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  • J
    The 2pm drop today will be brutal IMO. The fed is in a position they’ve never seen before. Tackling out of control inflation at the expense of tanking the market. They’re asking themselves do we save the economy for good looks or do we save hard working Americans 401ks, retirement plans, etc.? I am sure you can guess who will lose. This is what happens when you pass out tons of free money. When everyone has free money to spend, prices go up. Basic economics. In my opinion, let the markets/economics naturally correct and it will once the free money is all spent. That artificial stuff the Fed cooks up never works long term. I like TTDs potential but the stock price may be in for a treacherous year.
  • s
    Microsoft CEO said digital ad spend and cloud will still be seeing growth moving forward. Bottom was Monday. Buy buy buy!
  • C
    I started following the board and before posting noted I had to clear out all the personal animus here by muting the grumpy old grandpa and his doppelgänger. That led to discovering there are hardly any posts on this board of late.
    Anyways, I have made good money in the past on TTD during upswings in the last 21 months, and am holding a smaller position now that I wish I had unloaded earlier before the market tanked, but am trying to figure out how to play it now.
    My inclination is to hold, reason being that for a company with its growth prospects, TTD has fallen to a level where there is an acceptable level of remaining downside while I wait for a reversal.
    How do others feel? Please keep it civil. Don't bother, Grandpa, I already muted you.

  • s
    Somehow there are two thumbs down and a Sam comment on every post making fun of Sam. I’m sure it’s not Sam using two accounts. He wouldn’t do that. He has better things to do with his time.
  • K
    How will TTD (and "similars") ever ever make money and grow in an environment of normalized interest rates and a growing economy? We are doomed (tongue planted firmly in cheek). Soon the market will sober up.
  • W
    I'm surprised that someone with limitless resources living in paradise spends most of his
    waking hours on a TTD message board.
  • b
    Updating on my option trades. I had previously reported my buy of 15 Feb 25 calls at 80 for $4.37. Sunday night, in the red, of course, I put in a limit order for 12 more of the same at 1.10. I got them for 94 cents. So I’m holding 27 options at an average of 2.84.
  • s
    Is this down today?
  • K
    To All the recent sellers....Do you feel an insatiable need to get back in? That is called FOMO - Fear of missing out. This is why the majority sells at the bottom and buys at the top.
  • F
    First NameKenneth
    bought 1500 shares friday at 62.45, not sure if it' the bottom only time wil tell
  • C
    Despite the economic crisis, this is till a good time to invest in forex and bitcoin trading
  • m
    If you have come to this site for information, pro or con, on the Trade Desk, all you will find is a feud between the Hatfields & McCoys!
  • T
    Thunder Gnome
    SHOP, TTD, and PINS sharp reversals today. Was there some sort of positive digital ad spend news?
  • R
    This is all as about the Tech scare, great Companies @ great prices. Buying @ a discount, it's good adding to my positions!
  • A
    Sam is probably getting new accounts in perpetuity now. Until his library privileges are revoked. Sad but true.
  • A
    Bought several more shares of TTD today. Sam likely saying TTD is the reason it’s declining, when reality is if not for the general market news this stock would still be at the highs. He argues his fictitious word of mouth advertising business runs as efficiently and smoothly as digital advertising, the same way a horse and buggy gets you from Chicago to New York as fast as a jet.
  • L
    Today's weakness is a function of the disappointing Q4 report from streaming leader Netflix (NFLX), which missed global paid net add estimates and guided Q1 revenue below expectations. TTD's growth is reliant on strong digital ad spending from connected TV (CTV) partners, such as Disney's (DIS) Hulu. Therefore, the softening subscriber growth at NFLX is a red-flag for TTD, suggesting that its CTV partners may also be experiencing a slowdown, causing them to pull-back on digital advertising spending.

    Some recent insider selling is also adding some fuel to the fire for TTD. In an SEC filing from yesterday, it was disclosed that CFO Blake Grayson sold nearly $570K in common stock on January 18, 2022.
  • t
    I’m a long time TTD holder along with many other stocks. I like to come on here in hopes of broadening my knowledge of different companies with mature conversation. It’s such a shame what this site has become and what humanity is becoming. Much like the market in the last hour today, a downward spiral.
  • A
    Just remuted Sam, apparently he got a new account because everyone muted him. Somebody must be starved of attention from not only TTD users but mommy and daddy as well. Stay patient Sam and you'll get your formula. It's too bad they don't make pacifiers for fingers. Then his fingers will be silenced like his mouth. TTD up big today, Sam getting crushed, he doesn't care. Probably because he has no real money invested. At the bar he goes to he probably has no drinking buddies, more than likely had too many barroom brawls.
  • A
    Sam's forecast of what will happen in the market comes from his fortune cookies that he's likely spent all his winnings from this decline on...eating Chinese, getting drunk, and blowing through the rest of his money at the casinos. Once the market rallies along with TTD he'll have to go back on welfare. And apparently his understanding of limiting orders is on par with a vet's understanding of rocket science. I wouldn't volunteer to fly an airplane designed by Sam anymore than I would step into oncoming traffic.