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Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (TRUL.CN)

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    D Retailer
    If you think PE is cheap think about normalized PE (if Trulieve were not subject to rule 280e).
    For the first 9 months of 2022 Trulieve reported 0.73 USD EPS. Tax rate applied 24.27% on gross margin vs income before taxes. applying the same rate on income before taxes, payable taxes would be $47.283M v $105.254M effectively saving $57.970M USD or boosting EPS by 64.7%. First 9 months Trulieve would have earned $1.20 USD (1.50 CAD) EPS vs $0.73 USD EPS.
    Normalized PE is below 19.
    These stats are for a business growing at 79% topline and 33% bottomline.
  • R
    Where's the bottom boys and girls?! I never thought I'd see prices this low again. Not personally touching anymore until there is a 20 day moving average cross over and it holds as support. Until then, let them manipulate and shake the weak hands out. This is a long term winner all day long. I cannot believe the price drop. The long term cash flow, potential stock buybacks, and quite possibly dividend to me is un deniable. One guy's opinion, but weed is here to stay and American's love it!
  • J
    Every time I drive by the Trulieve store the parking lot is packed. So today I got up at 630AM to see if 35 or 30 cars were there maybe thinking they were always there..
    Thank god it was Empty…
    Went home had some breakfast and went back at 9”05…. Thank you mama. It was packed again
  • J
    I couldn't help myself. I bought a 100 at 22.65 yesterday. I think we're looking at a forward PE lower than the SandP forward PE. It certainly could go lower and I might buy again. Small bits at a time.
  • J
    I love how all the bashers come out of the woodwork when the price drops but scurry back into the shadows when it goes up.

    OTC manipulation based on low volume and inaction by the Senate is the ONLY REASONS this stock and Green Thumb stock drops.

    Both Companies fundementals and business is booming and sometimes they diverge from their respective stock price.

    But eventually Investors who are in it for the long term get rewarded as long as those Fundementals stay solid.

    When any Basher can give a concrete fact showing how either TCNNF or GTBIF has significantly reversed their upward business trends for multiple quarters in a row, then there may be reason to worry.

    Until then, hunker down, be patient, write your State Senators and Vote to get those who continue to Promise and do nothing out of office so it sends a clear message to others and those who follow, that WE THE PEOPLE own them, not the other way around.
  • M
    Fidelity account created and more shares accumulated. bummer running two brokerage accounts for one stock...owell. stay strong longs.
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    D Retailer
    What are interesting markets for cannabis?
    - Alcoholic beverages which is a $284B USD market
    - Pain medication $55B USD market
    - Anxiety and Depression medication $11B USD market

    The competitors are not other MSOs but, current leaders of these markets who do not want an alternative to their product to go widescale. Their options are acquisitions such as they have done with LPs (major fail) or block entry to market which has limited success.
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    D Retailer
    What does Trulieve need to do to reach $2B in revenues? With a run rate of $1.6B Trulieve needs to increase its sales by 25% by scaling its operations by 25%. This translates to opening/acquiring 40 stores and 875k sqft of cultivation. In FL they have a cultivation facility not online but, on standby to follow market demand of up to 1 million sqft. On an organic basis, Trulieve opens about 50 stores per year. All in all, not worried that they will reach analyst's forecasts.
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    D Retailer
    No major catalysts for Trulieve? Dead wrong.
    2022 catalysts to look out for:
    - Organic expansion
    - Acquisitions
    - Licenses to be won/bought to enter new states
    - Minor cannabinoids research (is this traditional pharma research that Trulieve is getting into?)
    - Premium products
    - Incremental $ margin QoQ (a diminishing rate of gross margin is not bad if incremental $ are increasing)
  • M
    Meanwhile - Cowen Financial has been accumulating shares. They now own more than 7 million shares - 5.43%.
  • D
    Cowen Financial owns 5.4% (7,046,363 shares) now. (SC 13G/A)
  • M
    Mike me
    Things for sure, this stock will be flat tomorrow and Sunday. We’ll see on Monday. Have a great weekend, football time!
  • G
    I’m on the verge of selling the farm and investing every penny into this.
  • M
    Clear manipulation, from brokers to Visa card holders all fighting to stop involvement in American cannabis. Still #$%$ Jp morgan stopped trades. Guess ill be opening a fidelity account today. The attacks will end but I was surprised they increased in severity.
  • j
    Short term pain
    Long term gain

    I’ll buy more if it drops more and hold.
    Glass half full here.
  • J
    At least the silver lining is the entire Sector is being sold, but TCNNF is still expanding and making money. Long Term eventually all this pain will pass and those who weathered the storm with quality Companies (different than stock) will be rewarded.
  • U
    Thumbs up if you bought more today 👍👍
  • -
    I like this stock and have a small position in it. I am wondering though what is stopping Amazon from selling onceit becomes fully legal? Next day delivery? Even if they don't sell direct they can sell through third party sellers. What effect if any will this have?