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    The Chinese don’t seem to be successful containing raw material prices. Not that I wish any Commie success, but it seems a sector uplifting will occur. Just keep a keen eye on that “Budget Uplift” coming Friday….
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    Gary thinks there will be a bear market for 3 years--NOPE...Depends on which stocks etc...there will be a bear market for the low earners and companies that can't raise prices ---

    There wont be a bear market for all companies as there is too much liquidity and the economic growth is still huge
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    deflation happens when people stop spending money. money is cheap and the government is still giving it away to lower income families that historically spend rather than save. we are a long way from any sort of real correction. especially if earnings continue justify valuations.
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    Another big week of falling Shanghai inventories...17K tonnes this week. Deliverable under 100K and On-warrent at 50K.
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    That’s quite a sell off. As someone who has casually watched this stock for years- I believe it is time for me to take a deep dive again. Overreacting to short term
    Mine production fluctuations is a winning strategy; I reckon it applies here
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    Q2 Results:

    Cu concentrate sales DOWN more than 50% from Q1 levels

    Any significant delay to the initiation of the undercut would have a material impact on project schedule, including the timing of sustainable production for Panel 0, as well as the timing and quantum of underground capital expenditure, which would materially adversely impact the timing of expected cash flows from the Oyu Tolgoi underground project thereby increasing the amount of Turquoise Hill's incremental funding requirement. The Company will continue to monitor the situation and assess any impact of a delay to the undercut initiation, and update the market as appropriate.
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    GOM will unveil its "new and improved" version of investment agreement for UG development at the end of July. Maybe today's price action reflects someone getting a glimpse of what will be in that document...
    Caveat emptor...
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    high risk is by definition volatile. if you all think this is supersafe / steady bet we'll you probably should not be investing at all. if you know the risk and the POTENTIAL reward. it is ok for you and your needs, great! if not stay away. I'm long TRQ come hell rain or snow.
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    you're welcome to anyone that listened
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    Devin Kurant Here
    First thing you should do when coming to this board is Mute Gary and Ultra. This should be a sticky. So nice not seeing their posts. Mute them and make them obsolete. Go TRQ!!!
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    Guys, will they play the same cards like they did exactly two years ago. On July 16th 2019, they gave a quick production report, share price was down 40% and they held ER after two week on July 31st, then share price tanked for months. I not a fan of coincidence, but the date and chart are almost the same.....
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    @Katerina: Use smoke & mirrors rebound to unload your long positions. The market mavens will want to unload quietly to the masses of new young investors in the next month or so. USD is rising, gold too - sign of the last stage of bull market. Then it'll be rug time.
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    KEVIN (mrpancake)
    from TRQ site see
    Wonder why this is allowed to be alluded to by TRQ
    "In early 2011, Ivanhoe and BHP Billiton Ltd. discovered a new zone of shallow copper-molybdenum-gold mineralization approximately 10 kilometres north of the Ivanhoe Mines Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mining complex currently under construction in southern Mongolia. The discovery, known as Ulaan Khud North, extended the known strike length of the Oyu Tolgoi mineralized system by an additional three kilometres to the north, to more than 23 kilometres."
    Right there in black and white

    Few here recognize the significance of this ie O.T. gets "interest of 80% in all minerals extracted below a sub-surface depth of 560 metres on the joint venture property and a 70% interest in all minerals extracted from surface to a depth of 560 metres." from Entree held licenses (except the license Shivee West license)
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    Turquoise Hill: Q2 Will Look Ugly

    Jul. 16, 2021 7:35 PM ETTurquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (TRQ)RIO1 Like
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    Vladimir Zernov
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    I'm a trader who trades both short-term and long-term. I started my career as a day-trader for a trading firm, but then turned to longer time frames and went on my own to manage my portfolio. I use technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis in my research.
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    COVID-19 - related restrictions in Mongolia hurt production and sales in Q2 2021.
    The company continues to experience some problems at Mongolia/Chinese border, which could have a negative impact on sales in Q3 2021.
    Underground development was also impacted by restrictions.
    Mongolia"s Biggest Foreign Investment The Oyu Tolgoi Mine
    Paula Bronstein/Getty Images News
    Turquoise Hill (TRQ) has recently released its second-quarter production update, and the stock dived 15% at the time of writing. The update indicated that the company’s second-quarter results will look really ugly. Without further ado, let’s look at the key points:

    Coronavirus-related restrictions had a material negative impact on personnel numbers, which were “below 25% of planned requirements at certain points during the quarter”. As a result, copper production declined by 19% compared to Q1 2021 while gold production decreased by 22%. Copper and gold grades declined compared to the first quarter, which will increase costs. Sales were hit even stronger as copper sales declined by about 50% while gold sales decreased by roughly 35%. Metal recovery declined as well. Put simply, Turquoise Hill’s second-quarter financial results received a major blow.
    The underground development was also impacted by restrictions. Importantly, there seems to be little if any progress on the undercut discussions with the governmental bodies. Turquoise Hill stated: “Any significant delay to the initiation of the undercut would have a material impact on project schedule, including the timing of sustainable production for Panel 0, as well as the timing and quantum of underground capital expenditure, which would materially adversely impact the timing of expected cash flows from the Oyu Tolgoi underground project thereby increasing the amount of Turquoise Hill’s incremental funding requirement”. Back in April, Turquoise Hill managed to reach consensus with Rio Tinto (RIO) regarding the funding plan for Oyu Tolgoi, and additional delays would present significant risks for investors. In my opinion, the potential delay in the timing of sustainable production for Panel 0 is a bigger issue than the short-term hit to revenue and earnings caused by coronavirus-related restrictions. I expect to hear more about this issue when the company reports its second-quarter financial results (the date has not been announced yet).
    The press release states that the force majeure, which was declared from March 30, 2021 due to coronavirus-related problems on Mongolia/Chinese border, is still in place. Turquoise Hill commented: “The force majeure will remain in place until there are sufficiently sustained volumes of convoys crossing the border to ensure Oyu Tolgoi ability to meet its on-going commitments to customers and to return on-site concentrate inventory to target levels”. This means that problems with sales are still present at the beginning of the third quarter.
    This is a production report, so Turquoise Hill did not comment on the status of its ongoing negotiations with government and the status of the power supply deal (more on this in my previous article). Mongolia had a Presidential election in June, but it remains to be seen whether the company made any progress on this front as the country’s government looks to be focused on dealing with the second wave of coronavirus in Mongolia. These two topics will also be in focus when Turquoise Hill reports its second-quarter results.

    All in all, it was a bad report, and the market’s reaction is understandable. As I noted above, the key risk is the delay in underground development and the subsequent increase in funding requirements. From a short-term point of view, only a material increase in the price of copper can support the stock before the release of the second-quarter results and the company’s commentary. In my opinion, the commentary about key issues like underground development schedule, power supply deal and negotiations with government will be more important than actual results since it is already clear that the company’s financial performance was bad in the second quarter. I’d expect that many investors would prefer to see additional information about key issues before initiating new positions in Turquoise Hill stock.
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    do your own DD
    Thank you Gary for talking sense into me, I was a hopeful TRQ shareholder and then I realized I only had hope by my side, that's no way to make money. You were right, I was wrong I and cashed out at a double. Thank you.
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    There are so many whammy's hanging over the head of TRQ now, each one of them poised to strike at any time - announcement of substantial requirements for new funding, announced of large dilution, bad news from the land of High Sky, denial of loans or ability to get loans coming from Rio Tinto, etc, etc. Caveat emptor...
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    Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd Price Target Raised to C$31.00/Share From C$30.00 by Scotiabank
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    TRQ will continue to sell off:
    1. They probably lost $ this quarter
    2. Their cash position is below $600K by now
    3. They will have to account for greatly increased budget to develop the mine beyond Panel 0.
    4. Mongolian standoff will continue
    5. Mongolian Covid cases are increasing (see Mongolian news)
    6. High probability of upcoming market correction will wreck havoc on TRQ's sp
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    PTON Bagholding Services LLC
    VOLATILE? Yes very. I bought in Feb around $13-14 and added $16 and sold some at $20 and bought back some at $17 and now $13 again.

    I plan on doing the same ---selling some (33%-50% --never all) when we spike at $22-24 and then buying back when we go back to $18....

    The name of the game is sell high and buy lower. As long as we are earning more money on copper this trade will work. Copper goes to $3.50 then not...This is a VERY undervalued asset but obviously not a stock for the anxious

    But the volatility is very normal for ANY miner. The bigger less volatile but still volatile. Everyone trades differently but this is my approach for now...