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The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGODF)

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  • J
    The big picture: TGOD led by the new CEO Sean Bovington whose expertise is in Finance, added a proven chief growth officer Gail Duncan who helped Tim Hortons grow to be the largest chain of restaurants in Canada, hired the best marketing company used by Coca Cola company, Acosta whose sales people will become friends with bud tenders and retail store managers, and bought a top seller gummy company Galaxie whose connections will get TGOD products onto British Columbia store shelves along with Cruuzy gummys onto Quebec store shelves, with U.S. sales in multiple states of the best seller Wyld brand gummy while acquiring U.S. connections for future expansion pending legislation (while joining with top management owners raising insider ownership to 20%), unloaded Valleyfield before it’s carrying costs put them out of business reaping a huge amount of cash paying off their long term debt while negotiating a long term lease of 80,000 square feet which is now being planted in December with lots of Sugarbush which premium organic flower sells as fast as harvested, are selling Hempfusion which is an offshoot of their main THC organic cannabis business to strengthen their cash position and reduce debt allowing them to continue to grow their core craft business.

    Angus Footman previously managing director and president of Tweed Farms, and Olivier Dufourmantelle, Harvard MBA, previously chief operating officer of Canopy Rivers and Canopy Growth, sold Galaxie to TGOD becoming insider managers and nearly 20% owners getting paid in stock over a two year period. They didn’t sell out their company under those terms without knowing they will get a huge stock gain. Otherwise they would have sold Galaxie for cash to another company and left the business. Canadian insider lists each as owning 31,802,400 shares posted November 23, 2021, which shares they are currently restricted from selling.

    Ignoring these developments most investors sold their stock out of fear of losing the remaining investment, or because they think it’s better to put their money into a different stock, or for a tax loss to offset gains on other stocks. Investors will be rushing back when the fear turns to the desire to make huge gains as the stock price begins to climb buying at much higher prices.
  • H
    I recently visited The Green Organic Dutchman’s website. I always keep an 👁 on a company’s website. In my personal opinion a Company’s website is a key to how well a company is actually doing. I have to say there’s been a considerable amount of work recently invested on our website which in turn will generate a significant amount of revenue in the near future. I have to admit I like 👍 what I see and keep seeing more things that I personally like. I have no intention of leaving TGOD! Best to all the true investors of TGOD and a big Thank You to Management for doing such a great job!🇺🇸🇨🇦💪🔥💵🍾😎
  • B
    All focus, from all employees at TGOD should be on Acosta and sales (with the exception of Galaxie working on USA entry behind the scenes).

    everything comes down to getting SKUS into new retail outlets. 28% THC Sativa grows means we've out-proven the concept here. Premium & Organic AAAA Cannabis. Market is trending in this direction. The more stores that have stock on Sugar Bush, Maple Kush, Cherry Mintz, Tangerine Sativa, the more revenues we can rake in. On top of that the brand will grow stronger in the market. The status of TGOD as being the only craft-at-scale producer of quality cannabis will be solidified. This is something you can use to partner with small craft growers in the states. TGOD needs to push through the acquisition process with Galaxie ASAP and redirect focus on retail expansion. CFP is climbing the plateau to a place of not only safety in this sector, but will be solidified as a leading brand in this space. Tide is rising, retail presence has been a huge disappointment when you have the quality like we do now.
  • M
    I'm bullish on TGOD and remain a fan, but I'm also disappointed in the most recent quarter ER and subsequent management discussion. I listened to the call and a few things stood out.

    On the positive side, costs continued to be low and well controlled - cost discipline is hard and important work and TGOD is delivering.

    Acosta still sounds like the right model for sales distributon - we'll have to see if this materializes as we expect. That deal was just done, so no chance to see their performance in the Q3 results, while I think it sounds good and I have trust that the team vetted this well, until we have evidence of performance it's a initiative - not yet a success.

    I have to say that I really wanted to hear what we got for our Galaxie Brands acquistion - there was no empirical data at all on sales or earnings. Other than stating that they have very popular brands, understanding how much this acquisition is going to contibute to performance is important. Since the path to CFP has only gotten longer (last big milestone was by the end of 2021, now it's spring 2022), the inference then is that Galaxie isn't bringing much in top line or EBITDA - since if it was we'd see CFP sooner. And if that's true - we've traded a ton of stock for what, exactly?

    Sequential growth on top line was flat at 1%; there wasn't much discussion on this; yes year on year looks great, but flat quarter on sequential quarters is not going to get us to CFP; only continued growth in sales can fix that. Why the anlysts or management didn't spend time focused on that aspect was disappointing. I didn't hear anything except that the newest date is spring of 2022 before we achieve monthtly positive cash flow.

    I'm still a fan of the company, I still think they've got the right product portfolio, good cost discipline, and room to run. Still, it's frustrating that we bought Galaxie with stock and learned nothing about the plan to meet our needs; it's also surprising that the only thing that matters is getting product out the door - and we didn't hear from Ms. Duncan - or anyone really - about how we're going to fix that.
  • m
    It looks to be that Wyld is TGODS U.S. connection and affiliate? If not then who else would it be? Sean stated that as part of the reason for acquiring Galaxie. If you look into Wyld on their website, notice all of their available jobs. Notice all of the states they operate in. In the scroll down menu if you were searching for a job with them and chose all locations, Toronto is a choice. It is frustrating that the latest ER and CC gave us little information on Galaxie and a deep dive on what it really means for us totally hammered investors who’s investment in TGOD even at .25 cents per share is significantly down. It leaves uncertainty in the air when management only leaves hints and with the track record of past performance investors lose faith. For those who can read between the lines and remain invested and confident it’s going to be a Wyld ride back up with the wind at our back. If I sold today at a major loss I can only deduct 3k per year per U.S. tax laws, I would deducting that for 15 years and pay new tax on whatever I reinvested it in, if it made money. Retail investors guessing what will happen is a S. Show on here, especially with the toxic likes of Alpo etc. Read between the lines people. Read the positive posts and disseminate the positive comments the longs pose. Forget Alpa the biggest board loser. Mute that dummy, every time the price moves down he scoops up. They push you down so they can climb. Bottom line, this company is now ready to climb back up in 2022 and beyond. Hold !!!! Buy now when it’s at rock bottom prices!!! This is going back up in 2022. It can be hard to see that for some but Sean has set the foundation for upside here. Buy cheap!
  • B
    great buying day today folks. November 30th, 2021. On this day TGOD reveal details that the money will not dry up before releasing some stand-out SKUs to the Acosta wolves to take to market. All the while we sit in a sector that is trending craft, premium and organic cannabis. We get these SKUs to market, alot of LPs will be shutting their doors. TGOD stock will be jumping like Rocky Balboa running up the philly steps, two steps at a time.
  • S
    Wyld gummies are the bomb.just Google them.also they are sold in alot of locations. Alot of CBD gummies sold out of state.The thc gummies are .only sold in certain states. They also sell vapes,flower and other things
  • J
    News out. TGOD’s has improved their bank loan terms. Giving them extra cash access and allowing them to renegotiate a new loan by paying off the bank with 90 days notice. TGOD got the upper hand here. I’m sure the bank is feeling more comfortable with galaxie brands and it’s team.
  • C
    Plan on accumulating this stock through the first half of 2022. This thing will be in profit mode from there with SP significantly heading North.

    VF planting in December, Ancaster at full throttle, and Galaxie's site chiming in with quality. Getting Canada saturated with organic products and creating product for International shipments as those markets open.

    Entry into the States will need vertical product and sales presence there and getting involved with the right partner could allow for quite the MSO situation.

    One Market at a time approach, nimble and quicker ROI's achieved, these products are and will be well received anywhere they go.

    Accumulating for the next six months then watching it all play out through 23,24,25.

    Good luck to all the longs
  • Q
    Germany set to be biggest legal rec market would wide at 83 million. Just waiting on a German inspector to finalize the process. Any day now. That’ll be a nice PR
  • Q
    WRs we’re at 1c today. Lol. WAs at 3. Added.
  • f
    Tangerine sativa sounds awesome it will fly off the shelf
  • B
    Sugar Bush is at 28% THC from the latest harvest. Amazing how the soils at Ancaster are maturing. No wonder its up to #2 in QC and Amsterdam 1oz is building a residence at #1. Maple Kush is next.
  • E
    The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS: TGODF) has announced a definitive agreement with Acosta Canada Corp for dedicated and exclusive sales representation for TGOD’s recreational marijuana brands in major provinces in Canada. Acosta is a sales giant responsible for popular brands, and it is a trusted resource for retailers.

    TGOD moves from a syndicated sales model

    In order to enable enhanced growth with a committed sales force through better product education, market penetration, and distribution for its TGOD, Ripple, and Highly Dutch Organic brand portfolios in the key markets of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Newfoundland, the TGOD made the strategic decision to divulge from a syndicated sales approach.

    TGOD Chief Growth Officer Gayle Duncan said, “With dedicated sales representation in key markets, we are confident that we will see stronger product distribution at the retail level, enabling greater focus, control, and flexibility for increasing awareness, imparting product knowledge and budtender training, and influencing consumer sales transactions with our retail channel partners.”

    Duncan added, “Acosta is a proven sales resource behind the most recognized leading brands which they represent to top retailers across Canada and the U.S. By leveraging their significant expertise in recruiting, training, and managing a dedicated force, we will optimize our engagement with retail budtenders and store managers, provide increased sales, merchandising and marketing support, and simply bring better value to them with minimal disruption to their operations.”

    TGOD added regional manager position in Quebec and Calgary

    To bolster its presence in Western Canada, TGOD added a Regional Manager post for Quebec and Atlantic Canada to its staff and a Regional Manager in Calgary.

    Acosta Canada Bill Ivany commented, “Acosta is thrilled to leverage our retail expertise and best-in-class systems and processes through our partnership with TGOD. TGOD and Acosta’s shared values and focus on delivering growth make this new partnership an exciting one for delivering unified value to TGOD’s industry partners through our dedicated team of TGOD representatives. We look forward to growing with TGOD in Canada and beyond in the coming years.”
  • Q
    Hey Tnt, you know why your seeing Sugar Bush units fly off of store inventories? The latest batch clocked in at 28% THC lol
  • m
    Pretty significant news and milestone that High Times Magazine recognized The Green Organic Dutchman as one of the best Cannabis brands in 2021! Congratulations to them and us. If that wasn’t exciting enough they are on the cusp of getting the 🟢 green light on being able to distribute their products thru 6000 pharmacies in Germany🤑 which is also on the cusp of recreational legalization. Not to mention the new and improved acquisition with Galaxie that will combine the strengths of both companies. Exciting times.
  • M
    You can't make this up!
    $500mio investors money and 10 years in business: All assets sold or in the hand of the bank, revenue $9mio, cash loss above $5mio (not talking about the overall loss which is even worse). And there are still people having stocks, hoping for the success or are even fans of this company?
  • B
    Alpa... it's over buddy. How many shares have you accumulated with your boss? Enjoy the ride up from here.
  • j
    5.5 million net revenue at the end of March. 12 months x 5.5 million = 66 million

    However, as revenue will increase in subsequent months (the 5.5 million does not include any listing in BC or aged hash listed only in Quebec) net revenue will probably be around 70-80 million CAD. Surely we will then also show a profit at 40% margin. On an annual basis this could be a good 5-10 million dollars profit (based on Q2/Q3 2022 figures). At a "share price x profit 40" which is not unusual for an enormous growing company with an enormous growing industry, the market capitalization would be 400 million CAD. At one billion shares, that would be Q2/2022 ... Q3/2022 a share price of .40 CAD.

    You see I was expecting a billion shares right away, since we are running on a very low cash balance even if we sell hempoland only a 4 million will go into our cash balance. Whether we sell the remaining shares from the SPP or do a bought deal we will have to make a painful dilution also in relation to the USA expansion.
  • T
    Bought 3500 shares at 0.125$ cad (ask) today!