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  • a
    Here’s the quote from a california democrat senator: “I want the labor market so tight, it won’t matter what your tattoos are. I want Employers lined up outside my office requesting access to the next bureau of prisons release bus.” We are ALMOST there. Joe has brought us to a world where you can walk down Main Street, and instead of being worried about 45 showing off he can shoot a citizen and not go to jail, you can find a Help Wanted sign in every window. Employment is literally - Everywhere. Higher wages, everywhere. Life is beautiful. And if you say “Donnie did that” then “Donnie did Afghanistan too”
  • Z
    Some school boards and hospitals received huge federal an state dollars to push this Rona scam.Its coming out folks all kinds of violations including Nuremberg violations . Its falling apart and the media is also complicit
  • P
    Socialism isn’t just a concept of taking. It’s reallocation. Y’all hate on Elon and Bezos and the waltons. They didn’t deserve their billions you say. And I would agree. Their most expensive managers who earn hundreds of millions also. But in my town, those people would pay reallocation dollars. It means that they would subsidize the costs of restaurants, who would turn their waste food over to the poor and homeless. They would finance hospitals, who care for the sick and needy who can’t afford it. The reality is, society benefits from non generational wealth, in generational land ownership, and pouring the excess of the economy back into those sectors which lag. This was common education in senior high schools and colleges up until the 60s.
  • B
    Isn’t this going the wrong way to get to $30? Still nobody knows whether 45 got two jabs of Moderna or Pfizer after his Regeneron? I had no idea that such a straightforward question would attract confusion, thumbs down and tiny, tear-streaked erasers.
  • E
    The defense against Dominion lawsuit is, "Nobody should take what we say seriously".
  • a
    Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) put them in the sell category of U.S. internet stocks. Twitter and Airbnb. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
  • B
    Twitter will pay $809.5 million to settle claims that it violated the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
  • J
    Source. American Journal of Therapeutics. Conclusions:

    Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.
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    Hugo Chavez's ghost has been subpoenaed to testify in Donnies fake voter fraud case.
  • D
    Sell Twatter and buy Hunter's "art"
    Then you'll own an appreciating asset!!
  • B
    Any day now the Durham Report is going to come out. 45 is hoping and praying that it comes out on the same day as the CyberTurtles Report but will not coincide with any releases from the Southern District. My QAnon newsletter states that when all of the berders are aligned that the biased Supreme Court will overturn the election and that 45 will be reinstated for life, joining the ranks of Putin, Xi and Kim. The corrupt media will then be reigned in and fenced up. If this scenario does not roll out flawlessly, it is the evil George Soros with his foreign satellites and space lasers affecting the Canadian voting machines. Bigly. Believe me.
  • J
    ABC world news mentioned the border for the second time - all year. Our media is corrupt to the bone and the most dangerous institution out country has ever faced.
  • g
    The surrender in chief has crushed the energy producers so now the US has become energy dependent. Natural gas just hit it highest price since 2008. Hopefully we'll see record cold and higher prices so the w-oke can maybe wake up. Add this to much higher inflation and higher taxes and life is going to change. if you're wok,e, forget about home ownership which will cost 30-35% higher within three years......
  • D
    Here's what we know so far.........
    Oswald acted alone.
    Jack Ruby acted alone.
    The Moon Landings were faked.
    Elvis is alive.
    Anna Nicole married for LOVE!
    AlGore invented the Internet
    AlGore invented "global warming"
    Algore actually won
    Helliry actually won
    OJ is STILL searching for the "real" killer
    Jeffery Epstein hung himself
    The guards fell asleep
    The cameras malfunctioned
    Jussie was mugged
    America will NEVER be Great Again!!
  • B
    Yup, that little pink eraser got rubbed raw last night. So far nobody has any idea whether 45 got himself two voluntary jabs of Pfizer or Moderna after his Regeneron regime. Odd that it isn't public knowledge and that the nary a one of the faithful can tell me which one it was but are able to erase the post posthaste. Bigly.
  • T
    809 million loss in lawsuit, SWEET!
  • K
    Daily tip for the trumpies: When 45 talks about "the media" what he means is "a free press". When he talks about a free press being the "enemy of the people", what he means is he wants a state propaganda network to take over.

    People who support this are willing slaves to state power. That's you.
  • a
    I think those predicting something somehow from the merryjokers audit, should tell us what it will be. Tell us what your telegrams are all about. What your black ops are predicting. Tell us how brian and gabby are part of the elaborate nationwide smokescreen. Tell us about the california thermostats and the packet caps. Cmon. Man.
  • A
    California's recall is a loss for the State. So many people wanted a recall however, they will have the same person who has not addressed homelessness in teh streets of many of their largest cities, ignored protecting the environment and failed to protect the citizens from the initial outbreaks of corona virus. On the environment, California uses the weak excuse of global warming to deflect the abuses of not applying state and federal funds to control debris that is fueling the large fires. The bottom line here is the citizens and Governor do NOT care about the environment. It is a talking point only because there isn't any data to support their claim they are applying all of the financial resources to prevention.
  • S
    Twitter the only social media sight in the world that won't let you be social.