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    The ONLY hope for Air transat is a federal aid package for all airlines (very low interest rate loans backed by Federal government is most likely). Other than that I don’t see any thing else saving this sinking ship.
    And even if it gets other purchase offer it will take many months before it gets approved (See what happened with Air Canada, any other buyer has to go through the same process then Might be denied by European Commission). Until April 19, Federal government budget announcement i am not touching this stock.
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    This is a macro post re the US economy. It is an interesting read for investors. Whether one agrees or not, matters little. It contains deeper kernels of truth. Even if Canada recovery looks shaky right now, it will follow soon enough, as we are very connected.

    The economy is on the cusp of a major boom and economists believe it could last.

    Expect Aeroplan2 Credit Card spend dollars to rise up to new records.. ahead of people flying.

    IMO, a lot of people will be on a binge to live life fully, more so than in the past. Say 35% of the population. Probably, the same percentage that used to be repeat travellers in the past, but not necessarily, all of the same people. Younger people from their late 20's to mid 50's will be accelerating their travel plans. Usually the ones with more disposable income than the rest. A tale of the Haves, not so much the Have Nots.

    The economy is on the cusp of a major boom and economists believe it could last

    The economy is just starting a boom period, where second-quarter growth could top 10%, and 2021 could be the strongest year since 1984.
    The second quarter is expected to be the strongest, but the boom is not expected to fizzle, and growth is projected to be stronger than during the pre-pandemic into 2022.
    A period of supercharged growth is just starting, and it is showing up in surging consumer spending and in an increasing shortage of skilled workers.
    With surging demand could come inflation, something the economy has avoided for more than two decades.

    THE ENTIRE ARTICLE IS MOST INTERESTING: paste the link below into browser:
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    Did any one of you hear AC news just released? what do you think about what will happen to us related to that?
  • k
    khristoffer bryan c
    the pick of covid it was still 8$ a share this will come back to 8 this stock is not for day traders
  • G
    This stock will double in the next 18 months amid a vanishing COVID restrictions. I believe that the company will operate at 100% capacity in the very first months of 2022. People that have been barred to travel will go in with a revenge.
    I'm accumulating on a weekly basis.
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    Shareholder of Air transat are almost begging other companies to save them, it hurts to see your hard earned money at very high risk. But remember this is business and no one will save this air line for free, they will squeeze every penny out of a falling company and this won’t do any good to share holders in the short and long term. Even if they find a hero to save them there will be huge share offering which will dilute the shares greatly. Or they may just file for bankruptcy then re-open again with new IPO. It happened with Air Canada in 2003.
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    This morning Transat told Travelweek that the Air Canada announcement is a step in the right direction for the industry amid the pandemic.

    “Yesterday’s announcement is a positive sign,” Transat spokesperson Debbie Cabana told Travelweek.

    Cabana added: “As we said previously, our discussions are very advanced, and we trust that the government will have a fair approach towards all industry players, so this makes us even more confident that we will also receive help in the coming weeks.”

    The Air Canada agreement includes access to loans worth up to $5.9 billion through the Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF) program, with loans paid back over 5 – 7 years.
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    Transat stock is up on air canada getting federal support and air canada is down. Gotta love the stock market
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    Should I set a "market sell" for first thing when the market opens?
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    Just bought few thousand shares at $4.52 hope I don’t regret it.
    I think will see some correction in the next couple of sessions, then will sell and try to re-enter at a lower price. Some guys might be right on this, I think Quebec won’t let it fall. Fingers crossed.
  • B
    Transat will not fail! Even if the Federal government doesn't act quickly I guarantee you the provincial government will. They will not let over 5,000 jobs disappear. This is the pride and joy of Quebec which was co-founded by premier Legault. For heavens sakes you people need to analyze the situation more deeply.
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    Now the deal is not going should I sell? My average $6.80. I own over 4000 shares. Disappointed. Should I sell or hold?.. I think will drop Monday for sure.
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    I have 2000 shares @$10 in TFSA, what should i do??
  • A
    This stock is gambling right now,
    Buy at your risk.
    If some one try to explain how it will go up or down he is lying ...
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    AT is in a special situation where management is seeking for a buyer. That should explain why they have not secured a deal with Federal government yet.
    There is possibilities that discussions are ongoing on a tri-parties basis with PK Péladeau, who showed a continuous interest to buy the ailing company.
    I believe the Quebecor owner will still offer 5$/shares along some help from the Federal government.
    We should see a conclusion in the very nest weeks IMHO
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    a company that's not profitable and is in debt... maybe if it goes lower I'll think about buying some🤷‍♂️
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    TWF inc
    I don't understand this because Transit already said that without the Air Canada deal they would likely be bankrupt so I don't understand the European Union's comments about competition would they rather they get bought out or went bankrupt I don't get it
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    So where is the $2.5 at opening predicted by so many?
  • L
    This will hurt bad for investors :/
  • R
    As I suspected the vultures are out in full force on this forum. If you are interested in TRZ, don't come here looking for advice. All you will get is noise. Do your own research. It's a gamble but one that may pay off or not. Remember politicians are out to save their own skin. Même si Legault est un fondateur il choisira de sauver sa peau avant...