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    Omicron variant is an excuse and a way to spread panic in the market, create a phony crash, scoop shares cheaply and then sell them at higher price for easy gain. A well known game on Wall- Street.
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    I am pretty sure the oil price will rebound very soon trust me.
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    Timing of this covid variant news makes you think, right before seasonal sweet spot for stocks, at thanksgiving. Little too convenient. If this proves to be no danger, its gonna be quick recovery.
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    With oil prices falling OPEC will freeze or even decrease production right before winter. Oil prices will spike after this panic pass.
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    Thank You
    Did not know Suncor had Black Friday sale on their shares. Awesome!
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    Good opportunity for Su to buy own shares cheaper.
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    Can't see Suncor paying over 5% dividend and still trading with a handle of 2 ($26). I am curious to see any other quality stock in the mid twenties that is paying 5% dividend. I can show you high tech stocks trading over $100 and losing money, there are lots of them. Seems to me that SU is a real gem.
  • F
    If I buy suncor today, can I get the dividend next week, is someone can help? Thank!
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    The oil analyst from Goldman Sachs mentioned yesterday on CNBC that oil is in the beginning of a super-cycle. This does not mean a straight up vertical arrow. It means trending up for a long term. It also implies that oil should be bought on dips.
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    The Algos in the US market finally succeeded to to take down the market in the name of new covid variant in S.Africa. today a good percentage of professional traders off for Thanksgiving holidays. The amature traders in charge today in American markets. Nobody talk about this though. Oil and airlines are hit hard today. Funny SHOP is up, amazing !! Hope things will get better on Monday when professionals return !!,
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    If you want to bring the price of oil down, just say COVID. No need to release strategic reserves.
  • N
    buy buy buy fair value $45, I have long term holding to get dividend , nice dip today . opec will cut or hold on increase on Dec 02, same as ex dividend day.
  • P
    Scared-de-cat Canadian Market won't push this past 1% today. We'll need our brothers down south for the breakout.
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    Big Joe
    This New Variant is going to make us longs rich. It will put huge pressure on oil to go even higher! Covid Hysteria means BUY!
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    no worry, as we go through tHis cycle so many times, opec will cut next week and dividend ex day is Dec 02, happy holding su.
  • J
    Are people going to all of a sudden stop driving, stop buying gas, and turn off the heat in their house? Think about it. Suncor still going up....
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    Suncor Dividends payment on Christmas eve .42 cents will be great Gift 🎁 Specially if you bought the stock on $20’s
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    Investors have put more money into stocks in the last 5 months than the previous 12 years combined
  • a
    coming soon to a news outlet near you is the fact that current infrastructure can not support charging electric vehicles.

    This will create a huge bottleneck, limiting ev sales after a certain market segment is reached. it doesnt matter if its charged at home or at work or at a conventional filling station, the load demands have to flow through the same wires we have always used for normal life.

    it is not possible for every home on every block, in every neighborhood to increase the electrical circuit breaker panel by an additional 250A service (necessary to support charging 2-3 vehicles)

    fun fact - every inch, yard and mile of that new copper wire needs a petroleum based coating to insulate it.

    wire is coated with an insulator to prevent the voltage on the wire from arcing across to an adjacent conductor. higher voltage = requires a thicker better insulator and/or more spacing between wires.

    wire size is rated to carry a known load current, the wire heats up with more load current melting the insulator, so fuses are installed to protect the wire. there is a limit to every wires current carrying capability. im sure your home used the most cost effective wire - minimum requirements for existing loads.

    you cant raise the voltage because the insulator can support it, you cant raise the load current as the wire cant support it, you simply need brand new wiring. given all that buried cable out there, its not going to be cheap.

    substation power supply. how do you get that power into the city without installing more substations, etc.
  • A
    So the real deal is WTI dropped 13. % on Friday and nobody is talking about the differential to WCS. Which went up actually on Friday .89 or 1.6 %. SU is making money on this. 🧐.
    Staying long.