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The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGOD.TO)

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0.2500-0.0450 (-15.25%)
At close: 3:59PM EDT
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    Amount: 384,653,284 – BASIC – FULLY DILUTED 70%
    Warrants: 138,745,817 – 25%
    Options: 16,755,400 – 3%
    Escrowed/Contingent Shares: 7,492,603 – 1%



    $0.38 (April 27, 2023) – Amount: 11,000,552
    $0.39 (April 1, 20123) – Amount: 3,000,000
    $0.50 (June 12, 2024) – Amount: 45,712,500
    $1.00 (December 19, 2022) – Amount: 27,607,500
    *$3.00 (February 28, 2021) – Amount: 34,607,765
    *$7.00 (May 2, 2020) – Amount: 15,092,363
    *$9.00 (April 19, 2021) – Amount: 12,592,500
    *$9.50 (June 26, 2021) – Amount: 1,955,000

    TOTAL WARRANTS: 138,475,875

    *Over 64,000,000 warrants will expire worthless and subtracted from the fully diluted common share count.
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    Have you wondered those of you that had a large position as I did and got in two years ago. Everything was supposed to be paid for and profit second quarter of this year to dilution at this stage? Wonder how many laws suits are coming?
  • S
    So what exactly is happening at TGOD?
    Their flagship product is almost out of stock everywhere... not good!
  • P
    Should have listened to my great grandfather, there is NO money in farming. True 100 years ago, true today.
  • M
    I am pretty upset by this. Right before the opening bell on Monday.
    I know that market makers do their thing, but it almost appears like tgod execs are helping them along.
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    Mikey D
    I’m going down with the ship at this point. Bought in the hype and believed in what they were doing as a company and hopin this can still turn around and be a good company.
  • V
    Didn't Sean say they were fine with money the last CC?
  • M
    Capital 10X initiation report on Organic Cannabis Market back in Sept 2019. "In the. near term..., creating a $1B revenue opportunity.... By 2020 there will only be four certified organic producers operating globally and their supply will struggle to keep up with rapid growing demand." Has it been a year already? This is more true than ever. TGOD will take a srs bite into the current MJ marketshare once production starts at Valleyfield next year.
  • B
    plants still growing, and as each day passes more and more stores taking on a product that people want. if your scared sell. if your angry let it out.. it wont withhold whats coming
  • G
    Now that the company has secured the needed 11M$ you all need to pray that they have a break even Q4 and they get both loan advances before next spring to pay off construction payables. Then 30M$ debt comes due next summer.
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    More racing to the bottom. The recreational market will cannibalize itself. Can't wait until EU GMP is finalized. Canadian is infertile ground for a thriving weed market.
    7 votes and 11 comments so far on Reddit
    7 votes and 11 comments so far on Reddit
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    What happened here? Cannabis companies dropping like flies this year.
  • m
    Oh My God my penny pink sheet stock on the Toronto Stock exchange dropped almost 4 cents !! Where’s my lawyer??! 😐
  • j
    It’s never too late to change course or admit being wrong. My suspicions about all the money that was made in cannabis industry with all the shorting by Cannacord and the lp’s being under their control were right. I was wrong about how ruthless they are tho, this will get worse before it gets any better. By the time they’re done, best thing your investment can do in years is get its original value back. And for anyone who thinks of me as a basher, although I have compassion for you, your level of delusion by not looking straight at what’s right under your nose is actually dangerous.
  • j
    I’m paraphrasing here but as per Brian Athaide last cc “ we are one of the only lp’s that have not raised money through an ATM and that remains the best option if we were to need funds. “
  • G
    @P my reply to you keeps getting deleted. guys our age always bounce back. After taking my big loss on TGOD last fall, I’ve constructed a growth/compound dividend portfolio based on a few sectors I think with outperform over the next decade. Not done buying what I want but happy with my positioning. Good luck
  • c
    @Tuck, Despite the news today and everything else that’s going on, what is your projection for Q3 and Q4? Just trying to “re-center” and find some silver lining. It seems like we’re almost at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for all of your help!
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    At the end of the day other companies have lost over 5% today all in all we’re doing OK We look like a piece of gold compared to Aurora
  • M
    I am a big bag holder paid 2.25 per share and getting worry for dipping every day.
    I hope will go back up again to even a dollar
  • j
    Since I want to own part of this company. Any further investments I make will be in Cannacord.