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Trican Well Service Ltd. (TCW.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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2.8700-0.0300 (-1.03%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • R
    Someone bought 3 million shares 🧐
  • L
    I just bought today on sale!
  • $
    $The Profit Moolahmmed$
    Ryan. where is the buyout?
  • R
    I’m starting to think this stock is trash 🧐🧐🧐
  • B
    At some point this has to go up?!? Step Energy up 340% in the last year and hitting 52 week highs this week to Trican’s 53%. Trican has a healthier balance sheet, but higher market cap. At some point it has to move higher despite all the spend on the byfuel horsepower.
  • V
    Thank God, profit! Hopefully, buying Calfrac soon!
  • P
    Ready for Q2 results 🥸
  • b
    TCW - a little chart history - all-time high 2006 $30, at the bottom of the 2009 crash - $5.70 (yes, much higher than today, altho crude was in $30s and $40s for a long time, canada had less pipeline capacity, oil patch activity was on a huge decline). 2 half years later rocketed back to over $25, back to $11 a year later, back up to 18 in 2014, then the big fall of oil patch as peak oil and esg took hold, patch was decimated next few years, worst decline stock down to 60 cents end of 2015, $5 a year later, balance sheet cleanup etc. traded back to 2s and 1s down as canadian heavy crude discount and political /pipeline issues pressured producers, then 2020 hit 44 cents, but back up to 2.50 - $3 range 18 months later, then the run sub 2.50 to over 4 in the last 3 months. What happens next? If crude stays above 75 or more likely 80 (some suggest that the war premium is gone now and 90s is the new normal), and production modestly increases, analysts 4.50 target range will have to be rerated. We'll see what the guidance is in a couple of weeks, but chatter is that services are seeing demand increase notably and that pricing power is happening. WCS WTI spread is low, so with good management and balance sheet tcw should trade at multipless of current stock price if this environment continues and they can staff up and have the equipment ready. The calgary Herald article suggests that's what's happeneing, so rerating the targets might mean 6-8$ 12 month range.
  • E
    Tcw will report its next financial report sometime around the 22nd of February. ( date not confirmed). The energy sector is powering ahead as is TCW. If they perform as well but probably much better next report we will push to a new 52 week high. GLTA.
  • B
    Good year end financials released today! Nowhere to go, but up this year. Very exciting!!
  • E
    Any news? Why the large volume, 3.415000 shares traded.
  • C
    Captin Doler signs
    hello gents i am thinking of increasing my position will this b wise? yes no maybe
  • J
    no debt 100 million in the bank. bring on 100 dollar barrel!
  • R
    I think we can all agree this is headed back up to $3...confidently...and I know there will be a M&A coming for this company I can feel it in my bones!
  • O
    The company is almost debt free and with a new government we should expect some good news in the energy business soon.
  • r
    This stock is about to move up. It’s been down on low oil but they are positioned to take advantage of higher oil.
  • D
    Wow, what an amazing chart!
  • J
    I just keep buying at these lows, just like I was buying Birchcliff at $2.98. Thanks to the sellers:)
  • E
    This should be higher priced. Check out their financials. Simply one of the strongest balance sheets in this sector. Back to mid 3’s on its way. GLTA investors.
  • J
    It runs too fast those days so a pull back is expecting soon. After shaking some leaves, it will head to 5 or 6