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The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGOD.TO)

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  • M
    Just a little info guys. Tgod as bought back the last % of interest from QuébecCo in the VF building and it will show in the Q4 earnings so don't panic if ER is not looking as good as we taught this is the last step going backward. Thing is they would've not done this if they knew they would sell it for less than what they just paid for in December 2020 I mean they where aware of the market right now. Saying that in 2019 they where asking 94$M for Valleyfield and it was 168,000 sq feet at that time. it is now at 1.3M square feet and worth anywhere 200M$. I don't think they will sell it and they should not. They should rent it as it is all set to be the most cost efficient mostly because hydro is .05$kwh instead of the whooping 0.15$kwh in Ontario. If we could do that it would mean revenue stream for years to come as a diversification of revenue. Remember that piece of land where the plant is sitting is worth north of 10M $ and god our real estate market is booming right now. I would not be surprise if only the land under that thing get's a add value of 2-3M a year for the next 10. So if we keep up the good work and rent Valleyfield we should be debt free and grabbing a selling + rent revenue of 50-60 M a year for 2021. with 69% margin and cost reduction I think we are good for the moon or at least a nice run up.
  • J
    Progress: in the last six weeks, new products: Highly Dutch Amsterdam Sativa; Gummies, Organic Sugarbush (Grown with Canadian maple syrup-ie. Master organic cannabis horticulturalist David Peron showing his talent); Cannibigold Sports recovery supplements; Entered National wholesale agreements with Shoppers and Namaste and others not yet named; announced preliminary 4th Quarter results of 10.9 million  (91% increase over 3rd quarter and 235% over the past year); announced purchased 100% of Valleyfield and taking multiple bids to sell alll or part to pay off debt, reduce overhead and hint of U.S. entry. (Details will be released at the upcoming Conference call) New management CEO Sean Bovington is making things happen. Stay tuned.
  • S
    Today’s sales in Quebec stores [Rotterdam/ Amsterdam/ Hash]: 133/ 76/ 603
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    Investors built VF. If your still holding, invest a fraction of what you did to average down. A regular Cannabis facility vs. a purpose built VF with cheap power rates are two different animals.. this asset is a huge part of our future, whether its sold completely, leased-back, sold partially or leased out, cost of production for any agri, especially organic-agri will attract more buyers then all other facilities up for sale
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    at this rate, tgod will push 10,000 kg in 4 provinces with 3 HD skus alone.
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    Also lots of good news in the pipe and the market doesn’t even react. Looking for a huge pop over .65 cents coming in the next week or two.
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    VF is just bigger than they need for the forseeable future. It makes sense to sell some of it or all of it. If they need more of it, they may be able to lease some of it back in the future. The important thing is there now exists a huge purpose built facility for them to grow into.
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    Quebec has 61 stores all stocked with hd SKUs Alberta Ontario and BC have at least 5 times the amount of stores does anyone have info on amount stocked in Alberta Ontario and Bc
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    according to Highly Dutch website, we have stock in quite a few provinces, hopefully BC soon.
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    Thursday-Friday combined sales in Quebec stores, Rotterdam/ Amsterdam/ Hash: 241/ 118/ 1148
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    Professor Potman
    This company is a huge growth opportunity. Upside far outweighs downside risk at these levels. This company is undervalued today and is smart to sell off the asset that is sitting collecting dust and real large bags of cash in property taxes. It’s smart to right size the model and scale it back up. This name is a buy. revenue growth percentage is key kpi.

    Want to see strong demand and increasing output and eventually the demand capacity will exceed production capacity and re-expansion can be financed with cash on hand. These things take years to correct and shake out. Sit tight.

    Trade other names, invest in this one.

    Net net it’s a diamond in the rough with its upside. A few right moves with continued revenue growth equals institutional money see a clear path to profitability and continuing to capture market share.

    Not my advice just my opinion on an LP I’ve tracked since it’s inception and have owned since 2018. I’m packing for the long haul.
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    Added today at 0.35, I didn't ask my Chinese sticks though. Tgod has been targeted by short sellers on VF news (I guess), I believe tgod made their decision for the best interests of the company. Manipulations in the weed sector was seen in the last few weeks, just like GME.2, the sector will go back up I am confident. US economy got hit hard during c19 pandemic, state governors will open all ways incl weed business to create income, growing US weed market will benefit the weed sector.
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    Tgod Reviews Vape,weed,oil. (this guy puts in work for TGOD. Show him some love)
    Harmony Organic Oil, Vape Cartridge & Tgod Tea TWC#194
  • j
    Just got 300 shares, now imma sit back relax and enjoy the ride 🚀😎
  • R
    Back in 2018, it was all about the speculation of how big the Licensed producers are and how much it can produce and cultivate. Now in 2021, it’s about the Revenue, Operating costs and being EBITDA positive. TGOD has to show Quarter over Quarter Revenue growth. Clearly, it’s the companies that can show profit will survive.
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    I'm writing this post because I see several people writing negative comments, but do not understand that from a technical analysis point of view, TGOD is in its early stages of a bull market.

    1) TGOD broke above its multi-year downtrend line 2 weeks ago when it surged up to $0.64 CAD (bullish). It's back-testing this trend line to show it is now support (which was previously resistance). This pullback is healthy and will give TGOD more momentum on the next push higher.
    2) TGOD is making higher highs and higher lows (bullish). This is a trend change.
    3) The price is now comfortably above its 200 day moving average (bullish).
    4) The price is also above its 20 week and 50 week moving averages (bullish). It will eventually hit its 100 week moving average (currently $1.25), and go even higher.

    The cannabis market is cyclical (like a sine wave), where each new cycle is longer than the previous cycle. We have already left the bottom (or the 1st accumulation phase) of the market cycle for TGOD. We are now in the 2nd accumulation phase. Take advantage of price dips, as higher prices are coming in the following months.

    I wish you all lots of profits! Cheers!
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    Tthe .wt warrants have expired today and I have noticed that the more recent ones have gone down in the last few weeks but in the last two to three days they have recovered in value ... imminent news in sight.
  • O
    A few people were asking when the next earnings are and there were different answers. This is what investor relations answered:
    We have not yet publicly released the date for our Q4 and year end results but will have a press release out approximately one week prior to the date. We do expect to be out the week of March 8-12th.
  • D
    I will defend this stock when the bashers defend why they disappear everytime the stock goes up...which by the way, will happen tomorrow.
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    U.S. vs. Canadian Cannabis Stocks: Unpacking the differences