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CCY - CCY Delayed Price. Currency in THB
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As of 12:28AM GMT. Market open.
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    Bitcoin is the future!
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    Thai Baht is one of the reasons that tourism is way down! ((( for Westerners who SPEND money in Thailand )))))) I hope that that the summer months are better and the Baht goes up to 35+ plus!!!
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    It seem Thai Baht rise too high. It's impact Thailand Economic in tourist and export sector. I think Thai baht value should be 32-34 Baht / USD.
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    duane d
    Baht going to 37-38 in 5 to 6 months
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    hoping for 37- 38 baht...
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    Baht is being manipulated against the Dollar just like the China Yuan. Thai government is controlling the exchange rate not the free market float.
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    Thai Baht is one of the reasons that tourism is way down! I hope that that the summer months are better and the Baht goes up to 35+ plus!!! Retiring there soon? If not will look for a better value elsewhere, maybe?
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    I am leaving for Thailand on Friday and I am sure glad the $ is gaining strength against the Bhat. More money to spend Yeah.
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    I am looking to move back LOVE TO SEE the Baht to the $$$ 40 plus Baht to 1 $$$ !!!!!!
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    How to start investing?

    How to earn money?

    How to make money?

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    Fb@Lillian A. Jerome
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    I am in Thailand right now on Vacay and sure wish the value of the Dollar was stronger than what I am seeing.
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    Surprisingly Thai has trade surplus compare to Malaysia or Philippines.
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    Convert your currency and Buy Bangkok stocks in Bahts and make money three ways: share appreciation, dividends, and Forex. Thailand is going to be cooking as soon as the positivity rates drop.
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