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  • T
    One of the interesting takeaways from the company's Q2 result is that it is gaining market share against Netflix in the U.S. While skeptics may continue to point out that it has a long way to catch up, the company's ~2.8 mn sequential net new subscriber addition in the U.S. (versus Q1) at the time when Netflix reported a ~0.43 mn sequential decrease in paid subscriber in the U.S. and Canada, is an indication that it can continue to attract viewers based on its content strength.
  • R
    looking for an unexpected positive announcement in the next 2 weeks with a potential 9% gain to $30.70 +/- PPS. No info, no tip-off, just a good feeling IMO heading into August.
  • T
    Dears “T” Shareholders , May I borrow your attention please especially those with accounting background. What will be the accounting entry that will take place when NewCo is founded?
    Assuming NewCo valuation is 10x adjusted EBITDA = $140.0 billion
    Shouldn’t be an equivalent amount reflected on “T” books? and how? If Warner media value is presently clustered in “T” Goodwill and corresponding impairment test is conducted annually on this $134.0 billion or so account based on cash flow projections discounted by “T”Weighted Average Cost of Capital to check on any downside for amortization. Therefore, the accounting entry would be presumably:
    Credit ➡️ Goodwill by $134.0 billion
    Debit ➡️ Cash by $43.0 billion
    Debit ➡️ Debt by $91.0 billion
    By that not only liquidity and debt position will improve (debit side of the equation) but unfavorable Goodwill (credit side) will also disappear🌪
  • S
    Very strange stock here.
    They blow the doors off with their excellent results and guidance posting the much coveted triple beat and investors want to sell down the stock anyway as if they disappointed..
  • B
    Whoever is selling at these prices is insane 🤣 triple beat and 5G business is the best in the biz. And HBO Max is awesome!! Maybe better than Netflix quality content wise. Idc about short term price action.
  • K
    Even after the dividend readjustment, you're still looking at a company with a 4% div, better debt management (at that time) and more offerings to the end consumer. I'm not saying now is the time to buy, but for long time holders, its not time to sell. All things considered, I'm continuing to hold T and wont sell.
  • L
    All that dividend money coming to us on Friday. Mine will be getting ready to buy the next sale , Wall Street wants to give . Why because the pieces are worth a lot more than the stock is now trading for . The bigger picture
  • E
    How can a stock with so many Analysts saying Strong Buy recommendation trading like this. Weird to me.
  • H
    I still haven't heard what the stockholders get from the Time-Warner spin off!
  • V
    With the thought in mind that T will reduce their annual dividend to $1.20 and that VZ will raise their annual dividend to $2.60, tomorrow I'm going to swap 4k shares of T for 2k shares of VZ. I will continue to hold several thousand shares of T. GLTA 👮🏻‍♂️🕶
  • a
    Curious how a stock trades 20 million shares and it's in the same spot all day all week all year
  • K
    That's a solid quarter filtering out the kitchen sinking write-off noises.
    Most important for post spinoff T, new post paid additions exceeded 1.1 millions include 780K phones. that means. that IOT devices additions we're almost 400K or twice expectations.
    Raised forecast for full year FCF to 27 billions which they are still sandbagging.
    With total FCF for Q1+Q2 ( the weaker 1/2 of the year) at almost $ 14 billions, the full year FCF should comfortably exceed $28 billions and be closer to $30 billions.
  • J
    My prediction was correct- fine report but selling into news kept share price down. Cramer and Moffit helped fuel selling.

    T is not liked on the Street right now at least among retail investors. Dividend chasers and shorts are keeping it down.

    IMHO, this is way undervalued. The stock is paying a price for past bad decisions- as it should. But, the price impact is overblown.

    I see T coming back strongly within a year.

    But, that’s just my opinion and a few contrarian analysts.
  • T
    Deutsche Bank raises price target to $37 from $34.
  • j
    Over the last decade you are losing a ton of money even with the generous dividend. What is wrong with this company and how does the management get away with this horrible performance?
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    Morningstar fair value of T is 36$, recommended as top pick in July.

    CEO John Stankey has wasted no time putting his mark on AT&T and we like the direction he’s headed. AT&T announced plans to spin off WarnerMedia and merge with Discovery. AT&T shareholders will own 71% of the new entity, which will assume $43 billion of AT&T’s debt load. While we like this move, we don’t expect to change our $36 fair value estimate. Combining WarnerMedia with Discovery will enhance the value of the new firm. The transaction does highlight the value of WarnerMedia, which we suspect would be trading well in excess of the roughly $100 billion AT&T paid for it, net of divestitures, if it were a stand-alone firm today.

    We also wouldn't rule out the possibility that another firm makes a play for WarnerMedia--we still believe it would pair well with Comcast's NBC
    Universal--but we wouldn’t count on it, either. We view AT&T shares as fairly valued.

    AT&T used this announcement as cover to cut its dividend substantially. The firm will target a payout of around $8 billion-$9 billion annually, down from nearly $15 billion in 2020. While this shift will likely disappoint shareholders, we think it makes sense, especially considering the market hasn’t given the firm much credit for the payout, holding the stock’s yield around 7% in recent years. The firm will set the dividend at around 40% of free cash flow, down from more than 60% in 2020, leaving substantial excess cash to reduce leverage or take advantage of opportunities, including share repurchases. That free cash flow figure also contemplates a sizable increase in network investment, notably in fiber infrastructure, which we believe is important to AT&T’s long-term health
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    Besides discovering the cure for cancer what more can any company do than post an excellent triple beat on their results and guidance?
  • M
    Not sure this is relevant, but VZ boasted that their 5G helped their postpaid numbers. Will T benefit as well?

    "In the Most Dramatic Season Yet, AT&T Wins Most Reliable 5G Network and Highest 5G Availability

    DALLAS, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

    What's the news? The results are in and one thing is for sure: customers on AT&T 5G have an *amazing* connection. According to the latest 5G findings from Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), AT&T* was awarded the top spot in key categories, including 5G network reliability and availability.1 And the 5G feeling is real. GWS conducted 8 million controlled tests on 5G network performance across all 50 states to get results."
  • t
    I’m just very discouraged by T’s management and BOD. Despite being one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world the stock has moved only sideways the past 20 years. Meanwhile the stock market has increased dramatically. Big changes need to take place. Being a career T senior management employee the current CEO does not have confidence of Wall Street, the general public or even shareholders such as myself. By my limited calculations the company has wasted or lost over $200 billion the last 15 years. I have even read lately that they spun off the WB assets at a fire sale price . We need big changes in management
  • n
    Once the initial sell-off along the full marketer being down, guess which stocks will end up today? Defensive stocks, including T should perform better in the next few days .