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    Did you know that Tesla reportedly began deliveries of its new Model S Plaid, an exciting version of its flagship electric sedan? Like Tesla, this could be your chance for a potentially lucrative update: For now, these other groups believed that the global market for lithium-ion batteries could possibly turn into a billion-dollar industry! Check the disclaimer on the landing page.
    There Is An Increasing Demand For Lithium Carbonate In Preparation For Cheaper, Efficient, Electric Vehicles. Find Some Current Innovations Of The EV Industry Here
    There Is An Increasing Demand For Lithium Carbonate In Preparation For Cheaper, Efficient, Electric Vehicles. Find Some Current Innovations Of The EV Industry Here
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    Elijah cook
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    --- Mazda' new platform will underpin five hybrids, five plug-in hybrids, and three EVs. ----


    Ultimately this is the only way to make EVs profitably. You have to build several models on a common platform and then hope the market likes what you are offering.
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    Congrats longs. Great sign seeing Tesla is up while market is down (In Red).
    Keep thinking long, stay calm and enjoy the ride up. Cheers.
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    Jan 2017
    ((( Tesla to transition from ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ to ‘Fully Self-Driving’ as soon as ‘3 to 6 months’, says Elon )))
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    ( is a must for any trader. Their watchlist which covers pre-market movers is one of the best researched in the industry. I don’t start trading without reading their daily email each morning!
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    Happy Friday longs. Tesla =Green. Market = Red.......Good sign for Tesla moving forward.
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    Buy Tesla shares as soon as you get the opportunity! Going to become one of the worlds biggest company with market cap! Muti trillion dollar company!
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    It looks like the Q2 results will end the sideway move of the stock price.
    There is a good chance we'll see $700 price soon after Q2 earning announcement.
    Remember. get in, think long, ignore short term noises, stay calm and enjoy the ride up. Cheers.
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    BeerCan Superman
    What I don't understand is why these shorts here don't go short lordstown. If you want a short to make money that's the one. Meanwhile Tesla trades sideways and the shorts celebrate when it hits $600 again and again. What happens when it doesn't hit $600? what happens when tesla hits $650 instead?
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    Savvy Dog
    I was walking my dog the other day and I noticed car after car was a Tesla -- more than I've seen in the past.

    It seems to be the most popular brand in my neighborhood, beating out Mercedes, BMW and Audi. If you're wondering, I live in Southern California, aka the birthplace of all auto trends.
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    I think EV technology is a fad. There's other more convenient technologies being explored. Storable fuel is the way to go. Nobody wants to charge a car during the middle of a trip. Plus the environmental impact of building EV batteries is very high. Lots of hype but that's about it.
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    Long time share holder & Teslanaire here. You gotta love all the maroon Tesla naysayers who continually beech & whine about the company.

    Back in 2013 when I bought my first batch of Tesla stock, these naysayers were saying that Tesla will be out of business in 3 years and that the Tesla Model S "doesn't have enough range".

    In the mid 2010s, all the naysayers were beeching about how Tesla isn't making a profit.

    Now that Tesla is making a profit, these naysayers are whining about how Tesla is making money only from regulatory credit. Who give a flying flip about how Tesla makes money, it's STILL MONEY. I wonder if these Tesla naysayers whine about how Coke makes a big portion of their profit from product merchandising instead of making actual softdrink?

    Now that the range of the Model S is 400+ miles and will approach 500 soon, the naysayers are whining about the shape of the new Model S and X airplane style yoke steering wheel. Next thing you know they'll be complaining about how the tires of Tesla vehicles are "Too Round"...
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    $DPLS conversation
    Fiber Optic cables that can sense:
    - temperature
    - air pressure
    -Pipe wall density
    -structural integrity (dams, roads, bridges, buildings, mines, air crafts )
    DarkPulse high resolution BOTDA sensors detect internal anomalies before catastrophic failure!
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    Wow Tesla shining through this market weakness 🤩 Nividia and Tesla only game in town
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    P/E is irrelevant because Tesla is a growth company.
    The # of vehicle assembly plants doubles this year, China expanded, and capacity >triples
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    TSLA is on up swing. I am issuing strong buy call with 750 target
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    I’ve placed TSLA model 3 performance, blue, waiting time 9 weeks may be earlier. My garage has now only TSLA vehicles, TSLA is the way to go!
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    Crash Alarm
    We are approaching the end of the quarter...what a surprise that Enron Musk tweeted about Bitcoin.. just weeks of earnings reports. Bitcoin holdings would have shown a massive loss as it was trading below the average price estimated (34.7k). A sign that the core of the business is not doing well, otherwise you wouldn't depend on the price of bitcoin to cover the profit gap. Most manipulated stock ever in history. This will not end up well.
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    S3XY shorts are back in stock in the Tesla store. We know how that ends......