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  • J
    If I were to be an optimist and assume that TSLA could produce four consecutive quarters as profitable as Q3 and Q4 of 2018, it would produce roughly an $800 million annual net profit. If a generous PE ratio of 25 were assigned to these earnings - this ratio is approximately 2.5x higher than that of the average automotive company - the resulting market capitalization would be $20 billion. However, TSLA's market cap is currently almost exactly 2x this generous value. Can any longs explain why TSLA deserves such a rich valuation?
  • w
    4 days ago, in premarket, I posted that we would see a time of swings, not only in the general market, but in TSLA specifically. That post has become one of the most "top reactions" ever recorded on this board, and is still present on the first page of "top reactions" despite being 4 days ago.
    So today in premarket, after trading as low as $510 yesterday afternoon in after hours in the U.S. , we see TSLA trading above $600 this morning in premarket $604 as of the time of starting this post, surprise, surprise, "amazingly" near the LDV or "maxpain" option expirations strike for TODAY"s march 13 option expiration. But I am not buying any big rallies in TSLA or the general market , "just yet" Next week, march 20, the LDV's for TSLA and the SP500 DIVERGE, this is important. The LDV's for next week
    s general market are for higher prices whereas for TSLA it is for lower prices, and for BOTH, it is a big quarterly expiration, a truly huge open interest dollar amount riding on the option expirations. So it is likely that we will continue to see large swings , it certainly is going to be interesting.
  • y
    Facebooks earnings is more than Tesla’s revenue or approximately the same, yet tsla is worth about the same as Facebook!

    FB earnings ~= TSLA revenue
  • R
    Yep, this is the problem!!! News... Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) reported record profits, which were, however, entirely due to sales of emissions credits and speculative gains on Bitcoin.
  • d
    It was a perfect storm of short squeeze, stock split, sp 500 index addition. Tesla simply isn’t worth all other car companies combined. Maybe someday, but not when it is only selling 750k cars this year. This was a tech bubble.
  • M
    Ahahaha Elon Musik did twitter for $GME

    TY Elon, will buy more $TSLA shares and calls from the gains ;D
  • S
    Samuel R
    From a form 8-k statement filed on 08/16/2019:

    "On August 16, 2019, certain subsidiaries of Tesla, Inc. (“Tesla”) that are respectively parties to (i) an Amended and Restated Loan and Security Agreement, executed on August 17, 2017 (the “A&R 2016 Warehouse Agreement”), and (ii) a Loan and Security Agreement, executed on December 28, 2018 (the “2018 Warehouse Agreement,” and together with the A&R 2016 Warehouse Agreement, the “Warehouse Agreements”) with Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch as administrative agent and the other parties therein, entered into an amendment to each of the Warehouse Agreements (together, the “Amendments”).

    Among other changes, the Amendments extended the borrowing availability date under the Warehouse Agreements from August 16, 2019 to August 14, 2020 and extended the maturity date of the Warehouse Agreements from September 2020 to September 2021. The aggregate lender commitment, which is shared between the Warehouse Agreements, remains unchanged at $1.1 billion."

    Short sellers counting upon Tesla running short of working capital should take heed. Tesla has pushed back by a year repayment of any amounts borrowed against automotive leases and may borrow additional amounts up to a total of $1.1 billion for another year.

    Tesla has gained a little financial breathing room. It is what Lord Elon does best.
  • s
    convertible due 1st march 2019...920mm = doesn´t Tesla has to pay 100 % in cash if stock is under conversion price ? I guess that the investors in the cv already shorted when the stock hits 375 or bought puts or made covered writing....How can Tesla say they pay 50 % in stock and 50 % cash ? looks like 920 mio in cash. Other opinions please
  • J
    As soon as Tesla reports deliveries for 2020 and it's over 500,000 the stock will soar.
  • R
    If you own a Tesla that's in a crash and it is insured by Tesla insurance (which doesn't exist) and they send it to a Tesla repair shop (which also doesn't exist) and all this happens in a forest, does it make a sound?
  • F
    "More States Hitting Electric Vehicle Owners With High Fees, a Consumer Reports Analysis Shows"
    Is this included in the "After Savings" calculations?
  • I
    I Love USA
    My advice to younger traders. Please never ever short Tesla stock.
  • B
    CEO from $TSLA new vendor $OZSC, "Right now companies like Tesla, etc. order components from a ton of companies, many from China. Ozop Systems will be one stop shopping for them and more importantly, they can say they bought USA"
  • s
    According to the updated Tesla info, if you reserve today you can get any of the three current versions available delivered to you within 9 months.
    Over the last 3 months it went from a wait of 18months to 12 months, and now to 9 months.
    Why do I have a feeling they don’t have 450k reservations left?
  • J
    Recently, Goldman Sachs upgraded $TSLA to a buy, and gave a new price target of $780 based on improved long term sales outlook. The only thing I disagree with is the price target. I feel $890 by EOY is more accurate.
  • H
    As a person newly into stock trading I purchased 24 shares and so far am up nearly $4,000 with Tesla... I like the company but I don't know if I'm strong enough to weather a big storm if the price dumps... this is a majority of my savings tied up into this... Advice on what I should do with this stock please?
  • N
    Is a Tesla efficient?
    From what I can gather from a good search, Tesla cars average between 2.5 and 4 miles per KWh, per Tesla owners. Tesla rates its S & X at average 3.33 miles per KWh, and the Model 3 at 3.8 miles per KWh.
    GM rates their Bolt at 4 miles per KWh. GM Bolt owners report averages of 4-5.2 miles per KWh. The EPA rated the Bolt at 4.8 miles per KWh based on extensive road testing in California with AC on.

    The e-Golf reportedly averages around 5.5 miles per KWh, helped by its automatic switch to "coasting mode" whenever conditions allow.
  • D
    Was Goldman right on the money? '“We have also updated our model to reflect the company’s price changes throughout the lineup and the likely negative impact to margins,” Osborne said in a note to clients Friday. He has an underperform rating on the stock and cut his price target to $180 from $200, implying around 34 percent downside risk from the current share price.'
    Looks like $180 it is after all.
  • K
    May 27, 2020 - Tesla cuts prices on ALL Models
    July 2, 2020 - Tesla worldwide sales fell YOY - despite the new factory in China
    July 13 2020 - Tesla cut the US price of the Model Y by $3,000

    Oct 12, 2020 - Tesla cuts the price of the Model S
    Oct 13,2020 (2 days later) - Tesla cut the price of the Model S again

    December 2020 - VW ID.3 outsold Tesla Model 3 in Europe
    December 2020 - GM mIni EV outsells Tesla Model 3 in China
    December 2020 - Tesla still dominates the US EV segment but annul US sales of the Model 3 declined by 32%

    February 2021 - Tesla cut the Japanese price of the Model 3 by 16%
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S. price of the Model 3 again
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S> price of the Model Y again

    February 2021 - Tesla shutdowns Fremont assembly plant
  • D
    Dr. G
    Tesla's market cap is now higher than Berkshire Hathaway.

    Sales (TTM)...
    Tesla: $28 billion

    Berkshire: $279 billion

    Net Income (TTM)... Tesla: $556 million Berkshire: $36 billion

    Free Cash Flow (TTM)...
    Tesla: $1.8 billion

    Berkshire: $27 billion $TSLA $BRKB