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Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc. (TLSS)

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    Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc., is said to maintain its level of employed drivers to meet the increased delivery demand of its primary customer during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover. these companies could provide rapid on-the-spot results would be a disruptive tool in the fight against pandemic threats. Learn how:
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
  • M
    Very big week ahead here folks. Do not listen to the negative posts. There will be a new Amazon deal, which will be bigger and better than the first. Very lucrative Walmart deal is coming imo. This CEO has this company moving fast in the right direction. Completely unnecessary panic selling last week, selling for no reason with the PPS being under 0.05. May-like run is imminent back to 0.10+. Load up. The overshot bottom is in and the strong move back up has already begun! Do not believe for one second that this CEO does not have this company poised for extreme growth!!
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    With over 1B outstanding shares and the lost of Amazon business, I am not sure the SP can go any higher. I would even go far to say that even with Amazon business, I am still not sure SP could go beyond $.05 with this level of outstanding shares. I just sold my 530k shares at huge loss for the sake of not losing everything! Good luck to those still holding!
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    Thumbs up if you were concerned with the Bellridge lawsuit but didn't panic sell. Innocent until proven guilty, right? There was no other news to justify such a drastic decline in SP.
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    Carlos R
    A lot of panic selling going on. I’m not trying to influence anyone’s decision just stating a few key facts... 1. Company revenue in 2018 23.62mil with a gross profit of $834k. 2019 huge increase to 31.36 mil revenue with gross profit 2.6 mil. Revenue first 6 months 2020 up 17.1 mil from 13.9 2019. Showing substantial growth. Now we are headed into probably the busiest delivery season that anyone has ever experienced because of Covid. Can you just imagine the potential revenue and profits over the next few months? #2 Earlier this year The company acquired GR trucking and expanded into 4 new states Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Tennessee. Logic indicates this expansion will reflect positive on their balance sheets. Unless of course the mass majority of holiday shoppers plan to walk into malls throughout the country. Which I doubt. 3. Frank Mazolla is a known conman to the courts and I’m not concerned with the lawsuit to be quite honest. Bellridge Capital will be resolved per settlement with minimal impact. Just do some DD and don’t panic to a decision. Just saying panic selling is not a great investment strategy.
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    Amazon doesn't employ its truck drivers or have giant contracts with public trucking companies — a major hurdle heading into the holiday season.
    Amazon doesn't employ its truck drivers or have giant contracts with public trucking companies — a major hurdle heading into the holiday season.
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    Whoever is currently down on this stock but still believes (like me) that their investment will be in the green in 12 months from today (simply by holding, not day-trading or shorting), give a thumbs up.
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    Amazon doesn't employ its truck drivers or have giant contracts with public trucking companies — a major hurdle heading into the holiday season.
    Amazon doesn't employ its truck drivers or have giant contracts with public trucking companies — a major hurdle heading into the holiday season.
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    well we voted, and we are going on an extended expanded and most needed "time off" vacation... hopefully this board will still here when we get back hahaha... Tom make sure no one takes the plunge off the mothership lol!!! good luck with the situation here boyz!! oh btw Tom if any gen-two post here (they better not lol!) please keep an eye on them... they are still very green...

    see ya in a week or two....


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    I was ready to quit my job. Saw TLSS at 1.24 then realized it really was .0124. Back to work.
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    Fox Business just did a segment on Fed Ex record quarter and how transportation logistics companies will benefit! I hope so. I had 78k $tlss shares at .02 and sold 50k at .1 and still hold 18k.
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    Big news out? No? Oh OK, maybe next month! Or shortly.. whatever that means.
  • o
    I see TLSS only going up from here.
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    Sleepy Joe
    losing my shirt! LoL! I bought at 11¢ ...looked at this company as a lottery ticket.....and it was just can this really recover?
  • M
    Panic selling here for no reason at all. imo big contract with Walmart as it ramps up to compete with Amazon will be revealed in coming days. CEO has this company going in the right direction and has made very significant progress. There is nothing happening with this company that should cause the share price to be below $0.05-0.07 per share at the current time. This will bounce back very hard in the coming days.
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    I find it funny how few people on this site actually know anything about this company and its current positions logic would suggest that indicates one of two things.
    People have too much money and invest in companies they know nothing about or.
    Are here on the site solely to manipulate the stock in One Direction or another.
    Why else would these people dedicate so much time to posting on this site about a stock that they have not one good thing to say about.. either sell it and move on or share something worth wild that pertains at least somewhat to the outcome of this company... if you have negative views that's wonderful but at least you something above a 10th grade education level and explain what facts or due diligence make you feel that way....
    Okay I feel better now thanks LOL
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    Due to management’s silence I decided to go to a palm reader an took a picture of a TLSS truck
    When she put her hands on the pic her eyes got huge . I ask her what she saw
    Buyout is all she would say even told me who but I can’t say due to her reputation being on the line . She came highly recommended
    Guess I will buy more Monday
    Expect news 15th or 16th
    FYI she has never been wrong an I have went to her twice
  • E
    wow I couldn't be happier averaged down to .018 1.2 million shares now.
    not here to brag but November/Dec this will definitely be around 10 cents holding long but the reward will be worth it
  • m
    money makahh
    Guys I need some real advice help should I cut my losses and move on ?
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    Carlos R
    Could it be possible insiders are driving the price down after selling and making bank simply to turn around and buy low because some positive PR is coming out. I just find it coincidental that this is happening the same day of the launching of Walmart +. I don’t have any proof of anything just a theory. I dunno. Maybe?