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  • R
    It's interesting that China is releasing more state reserves to supress the prices of copper.
    "RESERVES: China plans to release state reserves of nonferrous metals copper, aluminium and zinc in a programme set to last until the end of 2021, data provider Shanghai Metal Exchange Market and Chinese analysts said."
    Those reserves can only last so long and if world competition for copper is going as high as expected this wont supress the prices long term.
    Copper slipped on Monday, as fears that top consumer China would take action to curb any further rises in prices of industrial metals reinforced the notion of fundamentals overtaking prices.
    Copper slipped on Monday, as fears that top consumer China would take action to curb any further rises in prices of industrial metals reinforced the notion of fundamentals overtaking prices.
  • G
    What me, worry?
    The gov't and the Fed will make sure the epic rally continues uninterrupted for the foreseeable future.

    "You see the red line declining during the 2008 market meltdown?

    That was the result of a 5% debt deflation...triggered by the $30 trillion housing debt bubble bursting.

    That tiny blip of 5% debt deflation caused the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    It felt like the world was ending in 2008. But today, we’re in much bigger trouble…

    Thanks to more than ten years of the Federal Reserve’s near zero interest rate policy and quantitative easing (QE) after the 2008 crash…

    And another $2.3 trillion in Federal Reserve Coronavirus stimulus…

    Today we’re sitting on an exponentially larger debt bubble than ever before. Today’s global debt bubble is over $280 trillion, more than 9 TIMES LARGER than the housing bubble that caused so much carnage in 2008.

    Imagine what it would feel like for that red line in the chart above to drop 10% or 20%... instead of 5%?

    That’s what we’re facing today.

    Once stock prices start to wobble… as they undoubtedly will…

    Investors and corporations will go into panic mode… selling securities and getting rid of burdensome debt as best they can.

    This panic selling and massive debt deleveraging will trigger an epic financial meltdown far worse than 2008.

    Remember, a $30 trillion bubble bursting in 2008 felt like the end of the world.

    Just imagine what the unwinding of a $280 trillion dollar bubble will feel like?

    If you’re unprepared when this wave hits, you’ll likely regret it for the rest of your life. "
  • J
    @Gongor @Katerina @RedFox @Kevin (mrpancake) After the COVID warning and reduced production, the stock has been flat for a month (so has copper). Now that the election is over and presumably, negotiations have resumed, where do we go from here?
  • G
    GOM counterclaim will be heard, at best sometime in 2023, and decision rendered at the end of 2023 or later.
    In the mean time, I take GOM word that negotiations with Rio Tinto will take a long time and will be hard. From a business point of view, Rio Tinto will delay undercut until IA talk is put to bed, which imo, is at least 6 months to a year off. In the mean time, the main even of market meltdown is just a few months away. I bet that with 50% avg. stock decline, most of the institutions holding TRQ will dump it, dropping the price back to single digits. I might start looking at once it hits $5-7/share.
  • L
    I could be wrong and history doesn’t always repeat....... but this feels like the calm before the storm that followed 08 crash. Looking back at performance history of commodities post 08 there was a meteoric rise, then a retreat........only to lead to a new all time rally based in exact same government operation that is going on right now post pandemic. And that time of operation did not have the same emphasis on renewables or EVs as this one does. We are 15 months past crash.........24-36ish months after 08 is when commodities peaked. Please point out where I am wrong. Best of luck to the longs and thank you for any feedback!
  • J
    If you just take the amount of gold and copper in the ground multiplied by the current commodity prices... FMV is 10x the market capitalization. This doesn't include their main mine expected to finish 2022-2024. GOM won't do anything they'd lose in arbitration and lose international business and crush their economy. Cash is no problem RIO will inject if needed this is their prize mine. SHORTS WILL BE BURNED.
  • O
    Obviously Defective Sobriquet
    TRQ's very impressive revenue growth greatly exceeded the subsector average of 4.1%. Since the same
    quarter one year prior, revenues leaped by 303.0%. Growth in the company's revenue appears to have helped
    boost the earnings per share.

    Powered by its strong earnings growth of 293.33% and other important driving factors, this stock has surged
    by 117.35% over the past year, outperforming the rise in the S&P 500 Index during the same period.
  • O
    Obviously Defective Sobriquet
    Many mines are owned by multiple mining companies. They spread the risk and the rewards. Thinking that RIO will eat the 49% minority shareholders would fly in the face of how they have operated for over 100 years. I for one dont see that happening. I see RIO working with GoM and TRQ to bring OT to fruition and benefit for all involved.
  • M
    As we approach some sort of statement by a party to the OT investment agreement, you would perhaps do well to keep the following information in mind. ***
    It is as I said. The Mongolian government representatives are deploying a scorched earth strategy and associated nuclear tactics. It makes no difference which party leader is elected; the strategy remains the same and the nuclear tactics will be utilized to ensure that the Investment Agreement is deemed legally null and void. Not to worry though. A new deal will be struck with the various parties to the OTPLLC; obviously with positions changed and the Mongolian government having Turquoise Hill et al. over a barrel, so to speak.***
    Surely the additional financial strain placed on Turquoise Hill Resources, in an attempt to make things right with the Mongolian Government and the other stakeholders to the OTPLLC, certainly presents the very real possibility being that a CCAA process would result in unsecured share holders (i.e. common class TRQ shareholders who are not also secured 'stakeholders') ultimately being given (to utilize a non legal term) 'the shaft', oh! ***
    As suggested by way of my last recent reply, perhaps a good will gesture having to do with Entree Resources Ltd, ETG, would somehow suffice in merely setting the tone to future negotiations amongst Rio Tinto and the GOM, following the nullification of the existing Investment Agreement.
    *** An immediate 20% more ownership and the attached royalty stream, although not initially huge, is somehting that could be had relatively cheaply for Rio Tinto to provide to the Mongolian Government, by way of TRQ expensing such an acquisition. After all, it would help Rio Tinto attain an even greater 'creditor' centric control of TRQ'; this, so as to drive TRQ into CCAA proceedings. ***

    BTW, beware the 'suckers rally' upward in TRQ's share price; this before any pejorative news is released.

    Jack be nimble,
    Jack be quick
    Jack don't you be impaled by that burning candel stick!
  • O
    Obviously Defective Sobriquet
    Elections won. And Inflation printing. Time to sit back and watch the money print. GOLD will pay for operations costs. They just to keep GOM happy with enough carrots. If GOM wants to be an international player they will play nice. If they want to be beholden to china then that is their other option.
  • k
    keel n
    For new investors here, the price is pretty good for a starter position. Upside is that you are investing in the 2nd largest copper growth story out there at a 50% discount.

    Copper gold crashing or moving up give or take plus and minus accordingly.
  • V
    Variety the spice of life
    I bought in at about $15 and sold at $21. I couldnt handle all the drama with GOM, RT. I am optimistic about copper and gold prices but the volitility scared me.
  • G
    With S&P surge past news of massive headline inflation (largest increase since 1992), my clock for a substantial market correction had moved up from Sept-Oct time frame to July-August. Beware of what will happen to weak stocks when the bubble starts collapsing...
  • g
    i have been out for a few months and when i check in, this board looks so negative? wow. where's troutman to cheer you folk up ):
  • m
    Presidential inauguration set on June 25
  • G
    $12 Billion spent and a market cap of $4.16 Billion meanwhile we go on a 50 year (min) to 100 year (max) series of profits…Mr Market just doesn’t know the value of this one yet. ..patience is required, that’s all.
  • z
    Why did Rio not let trq go insolvent? Yanked out the surety/debts guarantee to trigger the default as Odey suggested in its letter. It would be messy initially and excited a few lawyers, but RT should come out as the biggest creditor/winner without losing control of the assets.
  • B
    Mineral products accounted for 84 percent of exports in the first five months of 2021

    In the first five months of the year, mineral products accounted for 84 percent of all exports, valued at 2.7 billion USD, as reported by the General Customs Administration. All crude oil, iron ore, and copper concentrate exports were supplied to China. Exports of copper concentrate reached 491,000 tons in January-May, decreasing by 11.6 percent compared to the same period in 2020.
    The economies of countries that are major producers are recovering from the pandemic and production is intensifying. As a result, the demand for raw materials and their prices are rising sharply. The Ministry of Finance estimates that in 2021, the price of copper concentrate will reach 6,500 USD per ton and 1.4 million tons of copper concentrate will be exported. However, copper prices are now 1.5 times higher than expected.
    In the first five months of the year, Mongolia exported 8.6 million tons of copper, an increase of 37.2 percent compared to the same period last year. Due to a rise in COVID-19 case numbers in Mongolia, the Chinese side has tightened controls at border ports. As a result, exports have fallen sharply since March. On June 7, only 157 coal trucks were processed at Gashuunsukhait-Gantsmod Port, SXCoal reported, which is three times lower than processing volume in March.
  • K
    Copper demand up,. TRQ has a lot of copper and mine production increases as mine completion approaching. Why is stock price falling?

    Are problems from Rio and Mongolia cause? Everyone can make money if they work together.
  • m
    Shorts gonna lose their minds next week……
    Ok maybe just their 💴💰💰💴💰💰💴💰💴💰💴💰💴💰