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Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF Shares (VTI)

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221.72+1.50 (+0.68%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
222.00 +0.28 (0.13%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT
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  • P
    Price has gone up so much. Is it too late to get in at $220? or another vanguard fund which is new and still low?
  • H
    Curious - how much do you guys have in this? Are you using it for retirement? I got in at $87 and have an auto investment every month and love the broad exposure.
  • G
    I added more at 210, and those shares are already up. Good long term investment IMO.
  • D
    Come back in 40 years and smile
  • G
    I am complementing my VOO ETF with small and mid cap ETFs. I have chosen VTI for mid cap, but am also considering VXF. Thoughts?
  • f
    Hey Guys, I bought in VTI at around $215 a share. I’m looking to throw in another $7k and was wondering if you guys think I should just throw in $1k a week or just put all $7k at one time?
  • J
    can Canadian investor buy this?
  • C
    I'm praying 🙏 for another correction. I'm a long term investor. I drop 50k e everytime it dips below a point I've been up on my investment big. I'm killing my TD ameritrade account by a mile to where I stop doing single stocks and now just ETF'S. Long term till the end like chucky
  • A
    Would you recommend to buy this ETF to taxable account or retirement account like IRA?
  • s
    I hope VTI goes down.... so I can buy more on the cheap. Going up is nice, too, but buying more is even better.
  • a
    DCA into VTI every week
  • B
    This is the best ETF of all time. My bread and butter.
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    A Yahoo User
    Hello VTI investors, I have a question for you all. How much further do you think this fund can run, without a major correction.. I personally believe maybe one more quarter, and the market will see a major sell off.. I know there are millions of investors waiting with hand on sell button to preserve gains.
  • T
    I’m here in the VTSAX forum; is it shared with the ETF version? Seeing all VTI comments here. Anyway I’ve been blessed to have held this one, I usually paper bands... up 97% and adding a modest $24 per weekday.
  • S
    A note to the nervous- If you look at history you will see that selling VTI during a big dip has never worked out well for long term investors. Go get a beer. Relax. It may get ugly so it might be best just not to look.

    And if you sold last week- Meet me at the party tonight.
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    Gimp investor of dumbness
    So as a new investor I have maxed out my roth with vtsax for 2020 and 2021 so there's not much more I can do with that for now but I was curious to hear your guys opinion on my 401k. I make about 51k and put 15% for my contributions. Since there was no vtsax or anything vanguard related I just did the 4 fund portfolio. Curious if you think its terrible choices? RNPCX, RGACX, GTSRX, and of course ISIVX which was the only index fund to choose from. Thoughts? It says my returns are at 12% as of yesterday?
  • K
    Serious question... why would anyone buy this stock when there are others that have:
    1. High yield (4% - 7% (most paid monthly) with MORE or the same growth) T, ZWC, ENB, SRU, PPL, MO, MAIN, STAG, O, GRT
    2. With this price I can go buy tons of shares in STAG/MAIN/PDI/ENB/PPL/O/GRT so why would I only want 1 share with a 1% yield?
  • I
    I just started my position yesterday and I’ve been cost averaging. I’ve managed to get my average down to 215 and I feel good about that.
  • s
    Between Feb 10 and Mar 15, 2020, the overall stock market dropped ~35%. The recovery was equally dramatic. That was one of the greatest investment opportunities in history. Those who sold in panic and ran to cash set a perfect example of how NOT to invest. I keep saying, don't ever sell VTI. Never make a decision based on fear. Leave your emotions locked away in a safe place where they can't cost you money. The same holds true to those who can't resist selling to take a profit in the belief that they'll find an opportunity to get back in lower when a correction comes along. Don't make that mistake. A correction is inevitable. The big question is, will you know it when you see it, and will you know when to get back in? Probably not. The only safe and rational strategy is to simply never sell. Period.
  • F
    Long term . yes