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  • O
    Going to be an epic week ahead after the recent pullback. Sorry J lol
  • V
    First of all to people whose worried about reverse split, Todd and William Lay said they have no plans to do so at the moment so nothing is confirmed. They are opened to it but not looking towards that direction. Second, the acquisition expands the multiple revenue stream strategy by a long shot; creating a strong brand with multiple streams of products. With this point, I already find this stock undervalued. Third, look at the burn rate of cash compared to other companies in the sector... while they are burning cash, RLH is generating revenue. When legalization happens, yes those clinical companies will generate a crazy amount of revenue but so will RLH. So go ahead you bashers/shorters, the market will always correct itself and this stock price will def. recover.
  • j
    For those unaware Mernova has strains on OCS right now under the brand Ritual Green, and I saw it selling at my local private dispensary today in Gormley, ON. Mute the bashers here, and also be aware that they go in and delete any positive posts lol.
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    Predictions on price this week?
    (Obviously triggering both ends of spectrum but unbiased “realistic” prediction welcome)
  • D
    Watch this cup handle formation hit the 50s soon. End of financjal year tax selling should be over very shortly and people will be looking to invest again. This is the time of the year retail investors are selling and instos and sophs look for the bargains to load up. CPH was sitting around 15c all day up 8% and closed at 14.5c up 5% or so. The RLH price indicates that 13c was fair price but obviously there are some people who think this is a bargain and were buying above the conversion price on CPH today. Despite the entire market being down 2% and RLH closing down 10-12% on friday, CPH closed up 5%, thats bullish signals to me. I expect RLH to have a green day today too.
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    All I know is this company has to make moves to better position themselves and I'm happy that they are doing so. I haven't had any reason to doubt the leadership yet and certainly not going to start now. I want them to make strategic acquisitions so welcome the news at this time.

    None of us know exactly how this is going to play out so either you trust this team or you don't. I'm still building up shares anyway so if you want to keep it discounted for longer, I'm good with it. Still buying until I have a reason not to and right now I'm excited about the prospects.
  • S
    diamond handing 100%
  • M
    Hello everyone! I’ve got a busy day ahead, but I wanted to share some thoughts on why I think this deal is so significant. I’ve watched the live stream so far and read up on the press release to gather some thoughts.

    - The big reason all of us invested in RLH was because immediate revenue is what separated us from the rest of the psych stocks. With this acquisition, we now not only sell truffles in the Netherlands, but also have the opportunity to sell THC and CBD products that are already legal in far more markets. Revenue is going to come quicker and in higher numbers.

    - William Lay seems super sharp, the best thing I heard from him on the stream was how he specializes in M&A and spoke about how he wants to enter the US market through an acquisition. The US cannabis market is absolutely massive already and has the potential to get far bigger once federal legalization happens.

    - Bruce is going to have a more active role, which is an even bigger deal now that cannabis has been introduced in the product line.

    - The scientific and medical side of the company will only increase, and William and Todd noted that they are not interested in burning a ton of cash to get there. This reduces the risk that basically every other psych stock has, as most psych companies have a high burn rate to conduct trials.

    - We now have the opportunity to see major run ups in the stock price not only when the psychedelic sector heats up, but also when the cannabis market does as well. Imagine what will happen to the SP when cannabis is federally legalized in the USA, and then again when more countries legalize rec psilocybin? What other stock has the ability to see the best of those two markets?

    - The one concern I had was share count, but as I analyze it more, I’m okay with a higher outstanding share count considering the incredible value increase we get with the merger. I hope we don’t do a huge reverse split, but a small one to reduce the share count a bit without affecting the share count of current investors would be okay. What I don’t want is an SCR.TO situation. Todd just hinted as I write this that he’s not interested in a huge RS.

    Overall, this is an absolute game changer. RLH made incredible strides throughout the year, but we have to be honest with ourselves that there was only one legal Rec market in the world for the their product. I believe that in 3-5 years that will change, but for now that’s the case. This merger opens up the doors for massive revenues immediately through THC/CBD, while still growing the truffle business quickly and becoming a global leader in recreational and medicinal psilocybin.

    I think this is a transition from an exciting young company with potential in a niche market, to the birth of a potential powerhouse that already has pins all over the map. I’m overjoyed at the potential this company has, and most of all I’m glad I bit the bullet and kept buying at the dips!
  • J
    It’s pretty straight forward. TRiP holder holdings do not change (although the implied value goes up). Creso holders will have less shares (.395 for every Creso share they have). New company will have like 700M shares. Fantastic synergies. Cannabis, Mushrooms boom
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    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-------Mernova#$%$ $5 to $10 million a year in sales, thats not including the rest of the business being done in Europe.
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    Creso Pharma, wow, read for yourself what we are getting, it's all about GROWTH, RESEARCH, REVENUE.....
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    This is going to be without a doubt, the largest psychedelic company in the world. Early retirement baby!
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    Like if you want to see 40 cents today 🍄👀
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    Today $TRIP Red Light Holland lost 4.5 cents or 12.7% as the markets were in the red. The S&P 500 dropped 55 points, Nasdaq dropped 130 points & the TSX dropped 144 points. Investors took the opportunity to buy plenty of shares as the volume was 5.76 million incl ATS.
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    Now we know why they kept the price down
  • C
    Per the live stream, all indicators point to Mera being acquired. Just keeps getting better!!!! Whoop whoop. Here. We. Go. 🚀
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    Hey All, a very quick thought on all the share count/RS talk. Obviously we don’t know 100% what will happen, but here are a few scenarios I would consider:

    - No reverse split, maintain a share count of 800m. This is a lot, no ones going to pretend it isnt. Short term, this may be a bump in the road but long term it doesn’t really matter. The potential with this merger is so significant that in a few years the company will grow into its share count. This should be a long term play for everyone, so if you’re bullish on the company then in a few years when regulatory walls are broken down and revenue comes in, 800m shares won’t be an issue whatsoever. Also consider that with more immediate revenue and $45 mil in the bank already, it is unlikely there will be much dilution to raise capital if any.

    - Small RS of about 2 for 1. Preferably I would go no RS but a 2 for 1 would be fine. This would likely put the share count a little lower than it should be in 2-3 years, which means more shares may be created down the road causing shareholder dilution. At the end of the day, a small RS like this wouldn’t be of much significance down the road when this company is in full swing bringing in high revenues. We would probably look back and laugh that we even worried. Remember, as I believe @john (?) said, the reason most RS end up hurting shareholders is because they are done by companies struggling and avoiding delisting. We’re not at all in that boat.

    - A SCR.TO RS (something along the lines of 10-1). This would be absolutely horrific IMO and I pray to the shroom gods this doesn’t happen. Based on everything that Todd has been saying, I really doubt that they would do something this extreme. It sounds like Todd doesn’t even want a RS at all which is great. The score this a drastic RS so that they could uplist to nasdaq, we’ve made it clear that’s not in the immediate future for us. So why would we do it? If you’re worried about something like this, stop. I doubt it will happen.

    The biggest reason I’m not worried is because of Bruce. He did a ton of M&A with canopy, making shareholders rich along the way. This merger was key for the company for all the reasons I mentioned yesterday, and it can’t come without a price. If you believe in the company then don’t worry much about the share count right now. I’m not saying it’s not important, but we’re still so early and we have so much potential that we should be more focused on the market cap potential, which I am basically fully certain will be $1b within a relatively short period of time.

    Of course, I said a very quick thought then I went on a rant haha... that’s usually how I roll. GLTA.
  • A
    Transaction results in a reverse takeover of Red Light Holland by Creso Pharma, with an implied premium to Red Light Holland Shareholders of 29.9% based on the 30-day VWAP of both companies as of June 15th, 2021
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    Shouldn’t we be seeing at least $0.70 per share with all this supposed amazing news ?!
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    This is Tony Pepperoni (who cares) lol. Just don’t wanna throw any longs off so thought id let you all know i had to make a new account until my other one is freed from prison.

    Call me a pumper all you want but i’v done all my DD, weighed the pro’s and cons and see no reason for me to sell and every reason to hold or add. Whichever way the price goes next week committed longs will buy these dips while others choose to sit on the sidelines stewing about it then kick themselves for buying in high during the next run up. 12.68% discount sitting at our major support level is without a doubt a strategic price range to buy at. Technicals and fundamentals point to the stock being undervalued. Also, about share count, there are many benefits of owning a stock with a high number of shares outstanding and float. Do your DD.