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    Interesting news today. Always unique and moving in an emerging market. Can’t believe we are still under a dollar.
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    I contacted investor relations for VST with some concern about disclosure of investments they've made recently. Specifically i want to know how accretive the investments are now so that i can calculate how much impact there will be to the top and bottom line for VST. As well, i inquired about the lack of disclosure related to the COVID test kits. If you recall there were a slew of press release in the early days of VST, but then it just sort of died down with IPO mania.

    Here's their response. I'm not too satisfied with this because other companies operating in similar space have given out more disclosure more freely. But VST resists.


    Hello Naveed,

    Thank you for your email.

    I will provide an overview of Victory Square Health in general and specifically the Health Canada Application.

    For the COVID test kit sales, I understand that you would like specific details on unit sales, but for competitive reasons that are not possible. Something to note is that with all of VST’s privately held portfolio companies, they do not typically have an obligation to report detailed items related to their operations, as that is a key benefit of being private vs publicly traded. Specifically for unit sales, the reason is this: VSH has a relatively small number of distributors for their testing kits, and some of them do the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of sales. If total unit sales were to be disclosed publicly, their distributors would easily be able to know exactly what percent of total sales they are responsible for. Those distributors who sell the most would then be able to come back to VSH with leverage “We sell far more than your other distributors, so you better start giving us preferential rates or we’ll cancel our contract”. This would be an obvious negative for VST. The best way to evaluate the success of any of VST’s portfolio companies is through the valuation of each company when compared to the initial valuation when VST invested.

    Nothing has changed from what has been announced through our press releases, if there were to be a change, we would be obligated to report. VSH sells COVID tests in Brazil, with VST handling sales everywhere else. Because VST has been particularly busy with GameOn, Hydreight etc.. VST has been passing more sales leads to VSH to handle for the time being, as their logistics systems are already set up. As for Health Canada status, VST is still awaiting approval. VSH has signed distribution agreements with companies who have already received Health Canada approval to fulfill some of their Canadian orders, while they are waiting for their HC approval. With the time-sensitive events such as Immersive Tech and GameOn, there has been more news and updates related to those initiatives - which in no part means that VSH has gone idle.

    Regarding the new acquisition, this has the same situation when it comes to Victory Square Health. Private companies do not typically have an obligation to report detailed items related to their operations. I cannot provide any details regarding the subsidiary's hospital financial performance due to these regulations.

    Please find the full press release here:

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    series of great new and share price goes the other direction!!! there's something here!!!
    Also fundamentals are getting stronger- Imagine the Insurance and Benefits space is huge++ interesting to see how cloud advisors will disrupt the giants or work with the giants!!!
    the thesis remains the solid, GLTA!!!
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    People runt about the price after hold 2 weeks... Held this since .40s and bought more as high as .87, cost avg is .66 now with 38k shares- goal is to hit 50k, never sold a single share.- you can check my posts it validates as I never post a lot- this time I have to share, for long interests and for those who are a little scared.- Not a pump but rather facts :

    the unique thesis:
    1. 20 shots of the strong players in web 3.0. if your not an accredited or institutional Investor, kiss your access goodbye. - check co pilot, Fans, Immerssive, Gameon, Covalent and more- just hands down game changer!

    2. MC is 60M, PE 2-3, $6M Q1, $19 M FY 2020- I do not know of a company , moreover a small cap that has this ratios

    3. 2017- price $2-3 Cad when it was just planting, 2021- Price $.64 when were starting to harvest?? Insane

    4. The only small caps I know that is Ebitda Positive is Rode this since 1.7- 9 Cad and still kept a small position- and is a now a unicorn. another is Ecom.v which just traded almost 6 month ago - yet to be tested.

    5. I wont wanna make the same mistake I did with CBDT- bought $.03-.07 50K sold in trances at $.18- 10K, .90s - 10k and 2s- 23k , reserved only 2k now, Exro at $.4s adn sold at mid 3s. , or stne got at $20s and sold at $38... I got spooked and decided to take some profits on the run ups when I could have maxed out on profits... nope. this will be a hold an collect.

    Final Thoughts: This one of 2 of my larger microcap holdings that stands out mainly on fundamentals, it feels like a BRK 50yrs younger lol. Fundamentals are solid and audited- on the technical aspects- its looks as if its held down for a purpose, maybe shake out some weaker hands for bigger players to accumulate.
    This could be another multi bagger just waiting for the right catalyst.

    Hope this helps and GLTA!
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    hit my 40k shares mark. just 10k more to go.
    Fans went up 11% @ 155M MC, VST owns around 11%-17% left (please check dont have op of mind) but the low end is worth around 15 M that 1/4 of the VST MC- in 1 company. do the Math.
    we had a week of sideway consolidation, and a good trend up at the close!
    Interesting to see what happens next week and what news VST will Bring!!!
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    Anyone not yet get the Gameon dividend shares yet? I have not. I'm on Fidelity. Holders of the VSQTF shares are entitled to the dividend too, correct (assuming held the shares by May 21) ?
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    I'm curious, how long have you all owned VSQTF? I've had them since they were .06 and I've got nothing but good things to say about them. It looks like you have bought in high and just got caught up.. these "tanking" prices that you are referring to are dips lol.. this thing is headed way up and has been proving so for the last year in a half.. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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    wow.... 0.62$ this morning... after owning this for like 6 months, back to negative...
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    Fans could spike at anytime with Canada passing single game betting tomorrow, and UK licence coming this month.

    VST will go up if Fans goes up, but not in the same %.
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    Finally, some good news, Victory Square Technologies Reports Record Fifth Consecutive Quarter With Positive Net Income & Earnings Per Share'
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    for Gerald...VST takes small cap companies in a variety of different industries and helps support and facilitate their growth...VST NEVER CLAIMS themselves to be apart of that industry. VSTs job is to prepare companies for IPOs (FANS, GAMEON and very soon IMMERSIVE TECH).. you think that VST is a blockchain company or a COVID Response company you have poor rwading comprehension and made a poor investmemt choice based on that..
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    One more portfolio company. Well done VST!
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    For those of you who just got on board or thinking about buying this stock. Beware.

    I had been here long enough to tell you that this stock could potentially be a BIG SCAM 🚨
    They just sell news that’s all this company does. I’m from Vancouver and I can tell you that I have never heard a single buzz about them locally.
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    I am finally out! What a relief :)
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    vst will be flying tomorrow
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    Uplist this stock and this company will hit a fair shareprice
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    GameOn receives final approval for listing from the Canadian Securities Exchange

    GameOn to start trading under the symbol ‘GET’ at market opening on Tuesday June 1, 2021.
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    common share dividend announced this morning!
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    why price down so much today?
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    They lied to the investors about their “test kit” sales.