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Sprott Physical Uranium Trust Fund (U-UN.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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15.40+0.19 (+1.25%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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    Kazatomprom Announces Investment in Physical Uranium Fund

    This is big news!!

    If you want to front run this —> Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, Geiger Counter Ltd, URNM etf, HURA etf, ...

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    ....I guess that's the last we'll see of DB?
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    Odd action today. I expected this to gap up this morning as it was at a 2.57% discount. I cant imagine there are alot of sellers, with $65m available to put to work. Really odd, I think the price today is a gift
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    Fyi. After a slowdown from September 20 till October 1, where they only bought 900,000lb in 10 days time, it seems that SPUT is increasing their uranium purchase on the spotmarket again.

    They bought 400,000lb on October 4, 2021, 100,000lb on October 5, 2021, 100,000lb on October 6, 2021, 400,000lb on October 7, 2021 and 400,000lb on October 8, 2021.

    That’s 1,400,000lb in 5 days time. Compared with an estimated 2,000,000 lb monthly incoming uranium volume on average, 1,400,000 lb in 5 days time is huge!

    They still have ~790 million USD from their 1,300 million USD ATM to deploy to buy more uranium in the spotmarket.


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    DB has been pretty quiet….
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    Our friend DB, you good today ? Lol
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    If DBs price target is 3-6$ end of year; now's the time to add to the short DB
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    What are we thinking the price will go up to on this one? Bull and Bear
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    Frank Money Returns
    DB are you ok? Caught in a bear trap?

    Covering yet?
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    Fidelity still will not let me buy SRUUFF. ?????
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    Honestly DB get out now. You really are on the wrong side of this trade. I’m not being leery, honest advice
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    I tried to buy more at the dip, but etrade is no longer accepting orders. Seems like there is a concerted effort to limit the holdings
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    this thing is going to go nuclear
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    john quakes just tweeted SRUUF is available for trading in us. i was able to buy on etrade, the floodgates are open again!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    U-UN.TO is up 28.10% to 16.00
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    As they say, the market takes from the impatient and gives to the patient.
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    Added more in this dip. Got to do my part. Believers have a responsibility.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    U-UN.TO reached an all time high at 16.00
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    ALF Tanner
    Regarding brokers restricting SRUUF trading. Justin Huhn mentioned the problem in a recent YouTube video.
    Let's go to the mailbag and see if there's a question here for us. Justin, why can't I buy SPUT on the OTC market?
    So, there's a new SEC rule that is requiring companies that are listed in the OTC gray or OTC pink sheets to update a certain paperwork in order to maintain their legitimacy in the eyes of the OTC markets now. The Sprott listing SRUUF on the OTC market is not actually a listing that they took out. It's simply a reflection that allows the OTC traders to purchase there and transfer into units of U.N., so it's not actually a legitimately listed stock. It's kind of a carryover from when UPC was listed there. With all of that said, they're going to get it in line and I expect that trading will resume. You still, I believe, can sell shares that you purchased previously through the OTC. Some brokerages are at this point still limiting the purchasing and I expect that that will be resolved shortly.
    Uranium Market Minute Episode 012: Uranium Seasonality – Almost There