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As of 02:20AM BST. Market open.

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  • R
    Roy Tyrell
    RUB has strong fundamentals. An economy with almost no debt and bottomless natural resources.

    Russia will have difficulty preventing the RUB from strengthening too much. An enviable place to be in an inflationary environment but will make industrial competitiveness more difficult.
  • M
    what just happend
  • T
    Holding rubles is playing with fire. It will start the collapse in a few more months. Sooner if Ukraine starts winning.

    Do not hold rubles. I would not hold USD or Euro either. Nowhere to run except precious metals or other tangible/hard assets.
  • b
    This is awesome. 55 or less is better than I ever predicted. Thanks sanctions!
  • C
    7 year high
  • R
    Go Putin! Go!!!
  • r
    all western curries are racing to the bottom=0. enjoy cheap commodities for now until you can't.
  • J

  • A
    Hit 54, first time in what, 5 years?
  • r
    central banks of deep s are collapsing. they manipulate the prices of commodities and it will only backfire sooner than later.
  • r
    Hyperinflation Venenzuela style is coming to US, EU and Japan.
  • G
    Technically viewed 50.000 is a thick support level. But considering the acceleration of the Ruble bullish rally I dont know is it really reliable support any longer. If 50.000 gets broken that goes straight to 30.000.
  • G
    The West was captured in their own propaganda saying the Russian economy is weak and the Ruble can be easily shaken sending Russia in hyperinflation. That was the point of all sanctions - to sink the Ruble. No more, no less, no oligarchs, no houses or yachts - the goal was to destroy the Ruble. Instead of that the Ruble not just erased all loses after the shock of the sanctions, but also almost double its value before them. Meanwhile EU is about to collapse, because nobody ever believed the economic war will be won by the Russians. Nobody ever expected that economic war to continue more that 1 month. So....whats now?
  • N
    ====> The ONE and ONLY currency in the world that is pegged to a physical asset ….. If you want to buy Russian oil and Natural Gas you have to pay ONLY in RUBLES ….. Either you go get Rubles or else you freeze to death this coming winter…
  • r
    crashing against currency back by gold.
  • j
    This run in the ruble is artificial, mark this post.

    It is amazing how many people on this board do not understand how this is happening. So go right ahead and keep buying it up!!!!
  • r
    usd, yen, euros, all western currencies are monopoly money. rub backed by gold. Crimex and London Gold boys are smashing for people to buy PM cheap. enjoy until you can't.
  • r
    enslavement in America and western world will come to the end soon. This Banksters manipulation of commodities will be over soon as fiat without backing by commodities will be zero soon. end the fed.
  • L
    10 years from now, the USD/RUB exchange rate will be 60/1 instead of 1/60!!! Fundamentals eventually rule. Russia has minimal debt, a large budget and trade surplus and a rising middle class. The US on the other hand has massive mountains of debt, massive budget and trade deficits and a rapidly shrinking middle class. The old Soviet Union collapsed from incurring too much debt, excessive military spending and geographic overexpansion. Looks like the US is soon headed toward the same end with too much debt, military spending that exceeds that of all other countries combined and a vast network of over 750 military bases scattered all over the globe that just became much more expensive to maintain with the higher cost of oil over the last few months. Now I hear there are bipartisan efforts to give the Pentagon a much higher budget and push us even quicker to total economic collapse.
  • C
    Chris curse
    America failed