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Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ)

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  • N
    New gringo narco
    Peter where are the fancy analysts relling us 270 for over a year now.....up in smoke
    Without seal of aproval from the real Edwin Moldauer the expert this stocks are bananas.
    Please take advice from experts listen to my client Edwin Moldauer only

    Investors and traders in Cannabis must read this promo it says " "Edwin Moldauer expert analyst trader investor leadership coach provides specialized business advisory and host of supporting corporate services from due diligency analysis to litigation. We are bound and backed by our high standards of performance.""
  • c
    cgc stz new narco
    Peter ... Narco is the real deal not cooked wine or flat beer or a fake severance on age duscrimination not even the PLO , that bend judges in Washington DC used as a cover up....LOL ..but the US "espionage interference " in foreign countries like Canada Australia New Zealand Israel Mexico bribing local politicians political and economic control ...the US gov rewarded STZ with US coooked books and unlimited funding and acquisitons in foreign in US and foreign lands must be the real patsy... they set yiu up to swindle a severance by deception but got caught with the wrong company...Jacob Weisberg Ron Fondiller
  • P
    Constellation Brands defended by Morgan Stanley after 'conservative' guidance

    • Morgan Stanley defends Constellation Brands (STZ -5.2%)after the company's +6.4% beer depletion growth in FQ4 came in towards the low end of Street marks and FY22 EPS guidance fell short of expectations.
    • MS notes that STZ is typically very conservative on beer margins and views the below consensus total margin guidance as likely conservative.
    • Analyst Dara Mohsenian: "Net, putting it all together we continue to be buyers of the stock, particularly on weakness, with underlying beer demand solid, and STZ likely to beat FY22 EPS guidance from here with incremental share repurchases and beer margin upside."
    • The firm keeps an Overweight rating on STZ in place.
  • M
    STZ Raises the dividend by $0.01 to $0.76 per quarter.

    • Generates record operating and free cash flow of $2.8 billion and
    $1.9 billion, respectively
    • Reduces debt by $1.7 billion during fiscal 2021
    • Provides fiscal 2022 reported basis EPS outlook of $6.90 - $7.20
    and comparable basis EPS outlook of $9.95 - $10.25
    • Provides fiscal 2022 operating cash flow target of $2.4 - $2.6
    billion and free cash flow projection of $1.4 - $1.5 billion
    • Declares quarterly cash dividend of $0.76 per share Class A and
    $0.69 per share Class B common stock
  • K
    So they report good earnings, beat on both top and bottom....and it tanks 5%...LOL...while other stocks miss and fly 10%/...LOL....this market is bipolar.... Im buying some in this range since the fundamentals can only get better with the country re-opening...
  • A
    Imagine having a company where you aren't allowed to bring in imported booze of any kind to the US? Where would STZ be if that were true? Why isn't STZ pushing the liberals with their promises of legalization to help STZ in their investment of CGC?
  • c
    cgc stz new narco
    Peter can we call STZ the laughing addition to thecfact that STZ has no severance or SOX release from its famous Edwin employment contract vwas never terminated , judges tried so hard to cover up ... got your own judges to bust their owns..Congress and Supreme did a great job...busted not only the PLO judiciary scam but also STZ and US gov in tandem.
    ...quote of a disgrunted judge.......Livnat and Klieman would have been the end of the
    personal jurisdiction story in this case but for an intervening
    Act of Congress. Three months after oral argument, Congress
    enacted the Promoting Security and Justice for Victims of
    Terrorism Act of 2019, H.R. 1865, 116th Cong., div. J, § 903
    (enacted Dec. 20, 2019) (“Justice for Victims Act”).
  • c
    cgc stz new narco
    Peter and Michael share your pain with Matt Senecio Gor etc maybe right a Ponzi thriller going from 1 to 40 b on STZ 1-15 b on CGC deserves a new lead character...guess what Washington DC judge made up new identities to STZ (to cover up) only few years ago, the friends in the Appeal court buried it in the PLO cases 2015 we know blocked by gov to infinity. Just happen only last year 2019-20 Congress and Supreme no doubtly unaware blow the cover on PLO STZ and US gov returning the files to the coverup judges in lower
  • S
    Sands Ponzi Jnr
    Peter ..congrsts Maddoff checked out RIP...your toddlers can learn how to run a Ponzi...nobody wants to admit to it as it crustalizes the the toddlers how a company like STZ goes from 250 million to 40 billion in 20 years in a capital intense low margin business.
  • P
    Constellation is an amazing company! Just wait until they can also truly benefit from Canopy Growth. It will be up up and away!
  • E
    While most companies are cutting dividends, STZ just raised.... all there is to say— they see stronger cash flow in the future.

    Strong Cash flow = higher stock price

    You don’t need a PHD to figure this out!! Even a middle schooler can see this amazing ATM machine...
  • S
    Sands Ponzi Jnr
    Peter...STZ dismantling a brand new 1-2 billion beer plant at Mexicali?
  • S
    Sansu was right again
    Peter...after California and New York some smart legal brains tripped again in Washington DC...naybe STZ will be a new case study at Harvard law/ mba school.
  • d
    So did they raise guidance?
  • P
    STZ is very oversold and is sitting a very nice buy point after the “behavior contagion selling” in the early hours!🤔☝️
    *** We have a great bargain hunting buying opportunity from here into the close!!💪👍👌
  • r
    The STZ shorts in this discussion are barking up the wrong tree. While I could go on and on about why shorting this stock is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute, I'll lay out the margins...51.84 percent gross margin, 35.68 percent EBITDA margin, operating margin 31.94 percent, net margins should return to around the 20th to 40th percentile once the economy fully reopens, and free cash flow margins of 23.6 percent. Go home shorts.
  • E
    I guess to some bright minds a Ponzi scheme is: having a solid business paying a growing dividend, selling a product that pretty much sells it self....

    So from now on let’s call “ THE COPYCAT SCHEME “ when some takes money from Peter to pay Paul.... 🧑🏻‍🦯🧑🏻‍🦯🧑🏻‍🦯
  • c
    cgc stz new narco
    STZ US link to PLO terroeism in Israel
    Sokol.ov v PL.O #15-3135 v ST.Z #15-5103
    Liv.nat v P.LO #15-7034
    No coincidence STZ is in the
    Same judges juggle cases around Livnat v PLO is long after the STZ fraud cases but instead dealing with STZ first they knowling decided to stich the PLO first and than apply the wrong wilful outcome to STZ cases now confirmed by Congress and Supreme Court.
  • P
    Today’s positive employment and consumer data are bullish confirmation that the U.S. Economy is on track for huge GDP growth, and that bodes well for strong and popular consumer brands, like STZ!📈🚀👍
  • N
    New gringo narco
    STZ Small volume small trades churning SP