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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (TN8.DE)

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At close: 05:35PM CEST

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  • K
    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than TMO
  • A
    Solid results of a solid company. As being said this should be trading at 600+
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    Can’t find the right stocks to trade? I have the solution right here for free (
  • M
    Strong earnings here . I’m buying
  • A
    Buying opportunities
  • C
    TMO looks like trash today - I bet it falls from here. Glad I am signed up to ( so that I can get stocks that actually move!
  • K
    I believe the reason this went down the other day is the inflation numbers which means the fed will raise interest rates which means a stronger dollar which means overseas profits for thermo or any other multinational will b hurt
  • S
    Guys/gals - Looking into this stock - what a performance over the past few years! How is this doing so well - I had always thought that the healthcare industry was legacy, old, too slow, always a hot target for regulations/fines/election hot topic and is under risk from government to be overhauled etc

    Given these risks, how do you all feel about TMO? What is so special/proprietary about TMO that other companies like DHR/Medtronic/ISRG may be and others cant copy?
  • M
    At this rate I'll buy more when it reaches 400.
  • A
    Not only Thermo Fisher will benefit by selling 5 mill Covid19 test kit, but also will sell more of Thermo Fisher's Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Dx Real-time PCR which run those test kit up to 26,000 samples a day.
    And very expansive Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Dx Real-time PCR are very high margin product.

    Thermo Fisher will benefit tremendously and it will offset or overcome the other divisions revenue due to recession. TMO strong buy and 5 Year Target price of $500.00
  • D
    Have you looked at the storage temp for the 90% effective vaccine? Few hospitals have equipment
  • M
    I bought TMO in Dec 1984 for $3.86 a share back when it was Thermo Electron! Great company!
  • A
    Thermo Fisher is a giant. Im working at a big pharma company (top 5 worldwide) and TMO is our main supplier. TMO is the Amazon of the Life Science sector.
  • J
    Explain to me like I'm 5 why this is still going down in chunks this large. I expected it to recover back to 521 by now like it usually does
  • P
    Pro Portfolio Manager
    TMO is a fantastic company. I disagree with today’s market reaction. The Pfizer news will have a limited effect (if not no effects at all) on TMO and other competitors. Also testing regarding Covid (but also other diseases) will remain very important, as it is the case for instance in Europe and everywhere I go. France just voted another law to extent the period through July 2022 in order to be able to move, go the restaurant etc. with the mandatory testing or « Pass ». Many Europeans countries don’t even have a Pass and testing has to be done even with vaccinated people (which makes sense). Do not follow the crowd and the weak hands.
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    ARK bought today. Guess I’m not the only one who wants to have the Amazon of Life Sciences in the portfolio
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    Thermo Fisher is raising its 2021 revenue and earnings guidance. The company is raising its revenue guidance by $1.2 billion to $37.1 billion; this would result in 15% revenue growth over 2020. The company is raising its adjusted EPS guidance by $1.30 to $23.37, which would represent 20% growth year over year.
  • B
    TMO is trading at aprox. 20% below fair value with earnings growth of about 73% last year! Solid company. Great financials. Incredible growth.