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    VFF could do this too.

    CALGARY - Not that long ago, Rod Lanier could count on an annual spring visit from the police.

    The southern Alberta farmer has been growing hemp for 12 years, and in the early days, the distinctive odour that wafts from his fields when the crop is in flower would invariably catch the attention of area residents.

    "For years each spring, the police would have to come out to ask, 'Mr. Lanier, is that hemp or is that marijuana?' " Lanier recalls. "And I would answer, 'if it was marijuana, would I grow a mile by a mile field of it, right beside the highway?'' "

    Today, Lanier is far less likely to get a knock on his door just because the wind is blowing a certain way. Once considered a bit of an oddity, Lanier is now one of about a dozen farmers in the Lethbridge area growing industrial hemp — and the sight and smell of the distinctive, jagged-leafed plant are far less likely to attract unwelcome attention.

    In fact, hemp, which is part of the cannabis family but contains no THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), is enjoying a bit of a moment. Across the Prairie provinces, new businesses are popping up to process and market different parts of the plant.

    Hemp farming is still a fledgling industry, but some proponents believe it has the potential to move from a niche crop to a staple of Canadian agriculture.

    "How do we turn hemp into the next canola? How do we turn hemp into a 500,000 acre crop in the next 10 years?" says Andrew Potter, chief executive and president of Blue Sky Hemp Ventures.

    "I believe it’s very, very doable.”

    According to Health Canada, which licenses and regulates the industrial hemp industry in this country, there were about 22,000 hectares (50,000 acres) of hemp seeded in Canada in 2020, up from just 2,400 hectares (5,900 acres) in 1998. Alberta leads the way in hemp production, followed by Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

    Blue Sky, which was founded in 2017, believes the key to expanding the hemp industry is "whole plant utilization." The company already has a CBD extraction facility near Saskatoon and another facility in central Saskatchewan is capable of processing 5,500 tonnes of hemp seed annually into food products like protein powder and hemp seed oil.

    Blue Sky is also on the verge of announcing its plans for a large-scale "decortication" facility, which Potter says will process the hemp plant's tough stems and stalks into fibre products. Hemp fibre can be used to make everything from building products and insulation to textiles.

    Dan Madlung, president and chief executive of BioComposites Group, which runs a hemp fibre processing plant near Drayton Valley in central Alberta, says developing this third plank of the hemp industry is crucial. In the past, most Canadian farmers growing hemp for seed have had no buyer for the stems and stalks, and have had to let that part of the plant go to waste.

    "We have what it takes right now to develop a new industry," Madlung said. "But there's tons of interest across North America . . . others may beat us to the punch."

    There are still many challenges that must be overcome before hemp farming becomes truly mainstream. While farmers no longer have to undergo a criminal records check to grow industrial hemp (it was required before cannabis was legalized), they still face other regulatory requirements such as Health Canada licensing.

    Canadian hemp exports exceeded $110-million in 2019, and Manny Deol, executive director of the non-profit Alberta Hemp Alliance, believes this country could have a $1-billion industry by 2030, if it does everything right. He says investors appear to think so too, given the number of new processing facilities recently constructed or proposed.

    "There is a buzz about hemp right now," Deol says. "I think farmers and other business people are looking for any diversification opportunities, so they're watching this crop."
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    I just wanted to say I bought more shares on the tuesday dip. And today after work I purchased another half oz of Pure Sunfarms' Pink Kush.

    I love this company's product and stock.
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    VFF Rates number 8 on the Redditt buy board. See below for what was written up:

    Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VFF)
    Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 8

    Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VFF) stock has returned 80% to investors over the past twelve months. It is placed eighth on our list of 10 marijuana stocks Reddit is buying amid new federal marijuana legalization bill. The company operates from Canada and sells different kinds of plant-based products. In earnings results for the first quarter, posted on May 10, the company reported a quarterly revenue of over $52 million, up 69% year-on-year and beating market estimates by close to $1 million.

    On May 13, investment advisory Stifel maintained a Buy rating on Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VFF) stock but lowered the price target to C$22 from C$23. Andrew Partheniou, an analyst at the firm, issued the ratings update. The stock has unique advantages when compared to others in the field, with strong leadership, decades of growth experience, extensive retail relationships, and regulatory protections working in its favor. The firm can expect to grow revenue for years to come as the marijuana industry expands.

    At the end of the first quarter of 2021, 8 hedge funds in the database of Insider Monkey held stakes worth $35 million in Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VFF), up from 6 in the preceding quarter worth $29 million.

    Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY), GrowGeneration Corp. (NASDAQ: GRWG), and Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (NYSE: IIPR) are popular marijuana stocks on Reddit forums, alongside Village Farms International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VFF).
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    Psf pink kush still number 1 in all ont,alb and bc. Fact
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    Volume is so low a monkey could manipulate the price. There is no way to trade in this market. We're on the sidelines until the true market returns. Have a good second half of the summer everyone and stay well!
    I expect that trading the cannabis market this fall will be a LOT of fun!

    K (in MA)
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    Like several others already have stated, shelf announcement is a non-event. Company maintains options, that’s all. Instead what’s really interesting is Chuck’s announcement tomorrow on federal legalization. If the draft bill is well received, bull market for MJ should come back and remain in place for viable companies like VFF.

    I see 2 avenues for VFF;
    1, go it alone which will create a huge and succesful MJ company in coming years.
    2, Buyout, which is a real risk with current share price this low. A buyout would mean hefty short term gains but not anywhere near the longterm gains we would se from VFF going it alone. And no, Mike can’t stop a buyout with his shares. Today, a suitor could probably pick it up for a song – i.e. 25-30 USD.

    Either way hold on to your shares - now is the time the real fun begins...
  • K
    A small window you have to load under 12 and then is gone. We have bids at 97% now and 3% asks in the queue. It seems they are waiting for a signal to start the buying action. Get ready for a big up-trend.
  • R
    Around 35% institutional ownership, around 15% institutional ownership, and around 12% short percentage of float. Oh... AND this is the lowest float pot stock on any major index...

  • m
    it should be rated on the redditt buy board as first or second,not company around and makes money.
  • K
    We reached the today's bottom and moving up is the only option that I see. With such high rate of bids over 96% now we will have probably a spike of close to $1. I've seen this kind of setups before and this looks very, very good.
    Set your sell order close to 12.75 as if and when we go up we might go up in 10 cents steps. We most likely have this jump later today, as they are trying to load as many shares possible under 12 so they can sell it later over 13.
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    Canopy, Aurora, TilRay, Cronos and Organigram falling makes sense but Village Farms, Trulieve, Curaleaf, Green Thumb and Cresco makes little sense! These companies are well run and can see the light at the end of the tunnel……
  • A
    Sometime is hard to find folks to sell so low, but today it was a nice fear factor. I told you I will get your shares under 12 and I am. This week we will soar nicely towards 13 and you will be very upset.
  • T
    I’m not big into the game but I keep buying 100 shares at a time when it’s below $10. Will be at 1000 shares shortly. VFF long!
  • L
    Here's a good pot story: It was March 30, 1980, at the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo. Van Halen had just released their second album and was about to go on tour; Pueblo was their first stop and dress rehearsal for their mammoth light and sound show which filled a caravan of class 8 trucks. Buried in the contract with the school's Concert Crew was a clause that called for m&m's in the refreshments for the band, but no brown ones. Well, nobody in our group read that part, which meant we hadn't read the whole contract carefully, which called for extensive bracing and structural support for the stage. Needless to say, the stage sunk into our new gymnasium basketball floor ruining it. The band trashed our Student Center. Concert Crew was banned from on campus concerts for a year, and the rest is infamous rock n' roll history. What a night! Puff puff pass.
  • K
    A blood bath is coming our way. as more asks are moving in the queue floating above the current level. Its like they are waiting for a signal.
    Tomorrow will be the biggest impact on the market as bonds will continue tho hit record levels.
  • G
    Anyone else think after options expire today for VFF that the stock price will start head up next week?
  • B
    Bean Quanter
    Distant Drummer- looks like VFF hit 300dma and bounced back up. I’m sure The overall market played into this also. Given the low volume, where are your technicals showing, and how do volume summer months generally affect price of stocks in general ..thank you.
  • J
    Volume 1,344,617 = this means that a lot of people are probably buying in my opinion. Probably institutional doubling down. Maybe it's the smart long investors that see potential. Or maybe it's VFF doing their some buybacks in small increments? Idk but they all sounds reasonable to me.
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    You gotta love some of these yahoo headlines. "Stocks turn lower after retail sales unexpectedly increase."
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    From Village Farms website,

    Village Farms has $135 million in cash and a warrant coming in that will increase that cash position to $150 million, according to DeGiglio. Right now, he sees a share buy-back as a great use of proceeds and the best return to shareholders. The company recently announced a normal course issuer bid for up to 5% of its shares.
    The company is in a position where it does not need additional capital at the moment. It has adequate cash to convert its Texas assets when that time comes and to look at potential M&A.