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  • d
    I am the shareholder of 8000 shares of wmd and I made the decision by end of the month if it don't make no significant gains I am selling everything.
  • T
    $VLNS up 15% today. See what kind of gains you could be making if only you invested in a better managed company? 🤣🤣🤣
  • g
    How's that .32 base looking today Ryan mr I can read charts. I wonder if the new CFO will write down some more to fix these books up? Could there possibly be one more big write down coming? I wonder what she will find? I hope she doesn't quit in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see if she buys stock and goes long or quits and goes short.
  • B
    good close end of day, excited to hear the new CFO on earnings
  • F
    Aphria/Tilray eyeing to buy weedmd? What you guys think?

    ''Most recently, Ms. Carreon served as Vice President of Finance at Tilray Canada where she successfully led and managed the company’s global treasury, shared services and financial planning teams as well as M&A integration activities.''
  • j
    Book value is 0.72$ a share.

    This is undervalued for a buyout... I’m sure a suitor is waiting for financials before they make an offer. Check out this Reddit thread below:
  • B
    I've owned WMD for years and always followed. Today Aphria/Tilray brought the sector down. In the past, when a bigger company brings the sector down then WMD drops significantly for unknown reason. Today, no drop after the Aphria disaster. Hence, I believe WMD is at it's bottom and will go back up... eventually. If I didn't have all my money in Sol, I'd buy back in now. You guys will start ascending soon. Enjoy.
  • R
    @Den I did my best to help you and tolerated you as long as I could. Others have told me its much better on this board once you are muted. So I bid fair well to you done. I prefer positive people that act like adults and support each other. I am here to make money and share knowledge with others as well as learn from others. You don't really offer anything in that regard. So its time to say goodbye. I wonder if I was the only person even reading your tweets. LOL. I think most have already muted you. Find me on twitter kid ironman20054 I would love to help you out. All the best and so long Mr. Den.
  • R
    Morning WMD crew! Some gaps both up and down today so it will be interesting. Remember I am no expert and these are my opinions. I would love to here tips from you all as well, knowledge is power. I couple other ones I love is about to explode. Still some short term downside risk but earnings will be historic. I also like HITI they just opened another store! They will charge up soon. To those of you who message me on twitter telling me stuff DEN says pease don't I blocked him for a reason he is very toxic. Yes, its true I worked with TD ameritrade as a broker and an analyst but that does not mean I know more than any of you. Let's work together and keep it positive. Please again DO NOT share with me on twitter what DEN says. I really don't want to hear it. Hope you all make money today!!! Lets go WMD
  • R
    feel free I have muted DEN. Its so peaceful now.
  • d
    wmd has been around for much too long and not being able to make a significant impact
  • t
    Watching weedMD stay idle week after week
  • M
    The only reason this went up, is because of the sell of Supreme Cannabis to Canopy Growth
  • W
    I just bought 955 shares, nothing major but sounds big! lol
  • M
    This boat anchor is finally rising from the murky depths...
  • K
    I would not touch this right now. There is no bottom to this. The company is now paying for marketing through dilution. I doubt there is anyone still in this, but if so, and if you really like the product (as I do), sit back and wait for earnings. Few legit companies would stand on the sidelines and watch volume like this destroy value, while doubling down on dilution. If you understand their debt obligations, you can work out what they will need to make in revenue to even be considered a buy out target. And well... that number is a bit hard to imagine. Unfortunately, being bought out is the only play they have left. I was going to enter for a trade around .27-.29, but I think I won't touch this at all until earnings. I suspect we will see .23, and anything below that they won't come back from. If management had any credibility, they would release guidance.
  • A
    Alejandro Sosa
    Havent been following this company lately, but last time I checked it was trading near $1.00 cdn. What happened?
  • Y
    Yi Fan
    I am not surprised that there are quite a few shorters or paid bashers here because this stock has been red for so long. They keep saying how hopeless the company is, but they NEVER LEAVE the board and get to the other stocks that could double and triple their money. I am not saying anything bad about them because they indeed help me get the cheap shares @0.30. I am just sorry for those friends who did not sell early from the last spike, buy I think you better buy some now to average your price down.
  • R
    I have on desire to sell my shares. This is undervalued at it's current price. People may get nervous and sell on a dip but I will happily buy more. GLTA Green follows me. Where you at @DEN? Hope you are o.k
  • B
    Every penny is more than $500 for me, looking forward to this being near a dollar again