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Vedanta Limited (VEDL.NS)

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279.55-1.10 (-0.39%)
At close: 03:29PM IST

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    Thank you so much you are really a woman of your word I keep sharing your good works ''Anthony blahoslav'' through Facebook
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    Huge loss, it's cheating retail investors by Anil Agarwal(Vedanta) and Citi Group. They should have at least allowed retail investors to sell in OTC markets.
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    Given the rising tide of commodity prices, Resources ability to produce strong and steady income has returned. The only gray cloud on the horizon is debt maturity starting next year but they have rightly stated discussions to extend maturity dates out to point where they expect to have money cushion to pay. I would assume debt holders happy to continue earning good interest on improving Company metrics with view to getting all of their money when it matures. They are smart to focus their efforts of removing debt overhang as an issue and once resolved will provide strong catalyst for significant upward movement in price of this stock. Next phase will then be organizing financing for properties they recently bid on and likely will be successful bidders. Not sure about coal and investors general disdain for it in this greening world but I’m sure they have a plan. Refinery business makes a lot of sense and good to see not too much competition against them. Crowd supports the home team. I still frustrated that they have bent over backwards to get copper smelter concerns resolved and improvements made better than required as this will be a cash cow when they get the green light to start producing again. We are on the precipice of boom times in the building out of India and what better way of being involved than holding this stock. If anyone has any other recommendations for Indian stock/ADRs available on US exchanges I would like to hear them. Very bullish on India.
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    What's everyone's price target? For all the holders, when are you taking gains?
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    Anil has set a minimum price of $4.65 pps. Unless someone else wants to come in and challenge him for the shares he doesn't already own then why would anyone pay any more than $4.65 for shares. So this could be dead money for a while until we start seeing results. The easy trade was to sell yesterday at the top and move on. Though given the relatively light volume not many did.

    The only variable is if someone else also things they are undervalued and offers more than $4.65 for the shares. They would likely never get a controlling interest as doesn't sound like Anil is ready to hang up his boots. We just need more than 10% of the shares to stay out of Anil's hands to avoid the delisting. Surely there must be a competitor or financier who can see how undervalued the shares are and would bid up the price to make an arbitrage. Or maybe one of VEDL competitors wants to get a foothold in the potentially huge Indian resource market by offering better bid or just profit alongside Anil by taking a large ownership stake like he did in Anglo.

    Does anyone know what the timeline is for him to acquire more than 90% of the shares?
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    Got note from broker. I could exchange adrs to regular shares, but for that I would need to open account in India. Another option is to do nothing, citi will sell my adrs in Indian market and send me money (minus fees). No mention of otc. To be honest, probably it is time to move on.
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    Read the fine print ….. Citi “may” cash out your shares. Nowhere does it say they will. With a 9 % dividend and the money printed, why would you want out of this thing
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    VEDL is finally heading towards north! s/o to all fellow investors that survied the journey in the past year. we overcome covid & a delisting attempt. now we are ready for payday.

    some analysts out there pls comment on book value, expectet sales als well as indian sentiment regarding the gerneral economics in the fastest growing country! thanks and best regards, Florian from Germany
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    For those asking about the dividend/distribution, here 's the info. While there's no good source of historical information, I've owned the US-listed ADR's for over 10 years (Tickers SLT, SSLT, and now VEDL) and here are all of the distributions I've received in my account. All amounts are in U.S. Dollars per ADR/share and rounded to the nearest cent. I've also adjusted all amounts before 9/9/2013 for the merger that happened on that date where I received 3 Shares SSLT (later VEDL) for every 5 shares of SLT.

    11/29/2018 0.96
    3/29/2018 1.30
    4/27/2017 1.10
    11/18/2016 0.10
    11/9/2015 0.21
    7/20/2015 0.15
    11/17/2014 0.11
    11/5/2014 0.11
    11/18/2013 0.09
    5/20/2013 0.12
    11/7/2012 0.12
    7/18/2012 0.10
    11/11/2011 0.11
    8/4/2011 0.13
    6/24/2010 0.11
    10/1/2009 0.10
    9/9/2008 0.12

    As you can see, the dividends are irregular, happening once, maybe twice a year. In the past, they've been modest. But starting in 2017, they've exploded upward. When's the next one due? Based on recent history, March or April of this year, or they may wait until November. I should mention that I usually get charged a .02 per share ADR Fee about twice a year.

    What's the dividend yield? It's irregular, but based on the trailing 1-year dividend and the $9.63 closing price, that gives over a 23% dividend! Can it be maintained at that rate? Who knows, but receiving around $5.00 a share in dividends these last few years has brought my cost basis way down, and I expect it'll be below zero in a few more years.

    I can't think of a better investment, almost a no-brainer. Downside is very limited. With Hindustan Zinc providing most of the dividend, there's no reason a hoigh payout can't continue. The market is valuing the company's copper operations right now at zero. If they get the copper smelter back online, that alone will surge the share price from here. There's also promise in the other resource areas.
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    vedanta’s stock price has dropped to about half its levels in Jan and is close to its multi-year lows
    vedanta’s stock price has dropped to about half its levels in Jan and is close to its multi-year lows
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    I have taken an interest in VEDL for a couple of very general reasons. I am looking for criticism of my thinking.
    VEDL is at the foundation of still untapped potential of India. If the trade war eases and international emerging economy growth returns on the heels of US/China resolution India in general will benefit, and VEDL is in a good position to prosper at the foundation providing minerals, oil, electricity.
    VEDL is heavily in base materials which I understand to operate as a hedge against inflation. As currencies weaken through inflation I expect companies like VEDL to increase in value.
    VEDL is far off of its highs which means hopefully it has much room to grow.
    There, what do YOU think?
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    The proposed delisting offer will provide public shareholders of Vedanta Ltd an opportunity to realize immediate and certain value for their shares at a time of elevated market volatility. The price will be determined in accordance with the reverse book building mechanism set out in the Delisting Regulations.

    Under applicable Indian laws, VEDL can be delisted by the acquisition of equity shares of VEDL if such acquisition would result in post Offer shareholding of VRL and its affiliates in VEDL being at least equal to or higher than 90% of the total equity shares issued by VEDL and satisfaction of certain other applicable regulatory conditions ("Minimum Tender Condition"). Currently, VRL along with its affiliates India holds 1,764,326,080 equity shares of VEDL aggregating to approximately 51.1% of the paid-up equity share capital of

    Whoever sells would be a lunatic.
    I cant see this deal going through, at least not at 5 or 5.50. Not even close.
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    Any help is much appreciated. I am a US Citizen with an OCI card (Overseas Citizen of India) and don't have any NRE/NRO/DEMAT accounts. I also have covered calls sold for part of the position I have. I see there are 2 options:

    1. Convert to underlying Indian stocks.For this, you need a DEMAT account. I couldn't find any US broker who allows opening of a DEMAT account. Interactive Broker, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab said no. The other options are to open with Zerodha or Kotak and try to transfer the Indian stock there. Opening the accounts takes several days to weeks so we may not be able to open in time. Also, it is unclear if the transfer can actually happen - Interactive Broker said that for the transfer to happen, the DEMAT account should have the same name and "tax id". For US, my account has my SSN. For the DEMAT account it will be my PAN card.

    2. Let Citibank sell it.Here you'll get cash, with up to 43.68% tax withheld. Unclear what the sell price will be. Or, how to file India tax, or apply for any refund. Unclear how to declare the cost basis for the sale that happens in India. Unclear how to get credit for the tax in USA.

    I tried calling Citibank but no luck. Interactive Brokers isn't too helpful either.

    Any ideas?
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    Vedanta’s Open Offer Gets 39% Bids With Only Hours To Go

    Read more at:

    What next? IMO - That much float is gone. PPL did not tender their stock at CMP. So in order to increase stake AA will have to buy at higher price. CMP is now floor price. He can buy another 5% from the mkt. If he start doing so, price will jump at least 20% during his purchase. Bcoz float is decreasing and stock is in stronger hands. Interesting ride ahead.

    Many investors who tendered, many of them were doing arbitrage. It means investors are not ready to part with their holding in hurry. In metals sector Jindal steel(Listed only in India) and VEDL both made bottom at near Rs 60. Now Jindals is 390 and VEDL 237.
    Launched on March 23, the offer closes for subscription on Wednesday evening.
    Launched on March 23, the offer closes for subscription on Wednesday evening.
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    Conversion timelines extended:

    In order to provide more time to the ADS holders, the Company has decided to extend the date by which holders can surrender their ADSs to the
    Depositary in exchange for the underlying equity shares of the Company from December 08, 2021 to January 10, 2022. Holders of ADSs can now
    surrender their ADSs to the Depositary in exchange for the underlying equity shares of the Company at any time on or prior to January 10, 2022.
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    Zinc crude AL iron ore going thru the roof. VEDL still half of 2018 price. After March Promoters can buy another 5% from the mkt and they will do that. So there will be demand for the stock. Metal sector was one of the most hated sector for Fund managers. Not anymore and there is under ownership. And stock is extremely cheap. It can and will cross $25.
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    4.65 is the floor price. The final price for delisting will be different. Look at Essar Oil delisting process.
    The tender price or the price at which the shareholder is willing to sell his shares needs to be equal or above the floor price notified by the company. The final buy back price will be determined only after the offer closes after aggregating all shareholder bids. For instance, in the case of Essar Oil, the final buyback price has been announced as ₹262.80 apiece. This is the price at which the holding of the promoter group hits 90 per cent, based on the offers received. Once the price is finalised, all offers below or equal to this final buy back price will be accepted.
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    Anil/company will try to accumulate as much as possible from scared shareholders that are afraid of the words delist and 4.65. if he cannot get 90% that's ok, they'll cancel the delisting citing he wasn't able to secure enough shares and he'll have more shares and can pay hefty dividend that goes to his pocket and the remaining shareholders.