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    On Monday, Village Farms will report 1st quarter earnings. The consensus is for revenue’s of $49.32/M and profits to be break even or a loss of .01 cents per share. Earnings Whispers has VFF making a profit of .03 cents per share.
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    Big Bee
    VFF earnings next week:
    Certainly a low bar has been set by analysts and the market. Mike tempered expectations last CC. I default toward a PSF retail revenue increase in the 10% range this quarter instead of 30%, other LPs have experienced stagnant or decreased revenue. Aided by several new popular products hitting the market in Q1 such as Blueberry Kush, fruit gummies, new vape cartridges, pre-rolls finally routinely available on provincial websites and first quarter of Shopper's medical sales. PSF retail gross margin and profitability should be up again with the higher margin 2.0 products. PSF staying on track gaining market share.

    Again the overall revenue and EPS numbers will depend on PSF wholesale sales and the VFF veggie division. Both posted down numbers last quarter that really killed the trajectory of the stock. I don't hold out much hope for a wholesale windfall, but is reasonable chance of veggie business improvement. Would be happy with steady Q-on-Q numbers between them this 1Q.

    First quarter including 100% PSF ownership will help revenue number, but some overhang from re-baselining inventory values could artificially impact EPS number.

    The $120M+ cash on the books from the January offering and last Sept warrants issued in the PSF deal and exercised should certainly look good on the balance sheet. No need to dilute for cash to fund operations with this stock, unlike most every other LP. Hopefully we'll receive some clues as to where VFF plans to invest that capital.

    Finally we can give thanks that VFF greenhouses in Texas made it through the historic freeze in February due to excellent preparation for cold weather events and due to luck last week in avoiding the record softball-sized hail that fell in many parts of the state. Hail destroyed the Marfa greenhouse in 2012. Insurance built it back bigger and better. Part of the old one is still there actually as they built the new one adjacent to it. I'm sure VFF management breathed a sigh of relief finding out the hail storms missed their facilities...
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    I hope all serious investors in VFF have or will take the time to watch the panel discussion that Mike D. participated in yesterday. You can link to a replay from the company's investors web page. There were four CEOs there from VFF, Neptune, Organigram, and Hexo. The differences between their personalities and perspectives on the industry were palatable. Frankly, I had Hexo on a 'no buy' list for some very early perceived misconduct, but I had not visited the company for a re-evaluation. I was VERY impressed by their CEO. He sounded almost as intelligent as our Mike D. about the industry. Actually, it seemed both men may have 'had a moment' that they may follow up on. It wouldn't surprise me if we hear about something happening between the two companies sometime in the future. The thing that stuck with me the most was the fact that there are TOO MANY cannabis companies in Canada and there will be massive consolidations and bankruptcies in the not-too-distant future. The few large companies capable of quickly funding compatible purchases will be able to cherry-pick the best synergies for their core holdings.

    Until we get first quarter numbers or some other news, I'm not expecting much more than a slow crawl back up... but the Village can surprise us!

    K in VA -- Break over... and so is the rain it seems... and the sun is shining! So... out to the gardens I go! I have 20 cubic yards of mulch being delivered this morning! (That's TWO dump truck loads!)
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    Good afternoon fellow Villagers! See how the volume has dropped WAY down now as larger, more patient investors pick off the remaining impatient retail investors. Some day very soon, the price and volume will skyrocket quickly. Retail investors hesitant to buy the slow low will be caught off guard and miss the boat.
    Those of us -- of perhaps more senior years or with more experience with patience -- who have held or added to our shares -- will enjoy the ride back up on this roller coaster -- this merry machine!

    Hahahaha! Has anyone tried one of the gelato strains? Vaped some as a sidebar to my fresh strawberry lunch smoothie... and this old girl has more energy than her old bones know what to do with!

    Cannabis culture is upon us to stay. Village Farms will become a larger and larger player in the North American, and eventually world market.

    Have a great day!

    K in VA
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    Looks like VFF is coming back up after profit taking. Their liquidity has been getting healthier and healthier and their balance sheet is extremely excited! You can read into their data @ecoshares on Instagram. They only cover climate change related firms.
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    Distant Drummer
    Where do we stand now…Technically?
    I have always believed, and preached, that the Fundamentals ultimately drive the Technicals. There are many inclusions in the “Fundamentals” depending on the type of investor or trader and POV who is looking at the charts to guide his decisions.
    On 15 March VFF continued its dynamic climb, $21.70 (cnd) on volume, and poised to break out to a new-high and break a “Triple Top” (one of the strongest “technical” events in a chart”)…all driven by high fundamental expectations. This was destroyed the next day, again on volume, with a gap-down opening and collapse of the price and the technicals. What was shocking was the collapse was caused by the way the sales and earnings were presented to the public…not by the facts. An accounting rule and analysts “estimates" were the headlines in 99% of the publications. I gave a look at the multiple charts available at the end of the trading day and most indicated a shallow break to the 20 day Simple Moving Average ($19.00 cnd. area) and then consolidation…which is what happened for a week. But when I looked at the “Point & Figure” charts that night, which is slower and more investor oriented, and is based solely on price, accumulation and movement….It had immediately reoriented its $32-50 to 34.50 (cnd) Price Objective to a “Retracement Objective” of $12.00 (cnd). I did not believe that was possible with what I knew of the “fundamentals” of the company…..But today we know it did almost exactly that…given a few cents. We were driven down to the 200 Day Simple Moving Average ($12.32 cnd) and bounced off. So what was the missing element…. If we had a professional, pro-active Financial Public Relations firm they would have written and headlined our sales and earnings release and pounded the phones to make sure the right message got out to the public we had a good chance of holding and continuing the move. I have been preaching this for 2-3 years now and we are coming up to a critical ER..not only in fact…but how it is presented to the investment public….JMHO…..Good Luck to You All….….. Distant Drummer
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    Bean Quanter
    Distant Drummer- since we’ve crossed 200d ma and if earnings are similar to last Qtrs....a good IR /PR could help continue the upward trend?...and if history proves anything could repeat other way. Ty
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    I know I posted a few things about a 4-5x p/s ratio. I guess that isn't entirely fair. So PSF is 60M+ annualized (based upon Q4) - so if you just take that revenue into the current valuation it is roughly 15x, but that completely removes the fact that produce also generates income and is viable. Either way, CRON is 74x, so undervalued compared to peers. Fingers crossed there is decent news on PSF Monday.
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    Wolf on Pot Street
    Does anyone know what the analysts are expecting for top and bottom lines results on Monday.
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    I have 31,419 shares ! I hope earnings report on Monday morning is good! Because seven of the last nine reports although they haven’t been that bad has always been a down day! Good luck all!😊👍
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    Cronos Group reported today and missed on both the top and bottom lines. Forecasted to have revenues of $17/M and a loss of $30/M, their actual results were revenue of $12.6/M and a loss of $161.3/M.
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    Random Man
    Just a friendly reminder that this is still the only Canadian LP that is profitable with operating free cash flow. Oh, and the veggie legacy business makes this company fairly pandemic proof. Remains a great investment and I'm loading up at these prices. Good luck!
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    Why do you think that so many POT ETFs own VFF? Some of them have VFF as a large portion of their portfolio. i.e. YOLO 15%, CNBS 10%, THCX 6% & TOKE 5%. There has to be something good they see.
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    What's interesting to me is this is selling off like it had an overinflated valuation. It trades at 4-5x p/s. Meanwhile, Cronos trades at 45x, Sundial at like 25x+ (there share count is tough to pin down :). They have 3-4x the revenue of Cronos, make money (even if just a little) and generate cash (Cronos burned 100M over TTM). Not all LPs are the same. VFF earnings could disappoint, but they are substantially undervalued compared to their peers. If you think all cannabis is overvalued, well agree to disagree, but if you think others in the space are fairly valued then VFF is a value. They don't generate the earnings of US MSO's as they are not in restrictive license markets, but operational excellence is comparable (low cost producer, etc.). Fingers crossed Monday is a good day and they can point to market share gains. CGC, APHA, CRON all reported revenue declines...

    Bullish long-term; neutral short-term
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    Distant Drummer
    3 May 2021… BNN/Bloomberg……..The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) will accept fewer incoming deliveries from the country’s pot producers this month to help curtail the spread of COVID-19, a move that could lead to a steep revenue hit for cannabis companies dependent on sales in the country's biggest consumer market…...
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    hopefully mike will anounce a billion dollar loss on monday so we can go up in value
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    Institutions buying since beginning of year per post on reddit r/villagefarms

    Sorry can't link it jere for some reason
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    Sorry if anyone already ask this question but is earrings Am or Pm on Monday ? Thanks and have a good weekend All ! And Happy Mother’s Day !
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    Still holding all my shares at just over $2 after divesting every single share of ACB. Just waiting for the news that ACB is BK or another RS.
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    If people lined up these Canadian MJ companies side by side, they would have a wake-up moment! Most will never be profitable and most are way over-valued. In my opinion, VFF is the only one of the bunch worth investing in!