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Volkswagen AG (VOW3.DE)

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148.32+1.38 (+0.94%)
At close: 05:35PM CEST

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  • P
    Will VWAPY shareholders receive any shares of the new Porsche stock?
  • E
    increase is inevitable
  • r
    4.79 billion quarterly profit, hmm very cheap indeed.
  • M
    The world’s best investors : Karl Ehlerding - The market cap of Volkswagen is currently just EUR 80bn. This includes a 100% stake in Porsche AG, the company that produces the Porsche sports cars. Volkswagen is valuing its stake in Porsche AG at just ...
  • J
    VW publish monthly deliveries on their investor page. They published deliveries for June today, 802,000, which is a substantial increase compared to previous months this year. It is a good sign and hopefully an indication that the chip shortage is beginning to ease.
  • A
    VW and Toyota will supersede hipster EV-car brands eventually.
  • D
    So undervalued. Lucky to get in at these levels. GLTA!
  • W
    Wisdom of Crowds
    I sold VW at start of Ukraine war. I like VW long term but think I will stay on sidelines until it is clear why CEO was fired unexpectedly. In meantime I am long Pfizer, Loblaws, TD, CVS and have added Google, Shopify and Meta in last few weeks given their sell off.
  • C
    Why is this down so hard today? I should of sold in the $17's and took my losses. Come on!
  • N
    I sold 2/3 of my VW shares today after the news of CEO firing. Little loss, but better safe than sorry. Afraid that it could turn ugly when we'll know more details. If it drop another 30% maybe it could be re-enter point.
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    Emrah Hanifi
    Ford Company REPORT

    PAY ATTENTION to analytics about news effect, QP FIBO and EPS forecasts.
    Ford Analysis, Is the stock in an uptrend?
    Ford Analysis, Is the stock in an uptrend?
  • A
    The stock market is in bear market territory and America is probably in a recession. Unless VW and Porsche are going bankrupt (which I doubt ) this could be a once in a life time buying opportunity . I remember when Ford was selling for $1.00 a share. Its painful watching your stock go down every day but I'm not selling at all time lows.jmho
  • J
    CNN Report: Report: Volkswagen could sell more electric cars than Tesla by 2024.
  • D
    Germany's energy crisis is trickling down to its industrial sector.
    Volkswagen (VOW.DE) CEO Herbert Diess said the automaker is having to use coal instead of natural gas at the on-site power plants that provide energy to its factories in Germany.
    Diess also warned that the company’s shift away from Russian energy as a result of the war in Ukraine isn't happening fast enough. Diess made the comments remotely today at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha.
    “It’s going probably not fast enough” Diess said about the transition.
  • b
    b evan
    buy when it hits 12-13ish
  • D
    CEO ousted, price going lower…
  • M
    It’s starting to sound like this is the beginning of the end for Volkswagen. I suppose all car companies eventually reach their end. I’d like to hope not, but it certainly isn’t looking good.
  • t
    5.9 billion shares outstanding
  • J
    Am I right in saying there is a massive arbitrage opportunity between VWAGY and VWAPY i.e the preference shares (with voting right) are trading at a discount?
    I understand VWAGY had more liquidity through US ADR but surely the ~40% premium for ordinary shares shouldn’t be justified by this.
    Long VWAPY, short VWAGY, or am I missing something?
  • C
    I can't believe this has been making such a decent come back the last week! I hope it holds up but I have my doubts with the Energy Crisis taking hold in Europe/Germany.