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    Is the gold being purchased backing the currency or is it merely a playtoy storage device for the top echelon to protect them when the revolution comes? The fact that I would even ask such a question is what is wrong with the ruble. Oligarchs need to give the money and resources of the "country" back to the country and then we will see the ruble rise IMHO.
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    23 января во многих регионах России проходят протесты против ареста оппозиционера Алексея Навального и за прекращение его преследования со стороны государства. Участников акций задерживают полицейские. ОВД-Инфо следит за происходящим на акциях и публикует списки задержанных. По данным на 21:30 по московскому времени, задержали уже более 2500 человек. Информация обновляется
    On January 23, protests are taking place in many regions of Russia against the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and for the end of his persecution by the state. Participants of the actions are detained by the police. OVD-Info monitors what is happening at the rallies and publishes lists of detainees. As of 21: 30 Moscow time, more than 2,500 people have already been detained. The information is updated.
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    Ruble headed back to 50 or below. Russia has a massive budget surplus, more natural resources than any country on the planet, a growing middle class, an inflation hawk heading the Central Bank, large gold reserves, etc, etc. Sometime in the next 10 years, I won't be surprised to see the RUB/USD rate at 1/63 instead of the insane 63/1 we see today.
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    nice. keep these red days going.
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    Inductive needed when trying 5 days profit continuously quote over integrated portfolio making investors power on market RUB/USD extracted to be more resourceful generative drive here quotable
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    Navalny was detained at the airport. He faces a prison term in a trumped-up case. This is a fake fight between Putin and the only opposition in the country.
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    Going up
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    Time for a major rally in the Ruble! With oil above $80, Russia will have a budget surplus this year and minimal debt compared to all other major countries of the world. Sanctions or no sanctions, the Ruble is vastly undervalued.
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    Using any fundamental analysis measure, the Ruble is the most undervalued currency in the world. Russia has a debt to GDP ratio that is the lowest in the world among major countries. Russia's Central Bank has maintained a tight monetary policy during the economic downturn while the Western countries just turned on the printing presses to keep the bubble inflated. Russia has a virtually self sufficient economy, producing almost everything they need to live their lives on a daily basis while the Western store shelves would be empty if it weren't for the production from China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc., etc., In the long run, we're going to see the RUB/USD exchange rate at 1/60 instead of 60/1.
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    Putin Suka! zaebal suka gondom
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    russia is helping this genocide in Belarus and is following the same path itself
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