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  • M
    What happened to this company? no trading for several days.
  • A
    Read the press release. Old shares to be exchanged for warrants which may have value if common stock held by current bondholders reaches full value plus accrued interest. All bonds exchanged for stock. There will still be debt from LOC and DIP financing so resulting entity is not debt free.
  • K
    King of
    i guess they will issue 1.8M new shares towards 55M old share. So that, 33.5 old shares for 1 New share.
    Now they still have to evaluate the base price of new share. Hope so, new share will have good price, because company is now, have no debts to be paid sooner....
  • a
    About 7 months ago, Unit Corp. had an equity of 853 Mil $ and about 20 months ago, the equity
    was twice as high. That`s a huge equity. The old shareholders should be getting some new shares
    ( not just warrants ). Things are improving. Unit Corp. should stay longer in bankruptcy.
    Unit Corp. could sell some non-core assets and repurchase bonds at a discount.
    Unit is a good company. It`s getting better now ( vaccine against Corona Virus ).
  • j
    Financial restructuring is complete. Could someone decifer.
  • B
    Does anyone have a rough idea when the BK is expected to be finalized and the bondholder's interest will be converted to equity? Also, any idea on formula to be used for conversion?
  • P
    Unit Corporation is a very good company with a low debt. Things are improving.
    They are testing vaccines against the Corona Virus. Unit Corp. should stay in
    Bankruptcy for a while and repurchase some bonds ( notes ) on the open
    market. The price of oil is going up. Please, call Unit Corp or 877-720-6581.
  • j
    Anyone knows what tender shares means? I was offered to tender my shares or keep them.
  • G
    In response to Mathias under the Girish chain from last month: yes that’s my understanding but it’s my first ride through BK as a bond holder. To Girish: I’m riding it out. Of promise is the notes are valued at almost double from the very lows of 6 cents on the dollar from just before BK. Unfortunately, I’m still deeply under water on this position. Let’s call it “ deep water horizon”.
  • S
    so is bankruptcy completed now?
  • W
    Shareholder equity = $1'188 million
    Market cap = $20 million or 0.016% of shareholder equity. That's insane!
    Just imagine: Sell $1.6b of the assets with a 50% discount. It would clear all debts of $800m. Then it would be a debt-free company with $900m in assets, $300m in liabilities and $600m shareholder equity or $10.90 per share.
  • G
    It looks like I received interest on my Unit bond today. Anyone else see their payment.
  • W
    A company with more than $1billion in shareholder equity has a market cap of $23million - truly amazing.
  • O
    New CEO was announced today. He was pretty bullish in his statement!

    "As we move forward, we will focus on overcoming the challenges that our company and industry face. We will use our strengths and strategic acumen, teamwork, and focus to improve on our performance, and I look forward to many future successes."
  • O
    Atleast 6 big banks have filed that they have increased their position in Unit Corp today. Something is cooking :)
  • K
    King of
    Question about (UNTCQ) serious answer friends,
    Any openion about UNIT Corporation.
    Its in BC.
    I have 220000. Shares
    Avg is 10. cents
    Can i keep to make avg or get rid and make a loss
    Serious Ans Pls.
  • d
    I think the main reason earnings have been so poorly is because we’ve had to write off all of our remaining older drilling rigs. $280 mil. There should be no more right offs.  by the numbers we should show positive cash flow next quarter. The natural gas processing and gathering segment is profitable //Break even. standing on its own. Unit started out as purely a profitableDrilling contractor. The new business model will get back to our roots. The new boss Rig series is in high demand 406 drilled over 1,000,000 feet in 12 months breaking all records in the DJ basin. Suitors are lining up for this new drilling rig platform. If the note exchange goes well and we show positive cash flow the next quarter I see a $10 price target. Those are solid facts. On the speculation side the Saudis want the price of oil higher mainly because of Saudis aramco IPO. The Permian the Bockin and the DJ basin are all coming in under projections for production which will drive prices higher. And a 50 year track record in Oklahoma which is one of the Mecca for oil companies always helps. We have some very good producing leases to drill for oil in Oklahoma and Texas that we can Chipaway at as soon as we write the ship. And we have some exciting new technologies for the boss Rig platform that should be coming this year. We will survive and we will be profitable once again. 
  • R
    Reuben Zimilover
    Other than the press releases regarding the (postponement) of the exchange, has the company issued any other releases as of late?
  • H
    If you are bond holder, what would you do? Sell it at half price? Or got 100% with slight higher 7% interests. Or get 735 on 10% and higher priority.
    Obverious I would choose exchange with new bond. When nat gas price high, this bond would be over 100%. Then I would sell.
  • R
    New Girl in town. Dimensional Fund Advisors announcer ownership of 7.8% of stock. More to come I think.