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    Hello All, Total newbie here. May I ask how do you guys set up stop-loss to save ourselves from SUNCOR stock price dropping suddenly? My average is 1k shares at 17.58 and I want to average it down without actually putting more money into this. Any suggestion/strategy is appreciated.
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    The year prior to COVID SU average was about $41CAD/share with a low of about $35 and a high of >$46, while oil averaged about $55/barrel. Oil can rise very quickly in these times, and usage will eventually get back to normal. We'll get there be patient.
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    The Canada Energy Regulator says most, but not all, western Canadian oil production has been restored after being cut because of low prices amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The national agency says western Canadian oil supply had slipped by as much as 972,000 barrels per day by mid-May as demand fell due to pandemic lockdowns and global supply grew because of more output from a loose coalition of other oil-producing countries.

    CER says Western Canadian producers had brought back online about 700,000 bpd by early October, leaving cutbacks at about 270,000 bpd. In 2019, Western Canada produced an average of about 4.4 million bpd of oil.
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    Alberta government will lift measures limiting oil production in December.... To the moon!!!!!
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    If I was a short seller I would be very nervous at these prices. If oil were to break out, this could rise so fast that you could lose all those profits you made over the last few months. Wouldn’t that be sad? At these prices this is one of the last high value plays left.
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    I have an experiment for everyone to think about today - First let me preface it by saying I know and believe renewable energy, electric cars are the future. BUT its going to take 10-20yrs.

    Here is your task today - try and go about your daily routine without there being a drop of oil or natural gas involved? Nobody can do it. Don't heat your house, don't eat food, don't wear anything because in order for any of our basic needs to be met there needs to be shipping, manufacturing, etc. None of that can be done without oil or natural gas. Imagine our world right now without a drop of oil, that's all you really have to do.
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    Question for real investors; What are y’all’s expectations of the earnings? Better or worse than expected and why? Curious on others opinions thanks
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    According to BMO Capital Markets, the discount of WCS to WTI could narrow to between US$5 and US$7 because of expected significant cuts of Mexican heavy crude flows to the United States. With Mexican heavy crude supply low and Venezuela’s heavy crude banned for U.S. refiners because of the sanctions on Nicolas Maduro’s regime, Canada’s oil sands are set to benefit from the lower availability of heavier grades for U.S. refineries in the Midwest and the Gulf Coast.
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    Oil stocks used to be pure dividend stocks. The environment has recently changed with dividend being cut, but this doesn't mean the stocks are now a bad investment, especially since stock prices dropped which makes oil stocks value stocks.
    Suncor is an oil stock owned by Buffett and trading at historical lows. Suncor has some competitive advantages as an oil business and that is why I believe it is better than Shell and why it is in Berkshire's portfolio.
    However, given the structural trends in the oil environment, Suncor might not be the long-term buy and hold dividend stock it used to be, but it still offers a positive risk reward investment proposition.
    Enjoy the analysis discussing the fundamentals, offering a stock valuation based on future estimated cash flows in various oil price scenarios, a comparison with RDS and a discussion on the investment risk and reward.
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    Buy, Buy, and buy, Its gonna go up near and after the third quarter reports.
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    Rod Mac
    Someone or a fund manager just bought to ton of shares on the last minute. Hopefully it's a GREEN Monday!!!!
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    Here's what I posted at least 4 months ago, for those who missed it...:
    If eventually needed, SU's sources of new capital infusion:

    Equity issue? Ummm....nope.
    Debt issue? Did a billion in April , and barely got it over the goal line at triple its previous spread.
    Bank lines? They were recently increased, and the company's financial condition has been deteriorating towards the minimum covenants ever since.

    So...asset sales is all that's left
    What could they sell? Only what a buyer would want....the cashflow positive stuff.
    ie., their east coast offshore production, the crown jewels of the Petro Can deal.

    But selling even that won't raise much net money. Because they'd have to allot a significant portion of the proceeds to bank debt repayment, given the commensurate reduction in SU's cashflow, and therefore debt servicing capacity.

    And after all that --- IF it could even get done ---- what's the reward?
    Being a virtually pure-play on Cdn a country that has decided tit hates the fossil fuel industry.
    ....annnnnnd, here's today's Bloomberg headline, Oct. 21/20:

    "Suncor Studies Sale of North Sea Oil and Gas Fields"

    You were told.
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    25.00 cdn October 28th mark this post
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    If Pelosi and Mnuchin manage to reach a deal on stimulus by this weekend. Monday will be a good day. GLTA. Especially Param!
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    As these smaller oil companies go under, who do you think will have the capital to buy up their resources for next to nothing? And then when the market recovers the value of the assets also recovers... just saying...
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    Suncor still paying a 5% dividend ? And that is a yearly dividend correct?

    Thanks all
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    Just started my position in SU.TO I couldn't resist.. cost basis $15.20
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    Too stubborn to sell. Because as soon as I sell, it'll blow up in price. Too unsure to buy more to average down as well. Sooooo, bag holding it is.
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    Any young people holding this one ? looks extremely difficult to interest them, no new money coming in here
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    How you people so optimistic on 1 days gain lol how many percent you lost this 2 month ?