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Silvercorp Metals Inc. (SVM.TO)

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  • N
    this stock is hugely under valued,
  • K
    I have done my part I email a bunch of silver miner investor relations.
    none of them gave me a reply.

    but let them know that we want them to sell silver bullion directly to consumers especially since silver premiums are at 20-30% on just rounds even even higher for eagles maples and such. which have a 50% premium.

    ask the whole industry to do this and make comex irrelevant.
    this will provide the miners a way out of the silver comex monopoly.

    shipment will depend after all. so it is best to sell in 10 oz coins or bars instead of 1 oz but can be made 1 oz.

    I would definitely make a smelter and dealer shop to sell gold/silver right now If I was a miner.
    do your part get investor relations to do this.
  • K
    actually scratch that I just looked at exk interest rates seems the shorts went hugely in it and shorted it.

    if you want to buy other miners besides svm
    exk would be my pick.
    ag isn't bad but it was in the news because WSB was touting it as short squeeze candidate.

    it isn't anymore.

    other selections might be paas and svm cause of 600k shares borrowed out of 900k shares down to 350k shares.

    paas also went down from 2 million to 1.4 million but it's typical for them.

    exk is down from 2 million shares to just 600k
    borrow rates are also 12% down from 14%.
    but still yo that is huge.

    based on fundamental value svm is probably better buy.
    but EXK a good short squeeze candidate if and only if we get silver catalyst.
  • K
    words: iborrow desk indicates they have borrowed 400k shares of GDXJ of 1.9 million shares 2.4 million available. but they already shorted 500k days ago they shorted another 400k shares in GDXJ

    and 700k shares of GDX out of 10 million available borrowed to short gold markets.

    SVM itself they returned 100k shares and it is back up to 450k shares available to borrow out of 950k or 55+% used for shorting out of the available borrowed shares.

    exk went from 550k back up to 850k shares available interest rates are still 12.2% out of 2 million
    available for shorting.

    ag is shorted with 300k shares right now out of 1.5 million shares 1.2 m available for borrowing to short.

    HL has no shorts borrowed.

    paas has 1.4 available out of 2.1 million shares to short.

    watching all the miners right now to see the flow of shorts. perhaps need ortex and other services to find out their flow
  • W
    If we are in a hyperinflationary environment, wouldn't that mean silver should go higher, not lower?
  • H
    Horror Fan
    Silver sitting in support around $25. Added 3 lots to provide support to SVM @ 4.90
  • A
    Silver seems to hold solid lately.
    This could mean recovery for all miners.
  • J
    Jona Alba
    What is wrong with this stock? It blows. Had the chance to get out at over 8 a share.
  • K
    sold some more puts thanks.
    ALSO new pacific metals that svm owns a large stake in is almost the same market cap as svm when it makes less money?

    how does that work in accounting?
    svm leadership seems to be making good subsidiary companies while wall street shorts the parent company.
    never the less good luck.
  • F
    When sliver drops below $20, svm below $4, it is time to buy AG. SVM can only be used as a landmark, not for holding
  • K
    just looked up price of silver premiums are a rip off.
    declare war on dealers and directly demand delivery from comex.

    if they refuse pocket the money they give to you and demand next contract delivery.
    do not settle for less than physical

    encourage miners to make their own bullion and sell it directly to us
  • A
    Is SVM a good stock to trade for silver ?
  • A
    Silverprice on its way to write history
  • R
    Ronnie Hubbard
    Can anyone explain why SVM stock in hovering around 5.00 a share for the last year and all the other silver stocks is above 20.00
  • K
    Shorts covered a little in the silver gold sector.

    you shorts. sure you wanna continue this? we are all watching the short interest in many different platforms monitoring your positions.

    they didn't cover much of svm at all still only 400k available.

    exk and ag
    they shorting ag a bit more rotating between exk, ag, paas perhaps svm.
    the best miners in the sector vs HL CDE the USA based historically badly ran ones.
    interestingly it may be because those companies are well run so wont play ball with the banksters that short silver.

    seems people covering a little bit of gdxj which contains the bunch of miners by 500k or so meaning they covered here the sector recovered a little bit.

    covered by 400K
    900k available to borrow out of 2 million.

    WE all understand the dynamics and tracing of shorting by the GME trades.
    GME taught the Retail traders lots of tricks the HF use against retail.
    Do not think it will keep working.

    Some shorts are getting nervous and as a result covered and now prices are higher than before the shorts while cost to borrow is higher and less shares to borrow. OOPS.

    report of shorting interest done.
  • A
    I am bagholder now,lol
    But the whole market knows silver will be up hughe this year.
    All you have to do is wait.
    Good luck
  • F
    Do not crying, King, I told you to watch how this dog drops through $8, $7, $6, and now $5.
    I also said silver will drop below $25
  • H
    Horror Fan
    Other than the paper silver getting smacked down, there isn't a reason for this to drop. The environment is primed for metals to shine. Silver is the best conductor of electricity, so we have a monetary metal and base metal for beautiful silver. We are building a new support level today as it fell below the previous level.
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    If 10 year bonds goes down silverprice will goup fast.
    We will have to wait and see.
    Central banks are trying to get the yields down again.
  • K
    sorry I have actual work unlike faseb. what is this oh another buying opportunity. slow and steady. thanks.
    I may sell some puts to take delivery.