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Voyager Digital Ltd. (VYGR.CN)

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26.77-1.00 (-3.60%)
At close: 3:59PM EDT
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  • B
    Does anyone here have the voyager app? Can you buy all cryptos on it? If so have you been happy with it?
  • A
    Company needs to move to Nasdaq. That alone could give this 50%+ boost. Big institutions/hedge funds will not touch stocks on OTC Pinksheets.
  • K
    Whelp.. Guess im a long term investor in Voyager now
  • E
    I don't have vested interest in this....but I have used Coinbase since 2017, and just opened my account with Voyager a couple of weeks ago (after being wait-listed for 2 weeks before that due to high volume of new accounts) ----so I know the difference.

    People will soon realize that while Coinbase is very popular and has the first-mover advantage, the Voyager phone app is much, much more user-friendly and more efficient than the Coinbase, especially for new crypto investors---plus you can earn high % interest on selected coins in Voyager--a benefit that you don't get from Coinbase. Voyager is a great place to "park" part of your savings as USDT (stable coin) earns 9% INTEREST!

    If you don't believe me , you can personally try it out yourself.
  • C
    why sell this stock?? I really don't understand. I hold this since 8$ and i'm not selling anytime soon!
  • R
    If you support Coinbase, then you should support Voyager. They complement each other really well.
  • J
    Voyager needs to get off the OTC so the whales can join in.
  • S
    Hope you all are loading up! COIN is holding steady at $325 so you know what VOYAGER should be at then. $30+ next week my friends! Just the weak hands jumping ship and taking profits! Institutional money headed our way!
  • J
    I use Coinbase, Voyager, and Kraken. Voyager is easily the simplest interface. Although the withdrawal issues are probably real (I haven’t tried), they will be temporary. The CEO is a solid leader and will address the issues. For the record, I’ve moved crypto out of Voyager several times with no issues.
  • G
    Im truly trying to understand and find a reason for the price of vygvf to keep going down....???? We read all kind of BS from people that gamble money saying, $50 this week and $100 by the end of summer ( whatever) but all I see is this thing for the past few weeks just sinking.
  • V
    I use both CoinBase & Voyager religiously and to me the user experience for Voyager is much easier/convenient. It also has a handful of different Coins/Tokens Coinbase doesnt. Not sure why its dipping so much but im taking advantage n loading up while i can.
  • L
    just saw Steve, the CEO on the investor podcast, Once NYC , Canada and Europe come on line this year they will see 'A LOT" of growth.
  • K
    On the Voyager app, no one can transfer crypto, or cash out to send their funds to their bank - nor submit a ticket to remedy their issues. It's fortunate for VYGVF that there are no put options for this stock, because it would be driven to low single digit. Voyager management will be spending a lot of time on shows explaining how it will all be sorted out in 120 days. But, that's a Bernie Madoff ruse to give them time prevent redemptions. This is not going to end well for VYGVF longs. Get on YouTube and type "Voyager Problems" and you will see all of the new videos in the last 3 weeks (and earlier) that show all of the complaints on Twitter, and demos of people who have had their 10+ days transfer requests cancelled by Voyager - who tells them "we cancelled it due to the time elapsed - because we thought you probably don't want to transfer it any more." [Wrong!]. Investigate this before investing. This is going to be a huge black eye for the crypto community.
  • S
    I haven't had any issues with deposits or withdrawals. Seems like a lot of people are trying to make Voyager look bad by making exaggerated claims.
  • E
    Woah..did you see that jump at the last minute?
  • m
    I do believe Voyager and Coinbase do have the chance to become industry leaders. Just like there are many very successful banks; there will be many successful crypto exchanges. Bitcoin is quickly become a payment option. GTA. It’s going to be an interesting ride.
  • C
    Coinbase reference price is officially set at $250/share. The crypto market cap is at all time highs. The VGX token relaunch takes place in a few weeks, and aside from the 7% interest rate it also provides other huge incentives which will bring new users to the Voyager platform. There are 18 job posting on the Voyager website. And last but not least, Steve Elrich and gang are the best management team in the business. 2 members of the team were vital cogs to the success of a couple of successful startups that you may have heard of: ETrade and Uber.

    We will be tested in the coming days and weeks, but strong hands will be rewarded. Good luck friends.
  • J
    Chart not looking good. Support is a long way off at $19.
  • H
    yes I saw cnbc interview. this seems to me to be a no brainer. this stock is reasonably priced vs coin!
  • S
    Beautiful. Loaded up near the end of the trading day. Looking forward to $30 this month and $35-$50 this summer depending on how earnings play out. Voyager has the potential to become a $100 stock in 2021. Mark my words. If you didn’t follow my prediction back when it was $5-$6, it’s not too late. GLTA!