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  • H
    List of upcoming catalysts for Tilray:
    -Schumer releasing Federal Legalization Bill
    -Safe Banking Act
    -German Adult Use Legalization (SPD dominating the polls)
    -Full quarter earnings of combined Aphria/Tilray (produced 33 million net income in just one month)
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    The chance cellor
    I dont usually post on the weekend, but just read in my newsfeed that wallstreet can see a 40% jump in tilray. Imagine this open 20% when the market open on monday. Sorry for your loses shorty.
  • E
    “The most bullish analyst is Jefferies’ Owen Bennett, who sees gain potential of 125% at his price target of $27. He expects Tilray to strike sizable deals in the US some time soon. The analyst also thinks that Tilray should buy cannabis assets to achieve the company’s ambitious sales target.
    Only a bit less bullish is Bank of America’s analyst Heather Balsky. She believes in 80% upside at a price target of $21.50. The acquisition of MedMen positions the company well in the US and provides distribution opportunities in Canada and Europe.”
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    Tilray Inc. is expanding its distribution partnership with Quebec-based ROSE LifeScience Inc through its subsidiary Tilray Canada Ltd.

    Under the deal, ROSE became an official partner to the recently created new entity.

    ROSE agreed to represent the entire Tilray product portfolio in Quebec, including Grail, Marley Natural, Dubon, La Batch, Broken Coast, Riff, Solei, Good Supply, B!NGO and P'tite Pof.

    "Expanding new business in Québec is always exciting," said ROSE LifeScience president and CEO Davide Zaffino of the partnership, which includes the sale, supply, distribution and marketing. "Québec is the third-largest cannabis market in the country. Partnerships like this show us why."
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    Imagine thinking someone else in this sector has better name / branding combo than Tilray and Medmen . Tilrays the name. Medmen the retail look . Game over . Like comparing Coca Cola to the knock offs .
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    Saud K

    SEP 17, 2021

    Tilray Stock Could Shoot 40% Higher, Says Wall Street

    Wall Street’s consensus on TLRY suggests that shares of the cannabis company have sizable upside potential. Wall Street Memes looks at the bullish case on Tilray stock
  • c
    all the bad news for Tilray has already happened - the vote, the shares...all it will take for Tilray to explode is one piece of major news. and we know it's going to happen. keep yr shares, add if u can. patience will be rewarded.
  • R
    Look at the 15 minutes chart from sept 15 at 9:30 to today. I predicted that day that the bottom was $11.68 and I think that was it. Good luck longs.
  • C
    Strong volume and good support at $12 lets ride this $20 - who is with me
  • M
    New partnership with rose life science 😃 and we’re going green and at close !!
  • B
    Finally the new management is starting to move this company in the right direction. The announcement that Tilray is shutting down the Nanaimo operation is a move they should have made 6 months ago. I'm liking the direction this company taking to become the leader in the industry. Longs stay strong and we'll make a ton of money in the next six months. Oh and F- the shorts and Market Makers!
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    Tilray Stock Could Shoot 40% Higher, Says Wall Street
    Wall Street’s consensus on TLRY suggests that shares of the cannabis company have sizable upside potential. Wall Street Memes looks at the bullish case on Tilray stock.
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    The chance cellor
    Dont worry boys. The available short shares are very few to bring this down. That is why the down trend movement is not affecting us.They are almost need come to a point of selling their shares. We are getting to ready to fly. Patience
  • E
    Buying tilray shares, makes my retirement closer to reality. Lets go print some money. Its green baby. Its starting.
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    The chance cellor
    With the way price is holding, shortys are getting nervous which direction the stock will go. The risk of short squeeze is so great that when resistance is broken, their account will turn negative.

    Cheers and goodluck!!
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    Can you all bashers shut it. We know cannabis has been in a bear market for 9 months. We see the trend. Let the market decide the price.

    No one here was responsible for the pump to $67 and we are not responsible for the dump either.

    Big institutions love manipulating. They can indeed take us down who knows what tomorrow, next week, next month … until the share price they see fit. There is rare mechanisms to stop them like “Ape army” but they are not in the cannabis space. I assume because it’s a pretty new market and not many regular folks are aware.

    Cannabis has always been a volatile sector. Hexo is at its 52 weeks low at this time. Similar with CGC.

    This trend has nothing to do with Irwin, but the sector as a whole. Heck even MSOS are doing terribly.

    We all go up together and down together more or less.

    PLEASE just let the market decide the share price. Your bashing doesn’t effect the price!

    I will be gone from these forums. And will no longer post. I’m tired of the bashers. I’m tired of the hate. It feels watching a two year old throw a tantrum, “My toy - stock is better than your stock!” FFS.

    I’m done. I’m no longer posting. And I will buy or sell shares when I decide to! None of the bashers including all the Delly accounts can persuaded me otherwise:

    I Buy or Sell when I decide to! You want to decide for me! Narcissist much?

    Good Bye All! Thanks to everyone who made these forums a fun discussion board! You are the bread and butter of these forums!

    Just know don’t feed the Narcissist. They thrive on negative energy as well.

    Best wishes to everyone who is investing and staying strong! We are stronger together! 💪
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    Everything else is minutiae. The reality is that this is a leader in the cannabis space with tentacles across the pond ; and the legacy tradition of strong financial statements (Aphria Inside) , good management, and excellent strategic thinking. The price may drop $10 in the next minute and this fundamental thesis does not change. This company will have a hard time failing even if it tried despite itself. Stay long my friends. 
  • K
    MedMen to open another Orlando store on International Drive, and is shooting for 15 stores in Florida by the middle of next year.
  • B
    Is it true there was over 1M share purchase at the EOD yesterday?
  • L
    Logical ME
    Just picked up another 5,000 shares of TLRY today at $11.85 ! Lets go Tilray