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  • E
    Effie Lancaster
    The problem of grocery stores not being able to get product in is getting worse. I went to two grocery stores this morning and the problem of getting product in to keep the shelves stocked is getting worse. I talked to the store manager in one store and a department manager in the other and they both told me that the manufacturers are having trouble getting enough people to produce the products and even when they have product there is a shortage of truck drivers to get the product to the stores. These kind of shortages is only going to add to the inflation problem and those who said everything would be just fine when the extended federal unemployment benefits ended couldn't have not been more wrong. Its getting worse.
  • C
    Relax guys as dividend approaches again it will go back to $ 150 does it everytime
  • S
    20 years of failure in afghanistan... and gop grandstands on the failure.
    the failure accelerated on the previous guys watch: 2018, Afghan government controlled 54% districts,
    by May of 2020, the Afghan government controlled less than 33% of the districts.
  • P
    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    Many laughed when I told you wmt at 150 was headed down.
    Now you see I was right..
  • S
    WMT & the USA benefits from port infrastructure.
    The bill invests $17 billion in port infrastructure
    & ntm it addresses many other IMPORTANT infrastructure needs (clean water, electric grid, bridges, roads, so many others)
  • B
    Bruce White
    Great buying opportunity at these levels!
  • S
    what would Victor Orban do for infrastructure, or covid ? They don't even have walmarts.
    their per capita gdp is only $16K ( Ca. is $70K)
    why the pilgrimage of republicans to Hungary? He is just the david duke of Eastern europe.
  • N
    Was in the Simi Valley, CA store and what a sorry sight for what was a busy store- empty shelves and pitiful fake Christmas trees costing $150+. So many essential supplies shelves were empty - no brand names and no Wally brand either. Share your store reports - Is it really this bad elsewhere. I guess they can't get the goods of the container ships and find the drivers to bring the stuff to the stores.
  • s
    Bad day at the office. Oh well. rising rates drive stocks down, but dividends keep on coming.
  • C
    Sold all my shares. The shoe does not fit!!!! Market moves 900 points and WMT even. 5% gain in 52 weeks while market up almost 40%. Enough is enough!!!!
  • J
    I see Walmart hitting 138 by week end and hopefully it holds based of 120 day m.a
  • B
    Walmart is at the point where societally speaking, they could be the catalyst to bring manufacturing back to the USA - yes, things will cost more, but we can't let the Chinese eat our lunch...if in fact it is not too late.
  • W
    Life is lived "always behind" or "always ahead". The most determining factor of what group you will be in "is" the cost of money. Don't pay twice for what you buy, if you want to be in the "always ahead" group. Walmart's new "Affirm" program could put you in the "always behind" group. Instead of layaway, Walmart is shifting to a program called “Affirm.” Billed as an alternative to layaway, Affirm allows people to purchase their items immediately and pay over time in a span of three to 24 months. The process requires customers to apply for a loan to pay for their items and while no late, prepayment or annual fees are charged, customers do pay interest ranging from 10% to 30%.
  • G
    Now if WMT drops to 70, their dividend will be better AND the PE will be reasonable.
  • c
    DJT had the border issue SOLVED
    bidet not only made it worse
    enabled yet another opportunity to make my country look bad
  • W
    Walmart cannot keep shelves stocked. An employees said it was because they could not hire workers. I suspect there may be supply issues as well. How will be grow the revenue with sales unless they just jack up prices. I do not get a very warm fuzzy here today.
  • z
    $120 if no product arrives and if produce is spoiled after arrival!!! Interest rate rising and another recession to happen sooner than later!!!
  • A
    Walmart has an amazing model. They offer the cheapest prices for just about everything they sell.

    Great dividend !
  • D
    Democrat Pride 🏳️‍🌈
    Minimum wage, but better: These 5 retailers pay the highest hourly rates
    Colette Bennett Yahoo! Finance Tue, September 21, 2021

    After announcing its third wage increase in early September, Walmart’s starting wage will go up to $16.40 starting on Sept. 25. The company also pays tuition and textbook costs for its employees as a part of its Live Better U program. Walmart has also said it plans to invest $1 billion over the next five years in career-driven training and development. Perhaps most impressive of all, this benefit is available for both part and full-time employees.
  • c
    Record gas and electricity prices in Europe, record coal prices in China, multiyear-high gas prices in the United States and oil prices well above their real long-term average are all manifestations of the same global energy shortage.

    Who do we thank for this mess?