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    Bashers don’t want to admit that’s it’s a little strange institutions bought 4 Million+ shares of WorkHorse recently, no OshKosh, Ford, or Karsan just WorkHorse. Strange.
  • J
    Let's say Workhorse gets 75% if the contract, within how many days do we see it reaches a peak price of $80+? I say within two days. What say you?
  • M
    I think we are looking at getting at least 75% of the contract and would put the shares between $70-80....Great time to sell?? Maybe....but look out a bit futher out and I could easily make the argument that is only the beginning....The Lordstown plant will be built out soon and it no secret Lordstown is building a dedicated manufacturing line to be able to pump out 1000's and 1000's of Workhorse trucks, I have no doubt more orders are coming in....Look at late spring for the first ever prototype refrigerated last mile delivery vehicle made by Workhorse....that opens up the possibilities of billions and billions of new orders....Look another 12+ months and possible FAA approval for Workhorse's drone delivery....Sooo $70-80 after the contract yep that's reasonable....but if u don't think the share price won't go any higher after the USPS contract you may need to find a new crystal ball 🙂
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    I find it interesting that USPS is restructuring its business to avoid losing billions each year and they are exempt from vehicle fees. So if we cut the costs of refueling via petrol and add the savings via EV credits we can begin to see the bigger picture of what USPS will do regarding the contract.
    Restructuring the U.S. Postal Service
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    $WKHS Institutional investors purchased around 3 million shares on 11/25. I wonder why.. #USPSContract

    Fact check me.
    WKHS Institutional Ownership - Workhorse Group Inc. Stock
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    I am waiting for our TESLA moment when USPS announce their contract. There is no stock available to short this. So short are borrowing at 15% and higher interest to short.
  • C
    WKHS has just completed a beautiful cup and handle formation. This is extremely bullish. I can't wait for the breakout to new highs next week!
  • G
    Man they are cranking out negative articles today aren’t they? 😂 Trying to say the EV sector is a bubble. It’s not. It’s only just begun! We are on the cusp of a green energy revolution. 2021 is gonna be amazing! I had to laugh at one article bashing WKHS in particular. Saying how the Post Office will probably delay the decision to award the contract now. Based on nothing but a “hunch”. Man these bashers are desperate.
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    Greg dude
    Haven’t been here in awhile but have had most of my money in this name since July/August. I think there is some serious UNDERESTIMATION of what price will do upon the contract announcement. Pay attention to market cap and the absurd valuations of EV stocks. No reason why this should be $100 within 24 hours of announcement, then it’ll keep running as commercial orders flood in. Good enough for the USPS? Good enough for my fleet. 🚀
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    4th and Long
    No matter who is shorting WKHS (reports.. shorts on a post... Puts...etc etc), WKHS is definitely receiving a portion of the USPS contract. Click below link to confirm. Not to mention, solid orders from Pritchard. (confirmed) etc etc... Google it. Don't let shorts influence you nor static noise in the internet. Unless shorts can confirm what they are dishing.... the disinformation they are selling are just confirmation that it is all #$%$ and noise. If you are relying on concerned shorts on this board to give you sound financial advice, click below to help support whatever DD you conducted on WKHS.The question is when the announcement will be and definitely not IF they get a portion of the contract.
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    Anyone riding this WKHS since summer(or earlier), I must say, we’ve had a wild ride!

    To those willing to have a talk about it; How much profit will you take after/if we get a good size of the USPS contract?

    I’m think locking in my initial investment, only playing housemoney. Thoughts?

    Let’s be real, it will consolidate/fall a lot a few days/weeks after the announcement.
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    Robert T
    People think Workhorse is rising on the anticipation of the postal contract and that's true but what people aren't weighing enough is Workhorse's stake in Lordstown. When Lordstown merged with the SPAC in August the company was valued at 1.6 billion dollars, Workhorse owns 10% of that so their share was valued at 160 million. 3 months later Workhorse's stake in that company is valued at 475 million. That's a 315 million dollar gain to Workhorse's balance sheet in 3 months. We all know up till now Workhorse has done minimal sales, we are talking about under a million dollars. Capital is king in this industry, that's why secondary stock offerings......even though it causes share dilution always make a stock rise in this sector. Workhorse just got 315 million on the plus side with no dilution, no loan, no future "we have to pay this back", just 315 million in the plus column. This is a HUGE reason why the big time pros like Black Rock and ARK are buying Workhorse up. 10% of Lordstown has been worth triple what anyone thought. So when you read "Workhorse is rising on no news", it's not true.......they aren't printing the news but there is news.....Workhorse just made 315 million dollars on paper in 3 months.
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    I just got out of WKHS. Got in around $15. I like the last mile EV space, but I don't think WKHS is a legit company. The USPS prospect seems like a red herring. WKHS doesn't have the staffing, the factory provisioning, or the supplier agreements to fulfill the order, assuming their trucks even meet the requirements. And now with Ford announcing the EV version of their Transit truck that's also in the competition, I don't see why USPS would go with WKHS. Also, WKHS' drone is more of a PR stunt than a practical reality, and if the company is focused more on appearances than practicality, I worry about holding them long term. Thoughts?
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    I have to laugh at the massive amount of comments about wanting it to go down to “buy in the dip “.....just buy and then post your comments about wanting it to go up
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    The commercial that everyone's crying about isn't any of the bidder vans.

    The commercial consist of vehicles already owned by USPS.

    Nothing to do with contract.

    No one knows when the contract is coming, all we knownis end of calendar year, unless its delayed again. Despite that this stock is undervalued. Long and strong.
  • R
    Ark still Buying, 24/11:

    $33,020,214.96 value
  • J
    When the USPS contract (or any other big contract) is announced, this stock price could double overnight before anyone even has a chance to jump in. I want to have a position in this before that happens. Maybe it goes down a little bit, but that is a chance I'm willing to take. I want my position to be secured before an announcement. I don't want to have to chase it at much higher levels.
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    Relax, just ppl taking profits. True longs stay strong
  • A
    if workhorse gets the USPS contract, I make money. if they don't get the contract, I buy more and make money later!
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    Isn’t last 2 weeks of December government shutdown? If so, then technically if usps is to announce the contract it should be either this week or next week, so technically within 10 days