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Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund (VEMAX)

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35.05+0.25 (+0.72%)
As of 08:01PM EDT. Market open.
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    xi china and putin russia are source of endless geopolitical crisises that will send out endles deflation impulse wave ripple thru out world. each deflation will cut fund valuation by 30% plus. dont throw good money after bad.
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    xi china will execute xi mandate to bring common poverty and deflation great leap to anyone foolish to put money into xi china or even worse trip to xi china. xi china iron curtain is rising up, xi china is even cutting passport and green card to keep everyone within xi china. dont throw good money after or throw your freedom and life in xi china.
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    This doesnโ€™t really move with the China 50 โ€ฆโ€ฆ.
  • X
    Chinese stocks recovering --> time to buy VWO
  • W
    Does Vanguard take care of the foreign taxes? Or will US owner of VWO be responsible for foreign taxes when selling or receiving dividends?
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    Ray Dalio is buying
  • A
    So after 17 years only 83% growth.
  • J
    VEMAX is a well-constructed and cheap emerging market fund but has averaged just 3.28% over the past 10 years. I dumped this years ago for VTWAX. Emerging markets are an underperforming disaster over the past 10+ years. Stay away.
  • R
    Great outlook on this ETF. 2.2x book ratio, 12% earnings growth rate, 11 PE, massive growth opportunity... hard to go wrong. Long-term winner.
  • J
    Why has this fund done so poorly over the past 13 years? Up about 20% including dividends? How is that possible?
  • m
    lukoil gazprom sberbank all at .5% about, russian exposure looks good long term but how much lower will this go? China opens up but is this for real? could be good but the dust is still settling...
  • F
    Looks like VWO is identical to VEMAX mutual fund - the same % sector holding, top 10 holding, net assets, etc, except the NAV unit value and expense ratio.

    However, today VWO is down 2.48% while VEMAX is only down 1.97%. Any hint why the difference of the % changes?
  • R
    EM should outperform US equities for the next decade at least. US equities are currently overvalued and Chinese equities in particular have a much more favorable PE ratios.
  • J
    Does anyone know when that the stimulus with the size of 40% of Chinese GDP will pass? If that Chinese Stimulus passes, this new injection of funds will create a huge bubble in the Chinese indices. This ETF does not reflect that as of now. Time to load up!