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    Bulls and Bears  2007
    Drummer thanks for the info… many price reductions but many of these reductions are still much higher than current price… seeing canopy still assumed to be King is suspect at best… I track market cap and we all should be waiting for and welcome the beginning of a seat change in the sector. Until then we don’t see much change other than the current ups and downs… Tilray is now only a few hundred million in market cap compared to canopy… when Tilray takes over as number one… then and only then will the market begin to realign… this is what I am waiting for as the fun for us long term holders (investors not traders) will see the Pure Fun in the Sun… it is coming and cannot be stopped… market manipulation only rolls forward for so long and then the market shifts. I told you how the market didn’t didn’t see the the enormous undervalue of BCE/Nortel…. So here is the next big investment I made after BCE…. a small company called tucows (tcx)…. This at the time became my largest invest I ever made… BCE was dwarfed by my Tcx investment… I bought big…. Between $0.40 and $0.60 per share in 2005…. This was a survivor of the dot com bust… over a period of roughly 11 years and a 4 for 1 reverse split…. I sold at plus $80 per share…. The reason I bring this up is 1- Vff is now the largest investment I have ever made… I have bought at many different price points and now count in hundreds of thousands of shares… I believe that management is sound the execution is sound the fundamentals are sound and if it takes 10 of 15 years to get there then that is fine with me… it is called “investing”… I still maintain a current value of PSF at $2 billion, I am not optimistic about the USA with anything meaningful for sometime… I still have a price target of $100/share US dollars…. It may take time to get there but we will get there.
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    Distant Drummer
    This is one list we HAPPILY DID NOT MAKE:
    Analyst Call of the Week - CIBC trims price targets on Canadian pot companies:

    CIBC Analyst John Zamparo reduced 12-month price targets on seven Canadian-based cannabis companies in a note to clients on Thursday, noting that profitability remains elusive for that group. As well, CIBC also reduced its fiscal 2022 sales forecasts for Canopy Growth and Tilray. Zamparo highlights how several cannabis ETFs have seen a 25 per cent decline since reaching yearly highs in February as investors migrate out of the sector amid negative sentiment brought on by "ongoing lack of profitability from most Canadian producers, the continued dearth of institutional investors, and the realization that U.S. legalization appears unlikely until at least next year." CIBC's target price charges with their analyst recommendation are as follows:
    Aurora Cannabis: $7 from $8, underperform
    Cronos Group: US$7.50 from US$8.50, neutral
    Hexo: $5 from $6, outperform
    Organigram: $3.50 from $4, neutral
    RIV Capital: $2.25 from $2.50, outperform
    Tilray: US$14 from US$17, neutral
    Canopy Growth: $22 from $27, neutral
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    How long can the share price of VFF stay down?
    So per Mike PSF will produce about 200 000 kilos in 2022 generating sales of 400-500 M, with an estimated margin of 30-40%. 2022 is just around the corner - let that sink in for a moment.
    Plus I don’t think I've ever seen/heard Mike being as optimistic, as he is right now.
    The only thing holding VFF down at the moment is the MJ bear market – but fundamentals will drive it soon. Hopefully fundamentals will also clean up this board.
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    New record for MJ sales in Canada for July. Looking forward to some nice earnings from PSF's.
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    Rumor mill is saying that ACB is shutting down their grow facilities, that would be a massive boost to PSF's and VFF.
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    Cdn #cannabis market growing nicely...only winner/profitable comp is Village Farms $VFF...Q2 results showed Pure Sunfarm top seller in both Ontario & Quebec...1)AGF:Buy & C$26 Target, 2)Craig Hallum "VFF best in class",BUY & U$17 T, 3)RayJay "Q2 big Rev & EBITDA beat" Buy & U$26T
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    Tomato futures are rising, wholesale in CA should start to pick up and PSF's launching new products and gaining market share in CA. If we can get some movement on CBD in the US and growing Hemp in TX it would be off to the races. I am looking forward to solid earnings report in Nov. Keep in mind, all the overhang from the purchase of PSf's is done now. I am expecting VFF to put up .10 in earnings this qtr.
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    ...Matt Lakers interviews Mr Mike vff/psf is a must read for all share holders, vff sp will 5 fold over the next 3 years..patience.
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    So I'm curious about wholesaling and rebranding a product and selling it as your own. Does anyone know about what the agreements between Pure Sunfarms and those buying wholesale might look like? I do know there are what's called "white papers" that can outline this sort of transaction. Is the MJ being sold wholesale being resold as flower or is it being put into things like edibles? Somehow, I just don't feel like this company is getting credit where credit is due and that "others" get credit for a fantastic product. Does anyone k now what this so called "white paper agreement" might look like?
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    Canadian meme stock

    Reddit users have crossed the border in the past. Last year they successfully targeted BlackBerry stock. Now, another Canadian company has significant short interest and a meme-worthy business model. 

    Village Farms International (TSX:VFF)(NASDAQ:VFF) is the ideal target for a Reddit-driven short squeeze. The company’s short interest is 21% at the moment, which is just as high as AMC stock. That means one in every five shares has been bet against by professional investors. 

    The fact that this is a cannabis company makes it even more exciting. Cannabis stocks have been a prime focus for retail investors ever since legalization in Canada. Now, in 2021, the U.S. government is moving to legalize the substance. That means that Village Farms, which has operations in the U.S., actually has a decent runway for growth. 

    Many analysts believe the stock is undervalued. But the fact that it is also heavily shorted means it could be a potential target for a short squeeze or a worthy meme stock. A small, speculative position in this tiny Canadian company may not be such a bad idea. 
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    Added another 200 shares today because I had FOMO as I saw it going up. I will continue to add more until that feeling subsides.
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    folks, read the latest interview with Mike on mjbizdailey (someone posted the link below). easily his best one uet. holds no punches.
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    VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 15, 2021 /CNW/ - Village Farms International, Inc. ("Village Farms" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: VFF) (TSX: VFF) today unveiled new corporate branding and launched its new corporate website at

    Village Farms International, Inc. Logo (CNW Group/Village Farms International, Inc.)

    Village Farms' new corporate branding embodies the Company's evolution over the last four years to a vertically integrated plant-based consumer products company, targeting high-growth, large-market opportunities in North America and around the world, with a specific focus on cannabinoids and related health products.

    Village Farms is building a family of brands that improve life's journey for the wellbeing of humankind, and the earth on which we live. While each has its own products and approach, they are united by shared core values: integrity, fairness, quality, inclusion, sustainability and hard work – all of which are underpinned by an unwavering desire to do what's right.

    The Company's new corporate branding is anchored by the mantra "Good, for All™", which is an expression of Village Farm's unrelenting commitment to its customers, consumers, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders to act with responsibility and resourcefulness, with a respect for people and the planet. It also represents Village Farms' commitment to continued leadership and innovation in sustainable agriculture practices and use of alternative renewable sources of energy.

    "We are thrilled to share our new corporate branding, logo and website with the world," said, Michael DeGiglio, CEO, Village Farms. "Our new branding reflects the transformation of our Company over the last four years to a family of brands as we have leveraged our deep institutional knowledge and extensive capabilities gained over three decades, in combination with unmatched Controlled Environment Agriculture assets, to build on our proud heritage in the produce business through significant new opportunities in cannabis, CBD and related products."

    Mr. DeGiglio added, "As much as our new branding reflects who we are today, it also encapsulates our plans for the future. We are executing on an aggressive growth strategy to deliver durable shareholder value throughout the near-, medium- and long-terms – one that has already seen our sales1 nearly double since 2017. But as proud as I am about all that we have accomplished in the last four years, as a shareholder I have never been more optimistic about, or confident in, our ability to continue to positively contribute to people and our planet, while at the same time creating a dynamic and workplace for employees to grow and thrive, and creating durable value for our shareholders. Our new corporate brand and website reflect this optimism and confidence."

    As part of the new website launch, Village Farms also unveiled an updated investor presentation, which is available in the Investor Relations section of the website.


    1. Annualized run rate Q3 2021 sales.

    About Village Farms International, Inc.

    Village Farms leverages decades of experience as a large-scale, Controlled Environment Agriculture-based, vertically integrated supplier for high-value, high-growth plant-based Consumer Packaged Goods. Village Farms has a strong foundation as a leading fresh produce supplier to grocery and large-format retailers throughout the US and Canada, along with new high-growth opportunities in the cannabis and CBD categories in North America and selected markets internationally.

    In Canada, the Company's wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary, Pure Sunfarms, is one of the single largest cannabis operations in the world, the lowest-cost greenhouse producer and one of the best-selling brands.

    In the US, wholly owned Balanced Health Botanicals is one of the leading CBD brands and e-commerce platforms in the country.

    Subject to compliance with all applicable US federal and state laws and stock exchange rules, Village Farms plans to enter the US high-THC cannabis market via multiple strategies, leveraging one of the largest greenhouse operations in the country (more than 5.5 million square feet in West Texas), as well as the operational and product expertise gained through Pure Sunfarms' cannabis success in Canada.

    Internationally, Village Farms is targeting selected, nascent, legal cannabis and CBD opportunities with significant medium- and long-term potential, with an initial focus on the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.
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    It's almost time for volume to pick up for the fall trading season. The rain is persistent today and the weather is about to turn cool -- triggering fall harvest season, too! They come together, making for usually REALLY busy Octobers and Novembers. I can't wait! However, today I'm catching up with some message boards and cannabis newsletters, and cleaning out old 'hardcopy' files. Amazing what we used to print out on reams and reams of paper that we can now access with a few taps on the keyboard. I hate seeing the board space wasted by petty personality conflicts. I don't know when 'sami' joined, but the poster appears to be obsessed with some other frivolous posters called kick and adrian, who I must have muted ages ago because their comments don't appear on my feed. I'm going to mute sami too, I'm afraid, because s/he is using too much space riling against those two shorts, or whoever they are, and is therefore wasting my time. So, sami, if you're really long, your comments are welcome, but not your rants. Mute the dumb shorts and treat this board with respect, or you will be muted by most polite and honest posters. Just sayin'...

    K in VA
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    Bulls and Bears  2007
    In the recent news release did you pick up on the Big Hint that was dropped for Q3 revenue … buy… buy … buy…. This cycle will be broken soon enough
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    I kid you not, the pattern that is setting up is gooood. As long as the price stays in this narrow range and does not break down, we're setting up for about 20% upside by the beginning/middle of Oct. I put more $$ in at $8.64 to cost-avg down to $12.13.
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    We all knew/know that "value" would start to take over the "sp".... more is coming.
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    My hope is that VFF continues to focus on the retail market and eventually eliminate the need to sell wholesale to their competitors. The profits are much better. Still its nice to eliminate all excess inventory. Regardless of what's going on in this space right now, the time to shine is always getting a day closer.
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    Big Bee
    New investor presentation (first since May) available on new VFF website. A couple of unannounced events appear to be included in the presentation.

    Such as...
    - EU-GMP certification inspection for Pure Sunfarms Delta 3 operations has been completed. Would expect VFF to receive formal certification soon. Will be interested to see what opportunities are announced after certification seeing that VFF now has a European Business Development/Operations VP and I'm sure they're expecting something out of him.
    - Besides Hong Kong, Altum (which VFF owns a 12% interest in) has launched CBD commercial operations in Taiwan. Huge market for CBD which I'm guessing like rest of Asia doesn't have alot of competitors.
    - #1 dried flower brand in Ontario, Alberta, and BC....oh we already knew that