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    they did this video 2 years ago and are now fulfilling everything on it
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    Shareholder Q and A by Penny from yesterday. Absolute must watch! Poignant shareholder questions and thorough answers by Jay!
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    For those who haven’t yet seen it Penny Queen did a great interview with Jay that was posted to YouTube yesterday. Probably one of the better interviews….
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    As previously mentioned PennyQueen's youtube interview with Jay is amazing, and well, well, worth the time. So much better than Jack's on WSR. GLTA^^^^
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    What I’m thinking is if you were planning on keeping your vsblty stock for 2-3 years then this whole dip in the sp won’t even affect your timeline.
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    Jan 21, 2022: Intel Collaborates With VSBLTY Computer Vision
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    Predicting a .90+ close then back to $1 tomorrow. Way oversold.
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    Tech selling off hard again today.
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    Here's Jay's hour long interview with Wall Street Reporter posted on youtube on 1/14/22.

    Here are a few things that stood out to me.

    1. VSBLTY has hidden Value Accelerators

    1A. Austin GIS

    - Joined Austin GIS in August 2021
    - 5 way Equity Partnership
    - Tech Mahindra ($20B System Integrator)
    - HCL ($20B System Integrator)
    - 2 Independent software vendor
    - Large Semiconductor company
    - We are 10% equity participant with Austin GIS
    - Where the product is where the delivery methodology is retail or security it's exclusively our licensed fabric
    - Austin GIS Infrastructure includes; Camera surveillance, IP camera, Edge compute, Occupancy sensor, Autonomous Delivery Robot, Autonomous Cleaning robot, BPL Modem & Gateway, Class B CBRS Radio, Wifi6 AP point-to-point and point to multipoint, Interactive whiteboard, Digital OOH signage, p2p EV Charger, Crypto mining container module, Gas turbine, Cooling container module, Radar Sensor and Intelligent shelf
    - Austin GIS Applications
    - Building & Home Automation: Access Control, Light & temp control, Energy optimization, Predictive maintenance
    - Smart Cities: Residential E-Meters, Smart street lights, Pipeline leak detection, Traffic control, Surveillance cameras, Gas Leak detection, Sewer Monitoring, Water leak Detection, Parking Access, Smart Parking, Public safety, Centralized and Integrated Systems control
    - Smart Healthcare: Remote Monitoring, Ambulance telemetry, Drugs tracking, Hospital asset, Access control, Predictive Maintenance
    - NexG Infrastructure: Connected Car Wi-fi, Entertainment, Smart devices, Location and Tracking
    - Austin Gis provides Internet of things (IOT) using s/w solution and system integrators
    - Infrastructure as a service
    - Global Reach
    - Large Project Focus
    - Already in Revenue

    1B. Radar USA - Socially connected Security Network
    - Two Foundational Licenses focussed on operations deployment in USA
    - HOA
    - Police Departments: License plate detection, Facial Recognition, Vehicle classification etc, Threat Alert, Intruder workflow etc.,
    - Mining Solar
    - Projected to be a $25M business by end of 2023
    - $2M non-refundable pre-paid license
    - 30% carried equity interest
    - Already in Revenue - multiple contracts in play

    1C. Winkel - Media Data Analytics
    - Formal Joint Venture (33% each)
    - AB INBEV
    - Retailigent
    - VSBLTY
    - VSBLTY get license revenue as well as 33% of media value
    - Projected Media Value over $250M USD per annum by year 4
    - License revenue close to $10M annual by year 4
    - Collaboration on new intellectual property
    - AB INBEV has secured option to buy 9% of VSBLTY for $14M USD (based on milestones acheived)

    2. Adding 14 more head counts in Q1 2022 (including one person from Microsoft)

    3. Either direct or in-direct (through another company partnership) possible partnerships with Walmart, Target, Microsoft (this is huge)

    4. Bookings/Revenue Projection: $40-$50 Million bookings possible in 2022

    5. India
    - India could be a strategic partner very similar to Latin America market
    - In talks with a couple companies already that may or may not manifest

    6. Covid impacts in 2021
    - Supply Chain Issues
    - Camera Installation delays (71 days in Florida)

    7. Revenue from Electric car charging stations (as media)
    - Store as media in EV Charging stations
    - It takes 15-20 mins to charge EV cars - your identity is identified by Credit cards, Vehicle # etc.,
    - Business proposition is to personalize products to customers using digital displays while charging (it's already available in Europe, Latin America and USA today)
    - Very large footprint in USA. 30% to 50% high value centers are our target market area for digital displays and is a no brainer

    8. Security deal with a Sovereign government in the works in Q1 2022

    9. What are the Business opportunities you can get from these large camera networks?
    - Location data
    - car data
    - We can identify a 25 year male is at a location and also say where he has been (valuable workflow data at consumer level)
    - Mobile attribution: Anonymous mobile id (Mobile ecosystem)

    10. 3000 camera deployments in 2 Mexico city deals in December 2021 (A new customer and re-order)

    11. Execution of Modelorama updates? Not coolers but digital displays
    - Happy with deployments
    - AB INBEV is traditional/old school
    - objective was to hit 200 deployment per week we hit in late November but we had supply chain issues but we are confident to meet the set targets, beginning 2022

    12. $Value of vsby camera being added to the network?
    - Retail side: $5 to $12 per month per camera
    - Security side: Base license 5-10 and we Charge per Algorithm (Example of Algorithms: License plate detection, zone crossing non restricted area to resticted area)

    13. Will we become a $Billion Market in the next 12 months?
    - If we execute and optimize the deals we have in the bag now, we are in for significant value growth" - Jay Hutton.
    NEXT SUPER STOCK: VSBLTY Groupe (OTC: VSBGF) AI Tech w/ Massive Upside Potential in '22
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    Interesting here.
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    Jay just started his presentation at the Wealth 365 conference and stated they have cash and no need to raise capital so he alleviated that concern right off the bat.
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    The whole market is down. The tech sector is getting crush, which tends to happen with high inflation and interest rates rising (valuations get readjusted and the tech valuations have been gangbusters for years and years, needs a correction anyway), late comers to VSBY taking money off the table, and real growth still on the horizon. Factor in a ton of shorts trying to cover, and here you go.
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    Indonesia is the next country!!!!
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    GREEN - On a very red day in the markets.
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    Vsby added Microsoft to their list of key strategic partners on their site
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    "Austin GIS will be our largest customer in 2022" - Jay. If you thought Grupo Modelo was a big customer, well, you now have a second customer that will drive even more business. Undervalued much? It doesn't matter, just buy and hold.

    CCTV and surveillance states are coming? There are cameras everywhere nowadays and they are getting 1000x smarter and more useful with CV AI. Applied in the right way, it is a force for good and I'm willing to exchange some privacy for broader security and safety.
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    This should double following that big piece of news. That’s big. Intel is a giant in the industry.
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    Nice bounce. Was way oversold!
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    $VSBY CEO Jay Hutton today: "Austin GIS will be our largest customer in 2022"🚀
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    time to increase position to 200,000