Canada markets closed


CCY - CCY Delayed Price. Currency in CAD
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1.2556+0.0030 (+0.24%)
As of 4:34AM BST. Market open.
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  • I
    Getting a bit worried about my US investments. Canadians what’s your plan for existing US investments if USD keeps heading down?
  • G
  • S
    Would this be a good time to exchange some CAD to USD?
  • R
    Ralph Wiggum
    It not that CAD getting strong.... USD getting weak
  • J
    I always see the image of the prototype in articles, is that a official photo? imagine the finished product.
    this is just the beginning
  • J
    The Canadian dollar will eventually surpass USD and it’s inevitable. Those who force themselves not to believe are just haters lol. The canadian market and economy has so much to grow where as the US is stuck in a political fight between two parties willing to go to civil war
  • S
    Loving the exchange rate right now, this is great for Canadians
  • G
    How much USD can you print before it becomes worthless? I guess we’ll find out.
  • L
    Can’t see it going above .84 but if it somehow manages to reach parity and beyond. I’m buying a bunch of USD and travelling while I can all over the states.
  • J
    Jenny the Financial Terrorist
    Cad is CRUSHING the usd.
    ...oh, I don’t know, maybe cause of all that free money?!?!
    Soon you’ll need $10 for the dollar store. Lol
  • b
    tf just happened
  • V
    "why, yes. we shall shut down the world economy and raise our national debt by trillions! whats the worst that could happen?"
  • C
    CEO of Robinhood
    Thanks Trudeau !! What a joke of a leader we have running our country.... now he wants to put capital gains tax on the sale of our primary residences ... what a bafoon. Short CAD, and I’m a Canadian citizen!
  • A
    Canadian dollar is over valued. once Trudeau and his liberal cronies actually release a financial statement we will see the true value of the Canadian dollar. right now the liberals are just pretending that the Canadian economy is recovering
  • F
    bought a bunch of usd. will convert it back to cad once eveyrhing back to normal. USD is the god currnecy
  • E
    This needs to get back to 1.32 levels
  • R
    .72 CAD is coming soon to your bank accounts. USD is still king. Once market corrects dollar will rise. USD that is. Oil is in dream land.
  • v
    go 🇨🇦
  • c
  • J
    Jenny the Financial Terrorist
    At this pace, it’ll be at par by August/September
    USD will rocket back after Covid relief has ended.
    Invest with CAD into US stocks.
    Gain in USD, then cash out when above par.
    Easy 22% from today and you get to still play with your money.