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AT&T Inc. (T-PA)

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20.41+0.55 (+2.77%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • A
    Right now AT&T's market cap is $112.7B at $15.82/share and projected FCF is $14B
    Name another company where FCF is over 12.42% of market cap.
  • D
    I'm nibbling at this price and waiting for even lower prices to add. T is not going out of business - patience and this will be back up and with some dividend income while you wait.
  • N
    If market is up 1,000 pts tomorrow,T willbe up .07 -.08

    If market down 1,000 pts tomorrow,T will be down .80 -.90
  • B
    dividend will not be cut and will be paid this is great if you are buying this week
  • D
    David ddskof
    If you think this market crash is over, you need to get on your scooter and ride around the block a couple more times. We won't see the bottom until there are fundamental changes at the top, and I'm not talking about the top of the company, I'm talking about the top of how things are done in this country. Sure, prices are low and I've been cautiously adding, but only to pad long term holdings. I won't significantly jump in until things in this country turn around.
  • d
    Bought this for the safe dividend and stable price. One of my biggest mistakes!
  • D
    Thank the Lord that the executives are getting paid a hundred million plus while shareholders lose billions. And not even a word of thanks from them. Wait.
    Dear shareholders,
    We appreciate your commitment to our great management. Do not get your hopes up too high.
    Rest assured that we will continue t receive stellar compensation for our hard work and devotion
    to the company and to our bank accounts.
    Best wishes,
    The Let- Them- Eat -Cake Team
  • s
    Still no announcement on the Dividend where is the leader ship it’s certainly not in this company
  • A
    I think ALL CEO's should have their compensation based ONLY only stock performance.
  • S
    all time low every day
  • I
    Corporate governance of AT&T is in dire need of overhaul.
  • A
    what was at&t thinking when they made a radical basketball player their spokesman. I can see why the stock is near it's 52 week low and going lower.
  • j
    Big day for the market this joke of a stock is up 10cents, Whoopee
  • D
    yield up to 7% again
  • h
    Subway learned real quick Megan Rapinoe was a bad choice! Maybe T will be that perceptive about LeBron Xi!
  • B
    P/E Ratio5.82
    Dividend Yield7.08%
    Price Target$23.41
  • M
    For the past 25 years, T's CEOs have done very well. T's shareholders? Not so much
  • J
    Apple should just buy T at these levels and can offer a complete package service and hardware
  • M
    Markets along with T & WBD continue to get crushed. And will as long as Powell continues to raise interest rates, crushing the markets, 401k's, economy, etc in his quest to lower inflation to 2%. So far, all these rate hikes have not worked. Inflation not decreasing. Maybe inflation goal of 3-4% more realistic causing less damage. But, not for Powell and his old economic models.
  • N
    Adjusting for inflation, T is actually at 1988 levels of stock price right now.

    40 years of no growth =)