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    uhhhhhhh..... what is going on with those earnings??? What happened to $200k per month?
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    So is this about to be delisted? $0.015??? Jesus
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    What Venzee does is displacing all of that manual process with machine-to-machine integration between the manufacturer and the retailer. Venzee began a pivot two years ago moving to a partner-selling model to reach out to and engage enterprise partners who provide technical services and platforms within the supply chain. It can be something like an enterprise resource planning company or any number of smaller but critical system suppliers that are in the supply chain market. Venzee contracts with partners at a specific rate for its services, and those companies, in turn, provide Venzee’s platform to their clients base. Venzee fulfills a need for partners having to efficiently distribute product content across the supply chain for a reasonable price and provide a critical value-add for the growing partner base and their enterprise manufacturing clients. The retail supply chain participants globally is a massive market worth trillions of dollars. It’s a complex space. There are very few players doing what Venzee does and even Venzee’s competitors utilize technologies that are maybe as old as 30 or 40 years.
    Venzee technology is outpacing competition with a modern application programming interface (API) that allows any of partners, or any manufacturer, to interface with Venzee in a more modern way. During the old days, to connect a machine to another machine, it usually required thousands of hours of programming and tech time, and that is a very inefficient and costly process. Venzee’s technology is more modern and unique in this space and does not have to synchronize a database across the world. Venzee’s technology live in the cloud and is accessible instantly anywhere.
    Partners further promote Venzee’s technology into their selling environment Channel partners are fundamental for Venzee’s growth. Venzee intentionally does not have a large sales team. Sales to manufacturers are done through our partners. The nice thing about this model is that partners are exposing Venzee technology to manufacturers who are pretty mature in their data management and supply chain practices. Mature brands are looking for additional automation to accelerate their retail channel growth. Venzee provides the automation that the retail destination brands need. The idea that Venzee allows manufacturers to scale their retail presence and revenues as a result of that, makes Venzee certainly very important to any enterprise or any global manufacturers. Partners are the folks that are bringing Venzee those opportunities. Venzee is making great progress in demonstrating that with many of the large Fortune 500 manufacturers across the globe. Contracted partners represent a manufacturing group of more than 85,000 and during 2020, Venzee is focusing on mining those relationships and continuing to expand partners relationships.
    Because Venzee monetizes each retail channel at a particular price point, with a large addressable market and with a unique technical approach Venzee has a very lucrative opportunity ahead. Most of our focus in 2019 has been to complete the pivot I mentioned earlier. Intelligent supply chain functionality is inevitable and will significantly benefit growers, makers, brands, sellers, regulators, and consumers. Venzee is well-positioned for massive growth as the global supply chain moves from manual to more advanced automated processes.
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    Repost from another stock site:
    Read that press release and read between the lines and think about it. I know nothing is done until it's done but if Venzee signs those other two deals that were mentioned in the press release between what they have already plus these 3 deals it puts them at dec 31/2022 projections. Basically a whole year quicker.

    Not only that, that old saying, success breeds success. This will help get the word out to other Retailers to take a look at Venzee's tech. Plus what is in the news everyday? Supply Chain issues. Container back logs, Container Ships unable to unload. Stock is extremely timely.
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    Nov 23d, 2021 they posted:
    Mr. Abrams, "Our productive sales effort in the third quarter are generating results in Q4 that will help us achieve our revenue goal for the year of $195,000 MRR."

    Sales pipeline growth remains strong for Venzee, with more than 10,000 active sales opportunities — representing a 43% increase from the end of Q2 2021. This quarter, following an upgrade to its website that allows direct purchase of the Company's Mesh Connector™ product, the Company significantly increased direct sales leads generation and saw consistent month on month revenue growth.
    So, can we proceed with legal actions for the false informations?
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    There is a lot riding on the upcoming financials IMO. Everything up until March 31st was positive and looked to be on track with KPIs.

    The last paragraph in the march 31st press release was concerning to say the least. The 2021 connectors sold have yet to be finalized, and won’t be until Q2 2022. Let’s hope this is just an implementation period and none of these 2080 connectors drop off.

    I have yet to find anything to confirm whether the 3 large contracts that would exceed the 13k connectors in 2023 have been won.

    I’ve been buying personally at these prices as I think the risk/reward is still in our favour.

    The next 8 months should be fun. Get your popcorn..
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    The interim financial results for the year ending June 30 2018 was released on 29 August 2018. Expect interim financial results end of August 2019. Be ready to rock and roll the share price is set to rise. Incomes have been steadily rising last year and with many channel partners/supply chain companies roped in, be ready for a big share price rise!!!! If you dont believe me look up in SEDAR.
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    This stock is great. So undervalued as people dont appreciate the tech. This will be at $.60 by end of the year.
    Do DD !!!
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    Great news to end the year! Was waiting for something like this
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    This tiny company has added a powerhouse member to the Board of Directors. I am expecting great things here.

    CHICAGO, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Venzee Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: VENZ) ("Venzee" or the "Company") is pleased to announce it has appointed Mr. Marc Bertrand to the board of directors, effective immediately.

    Venzee Technologies, Inc. (CNW Group/Venzee Technologies Inc.)

    Mr. Bertrand was the founder, President and CEO of Mega Brands, which was acquired by Mattel Brands in 2014 for more than US $450M. MEGA Brands had net sales for fiscal year 2013 of US $405 million, and as a standalone company, ranked among the top 15 toy companies globally by sales according to statistics published by the market research company NPD in 2013.

    "I am pleased to be joining John Abrams and his team on the Board of Directors as they scale the Venzee solution worldwide," stated Mr. Bertrand. "At Mega Brands, we worked with retailers in 100 countries and listed thousands of SKUs with them. When I learned how Venzee's artificial intelligence technology seamlessly connects manufacturers with omnichannel retailers, I quickly understood the cost reduction and speed to market benefits for brands like ours. Venzee has proven its business model with some of the largest brands in the world, validating their digital solution for the global supply chain."
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    This is truly a great opportunity still in its very early stages. Venzee has not only perfected the tech but is rolling it out in the right way. The new CEO John Abrams is the reason why Venzee is rolling the tech out in the right way. Do your DD on the CEO and you will quickly see he has had an amazing career with very large Companys including MacDonalds and Cardinal Health in Supply Chain.

    Folks do as much DD on Supply Chain and how this Industry has not kept up with most others as far as advancing their way of doing things. It's basiclly the same as it was 40 years ago. Venzee is going to change this and its a really big thing because costly returns are costing the Industry Billions of Dollars.

    I cannot stress enough do to proper amount of DD on this oppurtunity.
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    Do they really do something to get more MeshConnectors sold ? They have a lot of expenses every month, and it has been a while since they said the contract is going be finalized for those 13k MeshConnectors. Any one knows how many Mesh Connectors are actually sold until today?
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    Is this a sleeping giant?
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    Anybody else looking at this.. started following a month ago and it’s gone down quite a bit, yet it looks like they are getting new clients to sign up for the product.. wouldn’t mind jumping in, but the amount it has gone down in a short period of time has me shy to pull the trigger
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    Open market purchase by an officer of company today…posted to SEDI.
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    Buy out opportunity????

    If their tech is so awesome for the digital world then a company like Amazon could buy this thing out in about 3 mins. The market cap is only 26ish million dollars.

    What you think?
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    New to this company, love the potential of disrupting the industry. What do we know about their tech? How marketable is it? They seem to have struggled over the years to generate any form of revenue.
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    Hey Executive Team... DO SOMETHING!!!!!!
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    I hope the company will realize how much potential they have with good PR and exposure
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    Dead in the water, junior company, 400 million share, private placement sca m.
    Make the math...