
  • T
    congress has on several occasion undone a scotus decision & even told them their ruling was "erroneous".
    it did that when scotus ruled to limit the Americans with disabilities act:
    congress responded by amending the ADA in 2008 to “restore the intent and protections” of the law.
  • M
    WMT to earn $6 per share.
    $6 x 12 PE = $72. Whose fault is it that WMT only earns $6?
    IF WMT earned $7, $7 x 12 PE = $84. Fully valued with 15 PE and $6 earnings = $90. Closer to $100.
  • S
    Straight Shooter
    inflation hit fireworks too. had to scale back on the display this year
  • M
    Green finish to end a brutal week in the markets. Who knows what next Tuesday will bring.
  • M
  • p
    Tampering with witnesses is a serious crime.
  • L
    Inflation in the U.S. is part of a global problem. The GOP would like Americans to believe its 100% Biden’s fault! So, what do they propose to address it?
  • D
    Democrat Pride 🏳️‍🌈
    EVERYTHING is up in price at Walmart and Aldi!
    How did Build Back Better go so wrong?
  • s
    Nice to see green for the long weekend.
  • B
    “High gas prices worth it for 'future of liberal world order,’ White House economics adviser tells CNN” Just remember this when you vote in November.
  • s
    If WMT wants to do more of the paint business, they need someone to staff the paint counter all the time. The person could also stock the shelves in that department, but it needs to be someone who has the experience of tinting, etc. I ended up going to Lowes (I do own stock in it too so it wasn't a waste) but WMT could do a lot better in the paint department. I love taking a sample and having the person mix the color to match.
  • T
    btw, The Clean Air Act authorizes the EPA to impose
    the “best system of emission reduction” for carbon-emitting activities.
    so , yes congress had already done a law to limit C02.
  • J
    Joe Schitz HisPants
    Atlanta Fed has lowered their 2nd quarter GDP estimate further, down to -2.1%. Will officially have a recession thanks to Joe and Dem economic "experts"
  • s
    Thank goodness for dividends!!!!!! With the market eroding, it is great to get real cash from dividends.
  • s
    Today looks to have more profit flowing back.
  • E
    European American
    We all know it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. And not just the stock market.

    The S&P 500 index is on track to end the first half of the year with the biggest percentage drop since 1970, while the Nasdaq Composite was set for its largest declines ever during the same period.
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average was set for its biggest January-June percentage drop since the democrats financial crisis of 2008.
  • D
    Democrat Pride 🏳️‍🌈
    Well, at least he holds the record for something!
    It took only 161 calendar days for the market to to fall from its peak on January 3 to the current bear market. That’s much quicker than the typical 245 day average time frame.
  • s
    I have a sure fire way to make 5 million in the market. I am sure all my enemies on this board will even agree. You start with 6 million and when inflation eats away and oil spikes, you wind up with 5.
  • D
    Democrat Pride 🏳️‍🌈
    How Americans cope with inflation: Less gas, lots of frozen pizza and cheap coffee
    By Parija Kavilanz, CNN Business
    Fri June 24, 2022