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Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (TRUL.CN)

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  • P
    Puff Daddy
    Kim will be at the grand opening in Arizona tomorrow. First branded Trulieve store in Arizona, with more to rebrands to happen this year.
  • S
    millennials and gen have astounding something
  • b
    Just saw an article about rising thc percentages in vapes saying some have reached 99% and a need for caps. Flower should never be capped but I do see maybe why Republicans are pushing this issue
  • e
    Once dems get the climate deal passed they will have time to take care of weed. If they can find 10 republicans who will cross the line to move our country forward it will happen before November
  • I
    dear lord. thank you so much for the short sightedness of so many investors and enabling this company to remain as cheap as it is to secure long term generational wealth by allowing us savvy investors to co tinge to accumulate this gem at these wonderfully low prices. Amen.
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    Puff Daddy
    TRULIEVE Here We Grow Again… Dispensary #18 Opening Tomorrow In Phoenix Roosevelt Row, Arizona. Will Be Dispensary #174 Nationwide And Kissimmee South Florida Should Be Dispensary #175 Nationwide
  • J
    I own 2 cannabis positions - VRNOF and TCNNF. I've taken it up the you know what for 18 months straight. GTBIF reports great earnings, and goes down. This sector is so kicked around. I can't understand why MSOs don't spend more ad dollars speaking directly to the American voters and being more vocal and on the offense in the public - calling out prohibitionists by name. I can't understand why employees of these MSOs are not vocal as well.
  • M
    What are the chances of a merger/acquisition with Verano? Trulieve aught be doing something about NY.
  • D
    That end of day drop must be a desperate short seller. There’s no volume indicating it’s selling otherwise
  • T
    Insiders bought $750k+ in stock the past few mos. and its 4* analysts have targets from $50-$60. Hm, what to do with Congress on the cusp of SAFE+ and up-listing, continued legalization under local and national laws, institutions, consolidation, corporate investment, etc.
  • M
    It's entertaining to hear all the conspiracy theories on why the stock price is dropping. It's simply, lack of volume. You're not going to move the needle with 175K traded in a day. This is temporary. Fundamentals matter now and they haven't changed. Still consistent growth, still over 50% gross margins and still the largest cannabis company in the world by revenue. Be greedy when people are fearful and fearful when people are greedy.
  • J
    W/E relief 2 beautiful days common
    Enjoy everyone
  • B
    It's bizarre that we're still using a drug schedule system that was created by Richard Nixon to control the opposition to the Vietnam war.
  • W
    Schumer has been holding high-level bicameral and bipartisan talks with different offices about possibly introducing a package of incremental marijuana reforms, including the banking measure, that could reach the 60-vote threshold to pass in the Senate this year. So time is ticking, and they know it.
  • P
    Puff Daddy
    Florida cannabis corporation linked to potential development in Meriden - Trulieve Poised For Expansion In Connecticut. Getting Prepared For Recreational Cannabis Market.
  • v
    Check out sales 3 years ago and check out sales when they report this month. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • P
    Has anyone noticed that when mentioning/talking about the top tier-1's companies, tcnnf & gti are lumped together and curlf & vrnof is lumped together and last is crlbf & cchwf(probably the highest paid ceo's in this sector and largest "egos")??...any takers on my "observation"??
  • b
    Oh "bill" democrats compromise?

    "It would have to be a Safe Banking Plus bill," Booker told Cheddar News during a wide-ranging interview on Wednesday. "There's got to be things from opening up SBA loans to small businesses … expungement of records, which is really important, and other things that I think should not be that hard to get in some kind of compromise."
  • L
    Let's run it up today, LONGS!