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Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (TTWO)

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    Yesterday's report shows exactly how little investors understand the industry. Everyone is focused on new game releases, but 67% of ttwo's revenue came from game add ons and microtransactions. Ttwo has shown revenue stream growth despite no big name releases. This holds them over while they develop their next blockbuster.

    This stock might dip short term because of post Covid tech skepticism, but it deserves to skyrocket given the stellar financials. People are forgetting that summer is coming. This is the time when kids spend the most time on games. The CEO always is conservative in their predictions, but I believe growth will continue to beat expectations.
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    Great report. Strong earnings and revenue. Beat top and bottom estimates easily.
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    Top Bullish Charts | May 2021 💰💵📈
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    While reopening may sterilize the soil somewhat for TTWO to grow in I remain convinced the video gaming stocks will still go back to the highs and beyond. I am a patient man and people are going to continue playing video games en masse regardless of whether or not the economy is closed or open. TTWO makes among the most popular video games and I believe they will continue to thrive over time. I am firmly convinced by the end of the year the current prices will seem cheap.
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    Investor not liking the acquisition that TTWO made?
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    Omg this the only stock with that much spam why??? I mean I follow a lot
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    200 anyone? 200?
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    TTWO lowered full year revenue from 3.5 to 3.3 billion and lowered EPS from .88 cents to .80 cents. And their still up today!!! Kudos
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    TTWO has been becoming more and more like a social media platform! All players make friends through TTWO! All other social media platforms such as FB, SNAP, PINS, and TWTR are admiring how sticky players with TTWO! 🚀🚀🚀 play, social and spend! 🎁🎁🎁
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    Prosperous Bohunk
    WOO-HOO!! Congratulations longs!!
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    TTWO is printing money. 2k NFL is coming this year. not to mention this game called GTA6 with is coming .. yeah dont tell me is not announced .. GTAV was announced either .
    I dont understand why Roblox is $40B valuation and TTWO is sub $20B valuation ... should be the opposite TTWO is $40B stock ( see EA and ATVI an they have meh lineup )
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    you know GTA6 is coming right ? .... i can't imagine the sell numbers which that title will have on PS4, PS5 , XboxOne, XboxSeriesX and PC
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    I predict this quarter is the being of the rally back to 200...TTWO has been very unfairly punished since the last time they always seems to be the case that when the street isn't satisfied with one of TTWO's quarters they punish the stock as though the quarter was absolutely garbage. TTWO hasn't had a truly garbage quarter in a very long time. Reopening may be a temporary headwind for the videogaming industry but they told you during this quarter that the number of customers for their video games was set to continue to explode higher regardless of economic reopening. People may not have as much time to play video games as before but there is no doubt that in terms of total addressable market the video gaming companies still have yet to reach everyone.
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    Killer whale
    It will jump $100
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    Don't get confused. Last 2 days' rally had nothing to do with earnings reports. In fact outlook is sketch at best. It was Nasdaq fueled rally, look at the index chart. This is the stock that didn't budge during GME rampage.
    Short squeeze is done and we may even go below what it all started.
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    Ouch that hurt
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    new highs by July. Those earnings were insane, TTWO is on a roll. Wait til they share a photo of GTA6 soon, BOOM!!!!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Take-Two Interactive is up 4.92% to 175.94