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TerrAscend Corp. (TER.CN)

Canadian Sec - Canadian Sec Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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2.9500+0.0300 (+1.03%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT

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  • a
    E/R tomorrow after the bell should hopefully make $2.33 a lifetime steal........
  • s
    Great company with zero shareholder love.. The OTC is such a drag
  • S
    Let's just say this stock stinks..has the stores....has the grow major markets..and still went from $6.00 the day NJ legalized recreation $2.27 today a 62% drop.....
  • P
    P P
    Big share block trade afterhours around 4 million of em
  • J
    Anyone see this going below 2 dollars??
  • K
    Add New Jersey

    Add GAGE Zane Michigan

    Straightened out Pennsylvania

    Add COOKIES ……

    Simple Math

    Add here
  • A
    Market cap now at the price paid for Gage. Why?
  • J
    John Dsouza
    In my opinion, this is a major buying oppty at sub $2.50. Cannibis stocks will be UP big before end of year and TRSSF will be in focus a potential takeover target (given its presence in the US and their very positive strategic moves over the last 12-18 months which will lead to incremental revenue for years to come)!
  • s
    Is $TRSSF ever going to trade above $10 again? Any hope on safe banking
  • K
    Game Begins Tuesday

    #WolfofWeedStreet avoiding $TRSSF and $TLLTF

    Best #Contrarian indicator ever !!!!

  • R
    What a joke. These message boards are here so that holders(long or short) can discuss their thoughts on the company. No one noticed that Mr. Wyld has been dumping his shares? I posted a week ago that large blocks were being processed and no one noticed or did the research to see where they were coming from. This company has some good assets, but the people that were running those assets prior to terrA buying them...have checked-out(Apothecarium for example). i can't tell you where this will be in a few years, but based on the fact that insiders are dumping and margins are they still lose money month over month...I'm going to bow-out with my tail between my knees. Good luck, you've got a tough road ahead.
  • K
    Hope you guys sold on the news even if you’re long. Easy opportunity to sell and get back in with 10% more shares
  • K
    Timing is everything

    When all those LARGE LONGS trapped underwater

    Only direction is UP when millions trapped

    The SELLING was last month

    Schumer gonna drop the Critical Mass Nuclear Safe Banking next week
  • R
    Huge blocks up for sale. Anyone know anything? Looks like 550-600k shares are chasing the bid. This is going to drop hard today? Would love a press release.
  • L
    Lock him up
    What a #$%$ Effing Ponzi scheme
  • K
    The. MATH

    Help me understand WHY I should add MORE $TRSSF over $TLLTF $TCNNF $GTBIF $CURLF ?

    Why $TRSSF over the others ??
  • r
    prez j. wild....jw asset mgmt..
    90.15 million shares, 10K convertible preferred shares, 10K convertible preferred warrants , 1.2 million options and 15.72 million warrants
    just added more to his massive portfolio.. he is at 90 million shares...need a better reason to BUY low!?
  • s
    so boollish
  • D
    Not sure how wise it is to be shorting this company considering the following catalysts have yet to be realized.
    1) Revenue from Gage Aquisition.
    2) 6 new stores.
    3) New Jersey rec sales.
    4) Pennsylvania legal banking sector for pot companies.
  • K
    Like Free money in 2024