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Transat A.T. Inc. (TRZ.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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2.7550-0.0550 (-1.96%)
At close: 03:54PM EDT

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    $$MAD MONEY$$
    Revenue reached $508 million in the third quarter, up 3,951 per cent compared to $13 million in the year-ago quarter
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    $$MAD MONEY$$
    We will keep buying till it drop to $1.
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    The other Justin
    I thought Trz and air Canada were great stocks to jump in because of the pandemic. Ok we are at 10 years low. I was very low close to selling to make a couple percent profit but I slept in.
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    About time they start realizing the potential here
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    Is TRZ going bankrupt?
  • m
    Look up the analyst consensus! All came to the same conclusion: Strong Sell 🤣 look it up, no joke
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    Transat has proven it's stock rising speed in previous years. Don't worry whatever price you paid for stock, you will see a big jump in future.
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    The float is so low, any good news could spike the price and create a gap. This one ain't going under 3$
  • ♏︎
    10 year low. Wonder if it could go lower
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    The other Justin
    This is a high risk and possibly high reward stock. I will say this though obviously the stock price is much lower than previous years for a longtime. I do not even think the stock price was this low in march of 2020. This stock market is crazy as there are stocks below the price they had in march of 2020.
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    Out of nowhere
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    Transat obtient un financement additionnel de 100 millions de dollars
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    shareholders wishing to receive the share consideration (i.e. 0.2862 shares of Air Canada ), must return the Letter of Transmittal and Election Form, attached to the Circular, to AST Trust Company (Canada), acting as the depositary, by 5:00 p.m. (Montréal time) on or before the date that is two business days prior to the date of completion of the Transaction (the "Election Deadline").
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    On one side the government is preventing TRZ from making money with the travel restrictions while foreign carriers are flooding canadian airports and the government responded by buying part of AC as a loan... The otherside TRZ doesnt own any "Max" planes, has very preferencial european routes, has amazing hotel partnerships and proved just before the pandmeic that it was taking a share of the nationnal canadian market while opening destinations to more canadians. recent news of Jet blue coming into Canada demonstrates a gap, im sure someone like jet blue would love to open up destinations such as trz's.. i know some very happy and engaged employess at TRZ that love their employer and their employer values them. This is the kind of company that has overcome challenges like none other and makes me feel good to invest in and deserves to succeed. i hope things pick up for them soon, but if not TRz will be bought out presenting upside and opportunity to stakeholders
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    Should I set a "market sell" for first thing when the market opens?
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    I need advice please. I have 1524 shares in Air transat @ 15.54$ a share. Now new offer from Air Canada is 5.00$ a share.
    Should I take the loss or should I add more to bring down my average. but don't know how much to buy so I can make something.
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    Hey all, I'm very new to this and would appreciate if someone can explain the conversion ratio to me!
    I read from the article

    " Air Canada shares issuable under the share payment election will be issued on the basis of a price of $17.47 per Air Canada share, translating into an exchange ratio of 0.2862 Air Canada shares per Transat share."

    Does this mean, if you chose to not convert, you will receive $5 in cash, but when you convert you will receive the current price of air canada share x 0.2862 or the price of 17.47?
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    The ONLY hope for Air transat is a federal aid package for all airlines (very low interest rate loans backed by Federal government is most likely). Other than that I don’t see any thing else saving this sinking ship.
    And even if it gets other purchase offer it will take many months before it gets approved (See what happened with Air Canada, any other buyer has to go through the same process then Might be denied by European Commission). Until April 19, Federal government budget announcement i am not touching this stock.
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    Can someone clarify what 500 Transat shares will turn to if this goes through. I opted for air canada shares. Appreciate it. Thanks!!