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    If there is a plan for a national electrical grid that includes nuclear power that is part of the infrastructure plan, this could be a good investment. It looks like the major obstacle to SMR’s is NCR regulations that cover large reactors. It could be difficult to impossible to open new US mines, but existing US mines could be really valuable. CCJ could be a safer investment, but URG could have the potential for a higher return - it’s also going to be more risky.
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    Fase1: buy stocks (and derivatives) of uranium companies

    Fase2: buy a lot of Uranium Participation and Yellow Cake to push the share price above their NAV ==> Uranium Participation and Yellow Cake buy more U3O8 (and UF6 for Uranium Participation) ==> U3O8 price goes higher

    Fase3: buying U3O8 directly in the spotmarket ==> U3O8 price goes even higher ==> U3O8 price through carry traders becomes more expensive then U3O8 through LT contracts ==> utilities are forced back to the negotiation table for LT contracts!

    That's what is planned by professional commodity investors (based on 2 sources in December/January)

    We'll see

    Denison mines, Nexgen (and Mega Uranium), Peninsula Energy, Fission Uranium Corp, Cameco, UEX corp, Forsys Metals, Bannerman, Global Atomic, Goviex Uranium, ...

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    Good pro-nuclear article today in the New Yorker, entitled The Activists Who Embrace Nuclear Power. Public perception is changing!
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    Why is all the uranium stocks down so much??
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    I'm still here folks, been working on my oil and gas investments as I do not plan on selling the remaining URG shares under $2.50 or so. My guess is the next BIG move would be the gov purchasing their current inventory. That could easily take us into the 2's
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    If I have to make a wild guess, small, modular reactors are going to be fast tracked as part of the infrastructure plan.
  • M
    buying and hold , its heading to 1B market cap
    wait for M&A activity to go parabolic in the next 12-24 months
  • s
    The USA is the fifth leading exporter of uranium china demand will only grow as they build nuclear power plants faster then all the rest the world to phase out their coal power plants. Their working on the latest technology with nuclear we're build windmills to freeze up and throw in a landfill.
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    Read today that JB to sign EO to review supply chains of critical minerals. Hope they include Uranium.
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    Huge gains Im out -

    The uranium drops are much faster and unexpected than the climbs.
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    I'm super happy that I have accumulated so much URG stock. However, I have two big rules, never get greedy and when your super happy sell. Should I sell or buy more?

    The CURRENT bear facts are easy: (MICRO) Uranium prices are not going up. US nuclear companies no longer seek long term contracts. Instead, nuclear companies get refined materials from foreign companies. This has resulted is the destruction of the US nuclear fuel industry. (MACRO) The DOW has gone up from 19.5K (March) to almost 31.5K (Feb) in 11 months. Not only is this silly, it has happened during the covid. When the market corrects, nearly everything goes down with it.

    The CURRENT bull facts are also easy: Lots of money moving back into uranium. High probability of US government saving the US nuclear industry. Cameco and others are constraining supply. More nuclear reactors into market. The push for going green required nuclear. Space exploration/colonization requires nuclear.
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the uranium sector, I plan to be here for the long term 3-5 years. I understand the fundamentals and I'm extremely bullish. What stocks do you recommend I investigate? Top pics out of the more known ones would be much appreciated
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    Secretary John Kerry Shifts Position on Nuclear Power to Face the Challenge of Climate Change
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    I’ve been holding 12k shares for eons. Avg cost $.73. The seeds are sprouting at long last! Looking to get to $5 or more.
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    This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Bill Gates gave nuclear power a big endorsement. He has invested billions in next generation nuclear power plants. 2021 will be the turn around year for uranium, particularly for the rare domestic US producers like URG.
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    In case anyone hasn't noticed...
    DNN trading at $1.24 after-hours, compared to URG @ $1.17!
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    Haven't been so far ahead on this since that turkey Jeb convinced me to buy it just before Fukushima!

    It's a good day after a LONG wait.
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    URG is a screaming buy now at $0.92, We will see $5 per share this year. Take a look at the megaphone formation in the daily chart. It has corrected and ready to move up.
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    Not sure how to feel about this - the extra cash is good, ensures URG has more years of runway waiting for a uranium turnaround. Also, gives more time for the slow moving government support that must come.

    However, I really hate getting diluted.

    What if there is some big international players coming into US uranium knowing that a uranium squeeze is coming. US nuclear power companies have exchanged long term contracts with cheap russian/kazak uranium. What stops international players from accumulating lots of shares in US mining companies and than stop selling cheap uranium to the US nuclear company? Easy money