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Toyota Motor Corporation (TM)

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137.28-1.77 (-1.27%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
136.80 -0.48 (-0.35%)
After hours: 06:38PM EDT

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  • Q
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
  • K
    I have been holding for a while now, but the market dynamism is getting me really uncomfortable, I really need some deciding, 🙏🙏
  • k
    Just saw TM published on the daily alert watchlist at (
  • C
    Look at yen currency to usd!!
  • Y
    You are smarter than me
    $TSLA conversation
    $Tm Toyota PE is 10 market cap 271b
    And 3% Div, EPs is $14.
    $tsla PE 100, market cap 850B no Div
    For Tesla to valued similarly to Toyota
    Price has to fall to $28.12
  • N
    $TM.V conversation
    interesting study shared by $TM.v that delves into the future rise of copper and why it might be coming at us fast, def recommend reading
  • D
    Dennis stocks
    Nothing to do with TM stock but boy do I love my 2010 4Runner. 160k miles and no complaints. It’s just been a far smarter investment than some of the stocks I’ve owned over the past 12 years.

    That Toyota Tacoma pickup i see all over the road is truly the coolest car ever no matter if it’s a man or woman young or old driving the Tacoma. Cool as ice pickup
  • P
    Time to buy Lithium Americas (LAC)
    EV sales will ramp up next year.
    Final approval of Thacker Pass will happen this month. LAC will make $billions$ in profit.
    Thacker Pass is the largest known lithium resource in the United States!
    Lithium Americas plans to yield a quarter of the world's lithium demand from its Nevada mine.
    LAC also own the third largest mine in the world. Production has already started.
  • b
    Just saw TM published on the daily alert watch list at (
  • I
    While I am glad to see Toyota plan for an EV future, I feel Toyota execs actually had it right by waiting. The push into EV is too much, too fast. Even Tesla CEO Musk admits we're not ready as a society to go all in to EV as the infrastructure simply can't handle it.

    The extremism to end anything related to fossil fuels is way over done. The demand goes as far to include replacing your Gas Stove and Dryer with Electric usints. Not only will we have rolling brownouts, we'll have outright blackouts. The immediate solution from those think-tanks in extreme California is that households based on mapping determined by the electric companies will control a schedule of when you can plug in your EV, run your ELectric Stove and Dryer, and will have a time cap for items that all run on electric, accounting for items that run 24/7 such as refrigerators, etc... That plan is outright absurd and still won't guarantee that the grid can handle the increased usage of new demand. Wind and Solar cannot fill the gap demand. We need to start issuing new permits for new Nuclear Power plants throughout the U.S., much like Florida and a few other locations have been doing guaranteeing that they can support the demand increases over time.

    But we will not see crude go away, ever. As demonstrated by Exxon Mobil, their future business will be Chemicals and Renewable made by crude, and they will be refining for Gasoline for decades to come even if the entire country followed California's flawed aggressive plan to require every new car sold be an EV by 2035. (A plan even staunch environmentalists say is too aggressive for reality).

    Toyota actually had it right by both staying the course of Hybrids (Gasoline & Electric), and Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Toyota will actually continue to do well on it's hybrid sales as they have shown they sell everyone they make and why they remain very profitable. Advantage Toyota in my view. One more advantage is being in the US to make their products with leverages them off a weak Yen @ home in Japan and get's their income and buying values on par here in the US, their largest market. That currently means saving some 20 to 30% in exchange buying power.

    In the meantime, Toyota's Hybrids fill the gap nicely and why they have been so successful. It's a shame they were being criticised for not going all EV sooner, when their plan to stay the course was the correct one after all !
  • L
    Companies related to used car exports are doing well in Japan. 2666.T 2788.T 3347.T 3352.T
  • c
    I love my Tacoma, so much that I'm buying another one. Also love my 4Runner! Not too sure about the stock though. Maybe at $125ish.
  • A
    Why Big drop to TM today?
  • C
    Expect 125 bottom !
  • C
    I thought 150 support would well but I guess I’m wrong! Price target 120 !
  • S
    Saint Preferred
    "Toyota's core philosophy of Respect for People is part of our DNA and is reflected in our long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion," said Sandra Phillips Rogers, senior vice president, corporate resources and chief diversity officer, TMNA.

    Precisely why I will not own the stock or buy a new Toyota.
  • P
    toyoDUH - the most recalled vehicles of ANY OEM since '09.
    The latest:
    "Toyota Motor Corp reached a settlement potentially worth $150 million to resolve U.S. class-action litigation tied to recalls of about 3.36 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles whose defective fuel pumps could cause engines to stall."
    I've been saying it for decades - toyoDUH is nothing special. Yes, they know how to manufacture and their products have been not much more than a toaster, or milque toast, regarding styling or appearance (has gotten better as of late, but small issues turn into big issues, like these recalls.