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Red Light Holland Corp. (TRUFF)

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    Big Smoke
    well... would ya look at that
  • K
    Bought more shares today because how could I not! Instead of putting a little money in a saving account, I buy these cheap shares. This is money I can make due without, so investing it where I see great potential will surely help me retire early. The dream is to retire and write novels, and RLH is going to make that dream come true!
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    The pick that was just sent out by is already up yuge! Check it out!
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    Do you invest in the stock market? If so you need to join for their daily emails with must-have watchlists. I don’t know what I would do without them!
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    I don't think that TRIP.CN has another 10% in gains in it. Looks pretty bad here. I actually found the other day and their stocks are way better...
  • i
    Which other company in this sector is looking good at this point in time?
  • S
    If you want to sell your share at .09 me and Big Smoke are taking them all❤️ Aslo : Cities including Ann Arbor, Michigan; Denver; Oakland, California; and Seattle, have passed measures that essentially decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms and sometimes other psychedelics derived from plants or fungi. The cities make no distinction between medical and recreational uses. If it continue like this, Red Light Holland with the BEST MARKETING can achieve some good stuffs. They don't have to grow in macro production that fast because it will end like Canopy.. Micro production with TOP G quality with the best benefits it's what people wants.. this day people will buy more for this rather than cheap fake stuff. I also believed an appartion on the podcast of Full Send Podcast with Todd, Mcgregor or/& Wiz Khalifa will be a solid marketing move + a collabs with Full Send or a merge with the one with Wiz Khalifa will definitly put Red Light in the map for all 18 and 35 years old on earth🙏 And how we achieve this, if we all unite and write on the Twitter of Todd on each post and each Instagram Red Light Holland post. There's not a lot of acitivity normalemy on their post so they will see us. It's an idea, you can disagree, if your down just do both things and don't forget to tag them.🙏❤️
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    Red Light Holland : Todd or/& Wiz Khalifa or/Conor McGregor should talk to Full Send Podcast to 1) simply go to the podcast with them 2) do a collabs with them... These guys are starting almost every new trends this time and have a lot of connections with pro-microdose people. Just a recommendation... We should start Hunting there IG, Twitter or Youtube page so we can get Todd there❤️
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    Big Smoke
    BREAKING NEWS: insider big smoke buys the dip
  • Y
    RVV and MMED getting crushed... Guess Todd and crew is doing something right!
  • J
    Anyone see Todd in behind Aaron Judge’s parents at the blue jays game tonight?
  • O
    The SP is just following the general market and actually holding up pretty well relative to peers. It took a week to double, it wont be hard the next time. Investors are just risk off now and fretting. Small / micro cap high risk growth sectors whether its tech, cannabis, sports betting, ARK, memes, NFTs, psychedelics or whatever are all getting beaten up in this bear market until inflation shows signs of dropping hard and fast, the war ends and/or unemployment peaks forcing the fed to reverse course. Just the macro issues driving performance now. Look at other so-called “leaders” in the sector like ATAI and Mind Med, they have faired WAY worse in this pull back. HAVN is probably dead now. And even more, doubts around psychedelic biotechs are lingering. The investors are starting to wake up to the complications and evasiveness around timelines. MAPS was estimating FDA approval for MDMA for early 2023. Now they are saying late 2024. Names like NUMI have built a strategy around this happening sooner. How long can they wait? Before 2023, MAPS had estimated 2020 for MDMA approval. They want to put pressure on the FDA but in the end, (psychedelics companies wont tell you this) the FDA and DEA could approve nothing. MDMA approval would be unprecedented. Its never ever happened. Approving a schedule 1 drug WITH supervised psychological therapy would be a first. Even with cannabis biotechs, they had specific cannaboids approved - not the entire Schedule 1 drug or the psychoactive essense of the entire drug. And never with the “only with supervised therapy” caveat. Both psychology and controlled substances are about as respected and loved by most nerdy medical groups as football fans, tattoos and fraternities. Dont buy the hype of nueroscience loving this. They dont want a revolution. Psychedelic companies are fighting for credibility but they are disruptors in the end. Its like Elon touting electric cars in 2005. Detroit hated his guts and tried to destroy him. I hope it all happens of course in the end but just look at the timelines closely of say Spravato by J&J. Ketamine isnt even a schedule 1 drug and when the Phase 3 trials were completed, it still took the FDA 2 years to approve it while the company sat on pins and needles wondering if it would even happen. If MDMA is now 2024, that means Compass’ COMP360 (which is really just generic psilocybin with a barbwire of patents around it) could be approved 2026 earliest as they need to do two Phase 3 trials (one after each other)..2028 minimum is actually much more realistic. How many states will have already copied Oregon’s psilocybin program by then? Generic psilocybin will likely be legal in Canada by then. Already stores are openly selling “magic mushrooms” in Vancouver and Toronto with zero consequence just as weed was sold before. Todd already said they will push MISTERCAP hard end of year before XMAS as they want holiday sales. WIZ almost has as many twitter followers as Drake. His moves into “shrooms” will make lots of noise. There will be a big splash. End of year will likely be a better macro climate for the stock market too. When all is said and done, the easiest way for RLH to raise boatloads of immediate money is via the warrants which expire in 2024. Remember: each warrant has clever acceleration clauses which kick in at specific price points which aren’t that far off from how the stock should be priced given their revenue, cash on hand, future prospects etc. The strike price of the warrants could bring in millions on the books with minimal effort while the rest of the sector has been scrambling for any raise. Take Optimi Health which is trading at 8X cash only because they dropped 1M to advertise and promote. Their GMP farm will likely be an expensive cash cow which will gather dust as they have minimal revenue. They dont even have a partnership with top mushroom producers in Canada. No farms projected to bring in 15M+ in short order. No truffles already being sold in Holland. No Mera. No Conor Mcgregor. No Wiz. No Bruce Linton. No likely Oregon strategy as they have Health Canada dealer licenses which would never allow authorize any company to break US federal law by selling psilocybin in Oregon. RLH has accomplished much more and is way better positioned. If we were similarly priced to Optimi Health just based on cash on hand, we’d be 50 cents ish. An earshot from 89 cents where the WT warrants can be accelarated. If Colorado legalizes psilocybin in November, look out. In the end, patience….were likely going to have to wait until end of the year before the next major leg up here. Expect big headlines before MISTERCAP launch and then, a push to get the SP higher in a more attractive macro climate late 2022 to 2023 and beyond. My $0.02. Hang in there.
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    Seeing the price drop on the entire market sinking is always a good thing for people who want to increase position sizes.

    There was no reason for this stock to move up in the short term. All this is is accumulation time for those who have cash to weather the storms of the recession talk.

    Holding 200k shares with a 0.16 average and I'm going to be able to churn shares hopefully in the 7-9 cent range to drag it down even more.

    The lower the better lol! Wasn't going to be selling any of the core position for any price this stock was going to be in the next year or two anyways.
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    Happy Wednesday Everyone!
    I’m not selling or leaving!
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    Happy Thursday Everyone!

    Naysayers here, even now with the global economy…they can keep up their mouth breathing, I for one won’t be selling!
  • J
    Wow, look at that volume, lol
  • c
    There is no near term event on the horizon that will push the SP back to highs while this macro churns about. It’s just not a big enough play to beat the markets right now. No fund is passing the cap around for investors to bet on a new field of medicine while their portfolios are down 30-40%.

    If you believe in the prospect, stop worrying about 10% pops and just load up for the next bull run?
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    Do whatever it takes to get Aaron Roger's on board.
  • C
    Huge buy orders today!
  • A
    Hello 52 week low