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ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (UVXY)

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    UVXY IS NOT SHORT ABLE to $10, there are 25 million reasons to think market hits its max for the year.
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    Floo... we need to set up the 2nd annual golf tournament on Amelia Island..
    I played there 4 years ago at corporate reward function!!
    Stayed at nice hotel on the beach.. can’t remember if it was Hyatt, Hilton Sheraton ..
    Amy will coordinate this..
    April Time frame!
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    Youtube monetization greatly depends on your content. Basically if you attract people who spend money you get much more per add than if you get on and discuss the latest color of your nails. One guy who started posting on YouTube a year ago made about $300k. $180k from YouTube adds, $100k from sponsors and $20k from tee shirt sales from his online store. Also if your content is interesting you can increase the number of adds per video. Usually you put two short or one long add at the beginning. Then you can see if another segment in the middle works for you. Some will have 3 or even 4 adds segments. And their revenues will show a proportional increase if their content is captivating enough for people to watch the adds. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on woodworking and astrophotography and honestly I see adds for tools that I like and I buy some. So I figure that these guys are getting high add rates. A high rate is 10 cents an add but it is usually lower. When you are getting a lot of views by spenders, advertisers have to compete for your add slots. But even 1 cent an add for 20 million views over a year will get you $200k. Most people need many videos to get that many views as they may only get 5k to 10k views on many videos. A few lucky videos may get them 1 mil views but it is rare. Many of these guys making over $1 mil a year are making several hundred videos a year and they are working more than 40 hours a week. And they have sponsors for whom they personally advertise with their own dialog. Ben Shapiro has a lot of sponsors but he has 70 employees researching his content. One real estate guy who gives advice on how to make money with real estate made $4 million last year. He makes about 5 videos a week. And works about 70 hours a week. He is definitely going to get hit by higher taxes. And thus the reason he moved out of California this year.
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    Remember, the roaring 20's were followed by a pandemic.
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    Edward Peters
    I'm surprised UVXY held up as well as it did today. It seems to be finding it's floor. We all know that foreclosures,, more layoffs, and bankruptcy's are coming. You can't close down States without having these issues. So far the Vaccine news has been on the forefront of investors minds. No one is thinking about the collateral damage that is going on in the real world. It's going to come home to roost. Even stimulus can't save this economy now. To little to late.
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    Rothschild world
    Watching local and national news, the incredible food line and hundreds of thousands facing imminent eviction and mortgage default.....i am not sure this is not WORSE THAN GREAT DEPRESSION.

    Somehow the reconciliation between incredible human suffering, (homelessness, jobless pain and unending torment), and STOCK MARKETS EUPHORIA will be breath taking......
    Reality will show up on the stock market in very painful fashion next few months.
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    I asked 5his question the other night and nobody answered but maybe it just got lost. Anyway, I never paid attention to uvxy because we were all in tvix. So, i have been looking at uvxy options, notice how none are much higher than 30 through December but in January you see all these cl tracts for the 270 range? Is that normal or what is that about?
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    Rothschild world
    insane markets surge = VOLATILITY SURGE AHEAD
    SPY making new 52 week high, pros will be loading put options for the impending selloff in December.
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    They are here only to distract and deceive while it falls again. I see some trying to take credit for my "Buy GUSH at $18" trade. ... I have already posted when this will be a buy. Each day I give more clues
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    KarlAmyFlooSosoMOOK allSux
    Watcha gunna do when they come for them?
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    If the FBl held them accountable when they secured the lapt op over 9 months ago and HlLLary 33,000 em ails etc, they could never have pulled this off and been exposed. The cheese was the election! Try to keep up Mooky. 1,000 v o t es coming in at the same time all for one cand idate odds are quardratrillions
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    I just checked those oil numbers I gave yas.

    Ain’t dat sumptin?

    No wonder you “Twittered” me. Lol
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    is anybody bought in at this $12 level. Just curious.
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    Arbuorplace watch Bradley Hughes lessons !!! Floo3 has tiny club head speed , takes 6 hours to play a round , uses 3 wood and driver on par 3s !!!

    Looser !!!
    Bradley Hughes Golf- Hand Path..Out Is Down
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    Somebody made a big bet at 12
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    PeeX has never made any $$$ because this person is a salesman for the FUND! MookY etc and all that agree with them... Each person on here has an act. Get you in and keep you in! Keep shorts out! Distract. and call me names for saying it
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    Happy thanksgiving from Arabia
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    Hope you are safe and well down there Etf.
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    Rothschild world

    The index seeks to offer exposure to market volatility through publicly traded futures markets and is designed to measure the implied volatility of the S&P 500 over 30 days in the future.
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