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State Street Corporation (STT-PD)

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24.55-0.17 (-0.69%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT

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  • D
    The rate hikes are great news for custody banks, how does the slug STT react? It's below 70. LOL
  • h
    They had some interesting insights about STT on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
  • S
    Why does STT have to be the SANTA CLAUS nonsense for Diversity, inclusion, affirmative action etc. it would be nice just to start returning payments to shareholdrs. The stock hasn't moved in a year stuck at 70
  • N
    Natalia Gil
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
  • J
    Read today that STT trying to renegotiate the BBH deal. A Boston business newspaper.
  • J
    Expecting an earnings beat.
  • r
    Down, down, down she goes, where she stops nobody knows. -41% in value over 6 months. Won't prevent the top dogs from earning high 8 and 9 figure salaries at the end of the year while the rest of the employees get 0 raise, 0 bonus but WILL get the pleasure of worrying each day when they will be laid off.
  • d
    State Street intends to resume common share repurchase program in Q4
  • T
    Very positive earnings especially in the current market condition, certainly holding here!
  • A
    Mellon And STT Need New Management And New Boards. Neither Company Knows What They Are Doing. Both Companies Are Private ATM's For The C.E.O.'s And Boards And Senior Management.
  • b
    Need to get rid of 50% of Senior management - they need to have metrics that continually justify their role and pay while making sure their “hero’s” business units revenue will not lead to call from FBI or SEC. Most importantly learn to say “no” and send more bonus money to people who use their hands and brains every day to process trades, program, test , try new ideas - and not keep 80% of bonus pool for the top 100
  • J
    Any reason for the beat down today after what appeared to be great earnings?
  • b
    It’s time to be bought by money center bank - trading at almost 5 year low. The leadership is without a clue.
  • r
    Profits will be up because they FAR exceeded targeted layoffs in 2019. If you need to increase your stock price by annually axing 50-5,000 people you have a problem.
  • r
    If you bought this stock in April 2006 and sold it today you would break even
  • S
    I WORKED AT STATE STREET FOR 10 YEARS IN SOFTWARE SUPPORT. They got rid of a lot of talented system support people and instead farmed it all out to IBM. Brilliant ? Hardly. They found that IBM charged for every grimace and the 'Dedication' of thats the proper word allowed to people State Street deemed to terminate around the holidays just was not 'There' in the performance of the new guardians of System Support. Who was going to stay up all night and weekends to resolve issues ?
  • B
    total assets under custody and administration were $40.3 trillion, up 26.4% year over year. Incredible and can grow further.
  • R
    Instead of buying another company shouldn't they increase risk controls since they have paid out 779 MILLION since 2000 and several employees have been arrested by the Feds?
  • S
    does anybody think the top 5 execs at STT are worth 3.6 million a year each ? 18 million dollars for exactly what pearls of wisdom are they imparting to have the stock stagnate for the past 3 years