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United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS)

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217.50+2.72 (+1.27%)
At close: 4:03PM EDT

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After hours: 5:35PM EDT

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    Analysts are just paid propagandists shills. If you think there is no agenda I have factual news for you. There is an agenda and to always follow the money. The more you always drive the herd either up or down the more your boss stands to make.....The first step in investing is realize the game is rigged and then learn how to exploit the weaknesses for gain.
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    UPS is up this morning because four days ago we had the spike from the earnings. Shorts had to cover the squeeze by the third day. Basically it shook out a lot of the downward pressure from shorts leading to the rally on the fourth day. Put this arrow in your quiver of investing tools.
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    Charlie gonna Charlie
    Big Brown delivering Big Green today 💲
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    They had some interesting insights about UPS on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Watch for possible breakout above 218.75, no resistance in area just above.
    Type: Continuation breakout from single resistance.
    Target: 233.5
  • D
    OK- now that most of the analyst target changes are in it might be a good time to review. A selected cabal of these professionals can't excise the negativity from their minds. As we know, Morgan Stanley's excuse for a transportation/logistics analyst still lists us at a sell with a $120 handle. Next up the ladder is Berenberg at $150. Robert Baird is $178, JP Morgan is $181 and BMO is $195. The $200+ group starts with Bernstein and Citigroup at $200. Next is Barclay's at $205 followed by Wells and Oppenheimer at $210. Raymond James likes us at $223 and Key Banc at $225. UBS projects $244, Loop Capital at $250, Deutsche $260 and topped by Credit Suisse at $261.

    Considering the quality and reputation of the significant and well regarded firms placing continually growing expectations on UPS thru their detailed analysis, who would be willing to follow the lead of Morgan Stanley? He's been showing nothing but disdain for the operating initiatives, methods for growing margins and his lack of respect for the management team well preceded the Carol Tome's move to CEO. One would think if he was concerned about the pension situation, the announcement of Tuesday should have brought him some level comfort. If he's concerned about Amazon becoming the all encompassing behemoth, that of course remains his right. I just wonder if he ever imagined us being on the doorstep of $200 as he still targets $120? But then what do we know? We're only retail investors, UPS employees and UPS retirees.
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    Charlie gonna Charlie
    A small amount of green is better than no amount of green... ⬆️
  • z
    Sold at 214.54. Will buy back, stand by
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    Upgraded by Wolfe this morning. I'll take it, but can we all just agree that these analysts are a joke.
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    Been working at a UPS Midwest Hub for over a decade. We've never seen so much volume, its been nonstop Holiday Peak Season for over a year now. That being said, I believe we have peaked as far as this stock goes and future volume levels. It has already begun to taper off nationwide, and I see that trend continuing as people come back to reality when they no longer receive free handouts of printed money from heaven.

    Also, I think UPS has been utterly pathetic when it comes to reinvesting in the company's future. Our hub has been overdue for a new building for 20 years, package cars are getting old and falling apart, and there is absolutely no advertising while I see an Amazon commercial on TV every few minutes, their logo is everywhere, while they're building a new mega-warehouse just down the road. As Bezos and Co. goes trucking along expanding the business model at lightning speed, it leaves me scratching my head just what UPS plan is going forward.

    We just reported record-breaking earnings, but if anyone was paying attention it shouldn't have been a surprise. I'm worried Tome would rather like a new mansion in the Hamptons and to pay off her cronies with that new pile of cash instead of securing UPS' future. She doesn't deserve the credit she gets, either. A drunken chimpanzee could've ran this company into record profits in the Covid-19 era. Home Depot didn't start doing great until she left that company, and she brought all her Marxist "wokeness" with her to UPS. All I'm saying is if you're one of those cis-gen white males and you aspire to become a UPS driver making $100k/yr with great benefits, you're going to need a whole lot of luck my friend.

    I sure hope this company doesn't tank for the sake of my pension, but I really don't see the stock holding this price throughout the year. I'm predicting it will be lower by the Summer, thus I have bought several puts which expire in July and August 2021. Good Luck Everyone.
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    I've read some say on this board that the dividend may be reduced? I see no evidence of this, has this ever been said?

    Traditionally is the May shareholder meeting when div amount and ex div date set?
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    Overbought, RSI at 85, no brainer down $10 to fill first gap.
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    Wow! Thank you Carol Tome'! 11 months ago I wrote about welcoming Carol with open arms to lead this company. I knew she would be brilliant given her past performance as CFO at Home Depo. Our company was so ready for a fresh look and direction. What a job! Thank you Carol and team. I can not wait for June 9th investor conference!
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    Too far Too fast. I will be looking for a pullback soon. The markets look skittish! People ordering online are jonesing just to get out and go to the store. Stim checks spent. I believe in the UPS story but rose too fast.
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    unreal ... earnings estimates for 2022 are over $11 and change. Will be interesting to see how they are adjusted after mgmt discusses their plans with analysts in June. The only weird thing about this stupendous price rise is that the higher the share price goes, the lower the dividend yield %.
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    What is with the filthy package cars? We have an image to uphold and washing them at least once a week would keep the image intact. The cars are a rolling billboard. Is nothing relevant anymore?
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    Now we need to hold that gain today, I hate when a stock goes up 10% one day and then gives back a quarter to half back the next...
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    Charlie gonna Charlie
    With the 1st selection in the 2021 NFL draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars select UPS, Courier, Atlanta... 🏈
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    UPS is about 1% cheaper than USPS for me, but main reason to use UPS is they are scanning in 100% when dropped off. USPS is only scanning about 90%. Big question on investing in UPS is the timing of automated trucking and delivery , and when that starts making an impact. Who is going to be the automated truck leader on package delivery?
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    $CLF conversation
    This and $UPS are as solid as you can be under these market conditions. The sellers had their way with CLF leading up to today, sorry....