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    Tesla’s competition is still missing important points. Supercharger stations are popping up all over. Faster than the early gas stations. Any other brand BEV will offer less charging options. They are still not advancing autonomy fast enough. Tesla is still on target for 50% production and sales growth each year. Gigafactorie’s Shanghai ramp up, Austin and Berlin starting and Fremont lowering cost and increasing manufacturing efficiency. All lead to meeting those growth expectations. Demand (large back orders on Model Y) continuing unabated. The new flagship cybertruck first production this year. TSLA is still on track, strong and a long term winner.
  • L
    Very Funny comparisons to TESLA. Every day we hear of the next Tesla killer, but do not even begin to understand Who and A
    What Tesla actually IS. All the others a simply car assembly companies making their cars the same way as there others which was invented decades ago. Tesla makes Giga factories that are built to make EV's faster , better and cheeper than all the rest. They are the ONLY company that has proven their ability to maker their cars at a profit while also pushing the envalope how to do it out into the future. NO ONE ELSE IS IN THIS TYPE OF GAME
    anyplace on the Planet. The ONLY way others can compete is to do things BETTER and their is little chance
    of that happening. When the CEO ofGM or Toyota can launch reusable rockets , in their spare time and many other world changing tech, only then would they have a chance to gain ground on TESLA.
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    J M
    Tesla Model 3 regains safety endorsements from Consumer Reports, IIHS

    Lora Kolodny
    Consumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) restored top safety endorsements for the Tesla Model 3.
    In May, Tesla announced it would no longer include radar sensors in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles made for customers in North America on or after April 27.
    IIHS plans to complete testing for the 2021 Tesla Model Y this summer, a spokesperson told CNBC.
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    Company going to report tomorrow, so far it’s above 208,000 cars 114,000 model 3 78,000 model Y and rest split between luxury models
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    $RIDE conversation
    Can't keep this down. $2 billion market cap. That's like buying $TSLA and $NIO in the single digits. Hub motor with extremely low maintenance is going to win in the long run.
  • g
    I don’t care what people think Tesla still the best car in the world in two months Tesla will be at least double the price plus every time they talk about Tesla Tesla goes up In my city I used to see Tesla car every month driving by now every day I see hundreds of cars of Tesla and it’s small city God willing Tesla will stay for a long time number one right on the top
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    The recall includes 35,665 imported Model 3 vehicles and 249,855 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles made in Tesla's factory in Shanghai. Customers will not be required to return the vehicles. Instead, they will receive a free software update either remotely or in-person to resolve the issue.
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    Well today marks the last day of Q2 deliveries we shall know the numbers very soon
  • D
    Too many short term thinkers here. This is investing, not gambling. GO LONG
  • X
    Anyone notice the put options are more expensive today, while the stock price is higher than yesterday?
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    I wish we could sit all the bashers down in a big movie theater and watch Sandy Monroe disect the new electric Ford. When Sandy worked for Ford back in 82 he was trying to get them off of a leaky style hose connection that the new mustang uses THIRTY SIX of. Not to mention all the other points he tries to suppress his emotions over.
  • L
    All TSLA nay sayer, I sold my 5 Series BMW yesterday to make room in my garage another TSLA Model 3, July 12 delivery date! You nay sayers go other Box car manufacturers; TSLA will be few Trillions $ market value ....
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    Mr. Mango To You
    It is time to GET EXCITED about Tesla's Q2!!!!! I predict they will exceed 200K vehicles!!!! (Which is about 7% of what VW or Ford or GM or Toyota produced in Q2 - ha ha ha!)
  • j
    Other companies talk about EVs

    Tesla actually builds and sells them.

    Anyone being honest can see this
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    About the recall - The fix shows Tesla’s high tech application.
    “Though it's considered a recall, drivers won't need to take their cars to a service station. The fix has been deployed as a remote software update. It could be argued that the rapid fix via a software update puts the spotlight on the company's software prowess. This could impress not only investors, but also Chinese consumers.”
  • K
    ((( Elizabeth Holmes arrived at Johns Hopkins University in the spring of 2011. She brought with her a machine she said could test tiny samples of blood for dozens of conditions and thick binders of data to show its accuracy.
    A Hopkins scientist told her that his researchers needed to put the device in their Baltimore laboratory to verify the technology on Walgreens’ behalf, and Ms. Holmes agreed to provide one, say people familiar with the meeting.
    It never happened. )))

    ((( CEO Elon Musk explained how the team is set to follow a three-step process to get its vehicles offering rides to people.
    The company plans to enable every Tesla vehicle built since October 2016, all of which have been fitted with a suite of cameras and sensors, to upgrade its software and computer to support point-to-point autonomous driving with no human taking over. This, in turn, will enable the car to offer rides to members of the public autonomously – all without requiring a human driver. )))

    It never happened.
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    The full-size luxury sedan is the first of Mercedes’ new dedicated electric-vehicle architecture and has a range of up to 770 km (478 miles). Compare with Tesla S long range plus - max range 402 miles.

    Tesla’s market share in the 18 key European markets more than halved from 31% in 2019 to 13.2% in 2020. In 2021 Tesla controls 11.5% of the European market to Daimler’s 7.3% so far.
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    The funniest comment I have read in sometime. Form the UBS article.

    "Meanwhile, Tesla's "soft recall" of 285,000 cars in China this week due to cruise control safety concerns hasn't been well received by market goers."

    UBS refers to Tesla's FSD as "cruise control". Obviously legal is telling UBS not to use language that would endorse it as anything else than what it is.

    Very subtle way of UBS giving Elon 50 spankings today.
  • J
    Musk is now pumping Starlink, he knows Tesla is finished. Musk gets billions out of marketing, it's never about actual revenue. I bet he leaves Tesla same as Paypal.
  • T
    Right now, there is one runner in that tech race and it's Tesla. That's why Tesla commands that market cap. That's why it's in that preeminent position.”