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  • r
    At some point big-gold is going to come calling and its usually when the target's share price is being pushed
    down. It makes their offer look that much better, offering $30 when the stock is below $15 looks much
    better then offering $30 when the stock is trading at $20 (which is where SSRM should be trading).
  • S
    SSR is a money printing machine. Only good things can come out of such a situation.
  • T
    ???? How is SSR backsliding so hard?
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    Total value of BitCoin - $1 trillion dollars (DogeCoin - $41 billion), the value of these digital currencies defies logic yet here we are. The argument goes that they are limited in supply, scarcity will drive prices higher. yet we have hundreds of these digital currencies with trillions of dollars invested in them. They all have the exact same thing in common, their value lies in what someone else is willing to pay for them. This reminds me of the early days in internet stocks but that was childs' play compared to these coins and history tells us this can't end well.

    Patience will be required with your SSRM investment but it will pay off handsomely.
  • m
    We have some good news today .
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    Hi fellow investors…I followed SSRM in the past, but it has fallen off my radar in recent years. Is SSRM still considered primarily a Silver company, or is it considered a mix of Gold and Silver. Thank you in advance.
  • c
    This stock is tiring to hold
  • r
    I would encourage folks to head over to Market Watch and read what John Paulson had to say about crypto & gold. For two decades I've read many predictions about gold going to $5000 even $10,000 an ounce and while I was skeptical, the conditions might be in place for it to actually happen. I believe a crypto crash is necessary for gold to reach those levels.

    This crypto thing baffles me because really, really smart people think its the future. The problem is the smartest and most successful people think its junk. BitCoin or any other crypto is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it and people have compared this to the Tulip mania, they probably have something.
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    Up is down, down is up, if the look at a 6 month chart for SSRM and look at their earnings reports the last two Q's you can do nothing but shake your head and buy more shares. You would think you weren't heading for a
    financial disaster in this country the way SSRM and gold have been acting. Having said that, the charts of both look like they have completed the process and are ready to rip higher. Gold and SSRM have been going through a big consolidation process for over6 months yet the case for both assets has never been better. Good day for both yesterday and I expect more of the same.
  • r
    I think gold is going to punch through $1900 then onto $2000 by the end of October. The gold chart looks
    great and I think we are ready to go
  • E
    I m heading for the exit.
    This company cannot produce money for shareholders.
    The price of gold is high, the results are good, the stock always remain low.
  • J
    Rod Antal, President and CEO said, "The second quarter of 2021 continued the strong operational and financial track record that built the reputation of SSR Mining. The Company delivered quarterly production of 199,673 gold equivalent ounces and first half production of 395,750 gold equivalent ounces, including record production from Seabee and Puna, record tonnes mined at Marigold and the continued outperformance of our flagship operation at Çöpler. In addition to the solid production, SSR Mining delivered quarterly AISC of $961 per gold equivalent ounce. The strong margins further demonstrated our peer leading free cash flow yield as the Company generated $100 millionof free cash flow in the quarter. That strong free cash flow supports our robust capital returns program, as we aggressively followed through on the share buyback program we announced in April, cumulatively returning approximately $125 million dollars overall to shareholders year-to-date. We continue to see opportunity for our shares to re-rate to a premium valuation that properly reflects our delivery of consistent operating performance, strong free cash flow, low capital intensity organic growth profile and sizeable capital returns
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    Great discount.
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    David W
    As a Claude holder, I continue to be impressed at how smart and effective this management is. Check out what these guys are achieving with Claude assets. The ASIC is simply amazing: "Seabee sets record for both quarterly and half-year production: Produced a quarterly record of 36,994 ounces of gold as head grades improved to 13.19 g/t. The higher-grade production resulted in cash costs of $377 per ounce and AISC of $570 per ounce in the quarter.(1)"
  • S
    It seems we are going up, what a rare feeling :)
  • s
    added 8000 shares today befroe what IMO will be stellar earnings. We should also see how many shares they have bought in the report. Holding 37,000 shares of this undevalued miner.
  • r
    Another exceptional quarter AND the company is aggressively buying back our cheap stock. Great, safe
    place to invest your money in this completely insane market.

    Sooner or later one of the big boys is going to come calling, the financial performance of our mines is too enticing for them to resist much longer. The cash flow #'s are brilliant and I suspect they will get even better
    even if the price of gold remains flat.
  • N
    BLOWOUT QUARTER. Most undervalued miner I know. Keep buying shares SSRM. its the best use of cash.
  • J
    Why does Yahoo finance have 2018 and 2019 analyst data and a price target of $11.xx? This company is doing much better than that data.
  • N
    What is management doing,lots of cash,share buyback,sale of royalties,and increase in credit fasility,hope there is a buy coming,alamos gold or west dome mines,any thoughts???