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Starr Peak Mining Ltd. (STE.V)

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  • B
    This stock is going to fly very soon. Insanely undervalued given their findings so far. Without a doubt will be bought out.
  • A
    is anyone still here?
  • D
    Okay, so based on the results released, is it safe to assume that is a zinc and copper play? I don't think we are valuing the company based on gold or silver prices any more.
  • M
    Apparently they hit it big with 3.2B of gold! Has anyone heard anything?
  • L
    Looking for Doubles
    Just added a position a few days ago - good luck longs !
  • b
    With the maiden drilling results beyond expectations this could really take off now. Super exciting!
  • O
    Per my earlier post, the SP is moving up nicely, though there will need to be more funds raised in the not to distant future. This will more than likely impact the share price (SP). If you want to know what that looks like take a look at METX today. They just announced a plan to increase outstanding shares from 66M to about 100M.
  • C
    Crank it to 11
    Probably goes without saying, but the name change implies the exploration is over and mining will begin. This is GREAT news!
  • M
    I knew something was cooking! Giddy up
  • C
    Chandra V
    How speculative is this to buy and hold for college funding? Safe or can lose if I buy now?
  • R
    so nice to see it moving up again
  • X
    Anybody have a reason to invest in this?
  • s
    Inflation rates goes up.
    dollar loses value.
    Bitcoin down.
    It's time to shine the ancient GOLD.
    so I buy for long.
  • D
    Trying to learn more about the industry and have a question about the drilling campaign. They expanded the campaign from 5,000 to 20,000 meters. Is that a sign that the land is promising or that they haven't found the lode they hoped to find?

    Looking over the figures presented in various news posts about the prior 10.1 million metric tons produced and ran the production figures using today's prices (5/24-- $1884/oz gold, $27.885/oz silver, $4.523/lb copper, and $1.4904/lb zinc). The most money on the previous production from this area, if produced again, would come from the copper (2.15% on 10.1 million metric tonnes gives 478,815,150 pounds for $2,165,683,637 and likewise $1,699,428,003.84 on the zinc at 5.12% on 10.1 million metric tonnes for 1,140,249,600 pounds).

    The recent figures show a significant drop on the copper percentage per ton with a huge jump in zinc. I would hope they can find more copper as that is going to potentially provide the most revenue for them versus the zinc at these prices. Are the gold and silver figures on the initial test holes high enough to warrant seeing them as a gold/silver miner versus industrial metals?
  • T
    Anyone have any info on the sp. going on a little run ??
  • H
    awesome charts for STRPF
  • T
    Tkicked off
    Gold better than oil with inflation about to take off. This is a great speculation play. Could be $20 in a few months. Do you research.
  • R
    Roco Rockmonovich
    Holding this one for Long Term!
  • O
    Reviewed the financial statistics and it causes me to pause investing at this point in time. Here is what I observed -- corrections as needed are welcome.
    1. Cash on hand as of the last reported quarter (January 2021) is $2.8M.
    2. Cash burn in the most recent reported quarter was $1.44M.
    3. Company has enough cash on hand for two quarters of operation --- starting in January 2021.
    4. It has been previously reported on this board that there is <0.5% insider ownership
    5. There is also <0.5% institutional ownership.
    6. That means that retail investors are funding the company.

    More funding will be needed to continue operations. The only way around that is a quick sale -- could happen I suppose.

    It is more likely that institutional investors will step up and provide most of the next round of funding. Funding will come in some form that will dilute the investment of current shareholders.

    I will stay on the sidelines until it is clear how the company will fund itself going forward. If there is pending dilution, I will invest after the dilution occurs - share price should be lower.