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  • D
    Just went to fire & flower in Ontario and colour brands were one of the best sellers, I bought some to support the company I’m invested in
  • S
    I give you a lot of facts and when I give an opinion I back it up why I have come to the conclusion. Here is one of those wild guesses based on what we know at this moment:

    CannTx is stated to be worth $5M - $25M by their own required estimate with regulating authorities. We only know the range as they are a private company that does not report. Let's say they are worth $25M. Typical premium for an acquisition is 30%. That takes us to $32.5M. See anything familiar? I think they worked hard to get the WMD price to .325 so they can close CannTx for an even 100M shares at .325 per share valuing the acquisition at $32.5M.

    With 350M total shares, WMD should quickly drop to the low .20s. Watch closely and tell me how wrong I am once it closes. The valuation may be off because we were given absolutely no information, but the concept will be the same:

    Pay a premium
    Dilute heavily
    Stock price tank after closing

    The exact amount to be determined by implied valuation for CannTx and the amount of actual dilution.

    So will the shills here have anything relevant to add or will they just call it bashing? We'll find out.

    If there are any CannTx lurkers here, how about lending us a hand. What is your approximate valuation? Nothing that would interfere with negotiations. Just some vague idea what your company is worth will do.
  • b
    Weedmd will have a new name starting june 28 to " Entourage health corp" remove the old and let in the new.
  • G
    So it’s hard to find news here, what’s the scoop with the acquisition of this other company. Seems like share price is up since ?
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    What page/section did you all see that WMD sold Starseed? I missed seeing that in the filings and they still have that they own Starseed on their webpage.
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    It begins:
    "Material Uncertainty Related to Going Concern We draw attention to Note 2 in the consolidated financial statements, which indicates that the Company incurred a net loss of $89,607,134 during the year ended December 31, 2020. As stated in Note 2, these events or conditions, along with other matters as set forth in Note 2, indicate that a material uncertainty exists that may cast significant doubt on the Company's ability to continue as a going concern. Our opinion is not modified in respect of this matter."

    Inventory and biological assets dropped to $32.6M from over $50M. They did the minimum write-down of around $20M just as I told you. They are "only" about $10M - $15M overstating the actual value now.

    Receivables of $2.2M and Accounts payable of $15.6M:
    The low receivables means they saved all their rec shipments for Q1 and the very high payables need to come off of cash. They waited to pay bills until Q1 to make cash look higher. 7X greater AP than AR is a huge red flag and unsustainable.

    Revenue, net $29.4M
    Cost of goods sold $51.4M

    And there you go. More revenue = bigger loss. Their whole structure is upside down.

    I'll look more closely, but everyone should read Note 2 carefully. That is where the attorneys and auditors make them tell the truth. Many more red flags just in a quick first pass. Good luck to you.
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    These bears are really trying to get everyone to sell lol had to block so much it’s annoying, who spends days of time commenting on this trying to persuade investors to sell their shares, probably someone who has a short position when it’s pretty much at the bottom doubt it will go back under 0.25 its growing to much
  • B
    I'm just going to keep on holding. I have been investing long term and will continue to.
  • T
    The Great Moron
    They want to buy it up to 0.6. You can buy now or watch it go up.
  • T
    The Great Moron
    Time to buy now
  • e
    Net revenue increased 41% YOY to $29.4 million for the full year ended December 31, 2020

    Kilograms harvested in 2020 grew 88% over prior year to 33,751 with more Grade A flower

    Weighted average cost per gram of $0.46 in 2020 decreased by 42% from $0.79 in 2019 partly due to cost efficiencies implemented

    Preliminary unaudited Q1 2021 gross revenue of $12 million (1) represents 40% growth in high-margin, direct-to-consumer/patient sales when compared to prior year, up 72% from Q4 2020

    Management to host conference call on Monday, May 31st at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time

    Listen to conference call instead of posting bullshisere.
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    Still best legal weed I've found. Their color collection is awesome and hard to keep in stock.
  • M
    Anyone know how much the 10pk pre rolls are
  • A
    Results are posted ready for short squeeze
  • F
    Not sure about the numbers, as you know you can read em in many ways, I am positive...
    buy the future not the past
    .. maybe this is a genetic seed bank.. Monsanto cannabis😉😄... if you are done you can sell it to Germany
  • j
    junk drawer
    Exact same tired tricks, new quarterly report. Yay?
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    Come on guys!! Let's make today the day people wished they didn't short!
  • M
    StopTheMadness is using multiple accounts to comment on his own posts and has 0 or no clue what he is talking about do yourself a favor used the block or mute button he clearly hold a short interest in the company on and on he goes with copied and pasted comment he's used on other boards with different companies including his last attack on the valens company that has shot up 120% since he shower up on that board #$%$ about Managment.
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    Whatever happened to Hi Rye? He's been extremely quiet since this stock started to dip.